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Looking for a great design that only costs you your creative time? You've come to the right place. Just click on the design you want and download it right off the web. It's that easy, and again, it's free! Check back frequently to see what new free designs we have to offer and check out the Quilt and Sew Shop to find exclusive CME designs used in past issues. Some of our designs might expire, so download them today!

Download the patterns for free, and then purchase the indicated issue for full project instructions at the Quilt and Sew Shop.

Ethnic Floral 4x4
S-Motif 4x4

Ethnic Floral 5x7


Springtime Flowers 4x4

S-Motif 5x7


Springtime Flowers 5x7


American Friends of Cecily's Fund Logo


"Fancy Flurries" pattern & instructions

(Appeared in the Nov/Dec '10 CME)



"Fast Forward: Heart Table Runner & Coasters" patterns

(Appeared in Jan/Feb '11 CME)



"Spa Day" pattern

(Featured in the May/June '10 CME)




"Fast Forard: Love Note Pillow" pattern

(Featured in the Jan/Feb '10 CME)


"Pick a Pocket" pattern

(Featured in the Nov/Dec '09 CME


"Budget Friendly" pattern

(Featured in the July/August '09 CME)


"Power Suit" leaf template

(Appeared in the May/June '09 CME)



"Nest Eggs" pattern

(Appeared in the March/April '09 CME)



"Toiletry Totes" patterns

(Appeared in the March/April '09 CME)




"Party Perfect" patterns

(Appeared in the Jan/Feb '09 CME)


"Frosty" pattern

(Appeared in the Nov/Dec '08 CME)




Breast Cancer Awareness Design

(Featured in the September/October '11 CME)



Fast Forward: Tulip Basket Pattern

(Appeared in the March/April '11 CME)



Neverending Story Crosshair Design

(Appeared in the March/April '11 CME)



Budget Friendly: Coupon Clutch Pattern

(Appeared in the May/June '11 CME)



Gauze & Effect Pattern

(Appeared in the May/June '11 CME)



Countdown to Christmas Pattern

(Appeared in the November/December '11 CME)





Potluck Pouch Pattern

(Appeared in the November/December '11 CME)




Alaskan Landscape Design





Take 5: Valentine Scarf Heart Template



Crazy Quilted Basket Design

(Appeared in the March/April '12 CME)




Mirror Image Design

(Appeared in the March/April '12 CME)



Budget Friendly: Wrist Pincushion

(Appeared in the May/June '12 CME)




Floral Decor Design

(Appeared in the May/June '12 CME)




Garden Variety Pattern

(Appeared in the May/June '12 CME)



Patriotic Patchwork Flag Design

(Appeared in the July/August '12 CME)

Picnic Blanket  




Casual Carryall Pattern

(Appeared in the May/June '12 CME)











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