CME Machine Embroidery Designs


  • Right click on to the highlighted link for the design.
  • Click on the "SAVE LINK AS". This will bring up a dialog box asking where you would like to save the files.
  • Design files must be saved on a USB or Flash drive.
  • Plug the USB or Flash drive onto your computer and save the design files.
  • Once designs have been saved, take the USB or Flash Drive out of your computer or laptop and install it into your embroidery machine.
  • While on the embroidery machine find the recently saved embroidery design.
  • Select the desired design you wish to use make any adjustments and then begin embroidering.* 

Please note:

*All embroidery machines operate a little differently when it comes to design files. Some require you to name the files with specific letters, numbers etc. Due to the large number of embroidery machines out there we cannot answer every technical question on machines. If you have questions about your particular embroidery sewing machine model, the type of file it uses, or other technical questions please contact your nearest neighborhood dealer.

Thank you!

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PES Files
Can anyone find the PES files for the shamrock designs, I can;t
Hearts on the Wing
I have tried several times to download and unzip the file. Each time, the heart patterns do not come through. I get the quilt patterns for squares and sashing however. Anyone having similar problem?
Link to designs
Here you can download all the designs You can find in the tab under freebies
How to download designs
noticed all the comments about no designs. When you get to look up on the top bar & click on Creative Machine Embroidery. Then click on Machine Embroidery Designs Right click on name of design in first paragraph. click on save as and download to desired area. Hope this helps.
No designs
I am a new subscriber and will most likely not renew. I paid for a year of issues including the free designs. This appears to be an ongoing problem. Doesn’t anyone at the magazine read these comments?
No designs
I am a new subscriber and will most likely not renew. I paid for a year of issues including the free designs. This appears to be an ongoing problem. Doesn’t anyone at the magazine read these comments?
No designs
I am a new subscriber and will most likely not renew. I paid for a year of issues including the free designs. This appears to be an ongoing problem. Doesn’t anyone at the magazine read these comments?
Cozy Snowman Stocking in-the-hoop cuff, Winter 2019
checked in before midnight and could not find the download...
Cozy Snowman Stocking in-the-hoop cuff, Winter 2019
I had checked for this design earlier and just realized that I still hadn't downloaded and find it still is not among the freebies that were to be posted til 31 Dec 2019. Rest of designs are on site, but not this one. Please advise. V/R Dinah Halopka
spring issue
I am looking for the free designs. I can usually find them on the site, however they are not there. Nope this can be corrected soon Thanks
Spring issue
Again this month the designs are not showing up on the webpage and also on the sew daily webpage as stated. The hearts on the wing are supposed to be there. Not renewing due to the lack of customer service.
Spring issue
It is very concerning to me that we cannot access the free designs as stated in the latest issue. The design for Hearts on the Wing says it can be accessed from sewdaily but it is not there either. You should have all the features downloaded before the latest issue is released. This happens every month. I have not renewed my subscription due to the lack of customer service.
Spring 2020 Issue
I see we have the same issue we had with the Winter 2019 issue. The free designs are not on the web site! It took months for the free designs to appear for the Winter issue. I hope we don't have to wait that long again. I renewed my subscription with reservations because of the lack of customer service. I'm seriously wondering if I made a mistake. As someone else mentioned, they have no problem getting email and snail mail renewals out. I've subscribed to this magazine for years and am very disappointed in this new lack of customer service.
Spring 02 issue
I have received the spring 2020 issue of creative magazine... I wish to download the lucky charm... I don't see that issue here!!!
The goose ornament transfers to my machine but does not appear on the screen to select. What's up? Furry friends load just fine as do all other templates from the internet. Your tech forgot a step. What a waste of holiday craft time.
Winter 2019 Issue
What is the deal with the "current issue" still showing the fall? I am also trying to download the freebies offered with the subscription and they are still not available.
looking for the embroidery design for the wall hanging in the Winter 2019 It's a wonderful time of the year. Urban Threads doesn't show it. What's up?
Winter 2019
I just called the phone number listed inside my Winter 2019 magazine for Peak Media Properties 800-677-5212 inquired about freebies from Winter 2019 magazine, she verified my subscription and told me they would email me a link for the free designs in about 1-2 hours, I am waiting to see if this happens. Maybe everyone should do that and maybe they will fiqure how unhappy we are.
The nerve of this magazine. They cannot give us what they promised us with the "Free designs" because of changing publishers but they can sure send out advertisments for "gift subscriptions" and renwals. I am sorry but at this point all that is useless for me. You got my subscription until Spring/Summer 2021 but cannot get me what you have promised me in return. Bull !!! I am quiet upset.
emailing cme
Well that was interesting, I tried to email your company two times and the message back to be says there is no such address as info@cme!
ITH design
This is so frustrating. Where is customer service? I have been a subscriber for many years and this is the worst it has ever been. Hard to log in, can't download designs that are in the magazine, hard to make contact with CME, the list is long. Please help us, we don't understand your manner of operation! HELP!
holiday 2019 designs
Been on hold for 1 hour and no response. If you are not going to post the free designs that we pay for with our subscription at least answer the phone! Please post designs or provide links in your magazine or this web site.
5 free designs for holiday 2019
A new publisher or not..... this is not good. We crafter's spend alot of money supporting those whom provide a good service. I will no longer be using your magazine. I thought finally this year I found a magazine that delivers.. You have a lot of clean up to get this back on track......
Stocking Files Missing
I got on here to download the stocking that is featured on the cover of the latest issue, and am deeply disappointed to find that not only is it not in the files, but that apparently your company knows it's missing and aren't trying to fix the issue. My last renewal was a gift to you, and I don't think that I will be renewing.
Winter 2019
I am very unhappy that the new downloads are not yet available. I called the one phone number and got some recording, so I called the Subscription number which this is a problem with and was told there would probqably be no downloads for the Winter 2019 issue, which is crap. The excuse they made was they were getting a new publisher and did not know who that would be. Ok people you have taken our money, we should be able to get those file, and they should not hold them from us. I am already upset about the "other machine embroidery "magazine. In my email today I got a add to give a subscription as a gift, they are not getting any more of my money.
November magazine files
This is the third month in a row that the CME magazine is out and the matching designs that go with the articles are not up on the site. I don't understand what the issue is with this but I do know that I will not renew my subscription to your magazine as I am sure others won't either. This seems to be a constant problem. I know I have posted here before and the posts seem to go bye bye after a time. It would seem to me that if you truely want to keep your customer base that you would 1. either acknowledge that there is an ongoing issue, 2. answer the questions that are put forth here, 3. try harder to resolve what ever the problem is whether it is short staff of just everyone deciding that it is not their job to take care of this. I had heard these things before but I have always just maintained my subscription, and would wait for the designs to be put up late. Well my wait and see is tired as are others. Patience is a virtue, and I do believe that we have all had patience for quite some time now
Winter 2019 Design Downloads
When will I be able to download them. I have had my magazine for three weeks and am trying to be patient.
Glad it isn't just me.
I also contacted them about the missing designs from the last magazine and never received a reply. I'm glad it wasn't user error but disappointed with Creative Machine Embroidery. This is the second month in a row, where the designs are not on the website. I'll think twice about renewing my subscription. I'll find another company that appreciates my business.
This is pretty bad
There's little point paying for a subscription when fulfillment is not made. Your refusal to answer all the questions about the missing Winter issue freebies is about as lame as it gets.
Winter issue Freebies
No freebies on the website, call the customer service number get redirected to Interweave (866-949-1646) and after holding for 45 minutes I gave up. No one is answering there either. Please tell us where the product we paid for is. Is another machine embroidery magazine going to leave us in the dark or with a credit that can only be used on their remaining products?
ith free design
As with the previous posts, cannot find ith Cork Gift Card Holder. What's up?
i tried to post comment and it would not let me but its appalling that no one answered these comments
i also cannot find the winter magazine freebies!!!! i find it appalling that NO ONE has answered with all these comments wondering where they are!!!!
i also am having trouble finding designs from new magazine I find it appalling that all these people have complained and NO ONE has answered !!! where are the freebies
Freebies for Winter 2019
I found some freebies, but not the ones I want - the cork gift card holder, for example. Help!
Winter 2019 Design Downloads
I have been waiting for 3 weeks to get the new designs and you still have not put them on your website. Why such a long delay?
Freebies and Web site errors
First, I tried to send an email to the "contct" email here under "contact". It bounced. Not a good address. Now I am reading all these disgruntled readers. So sad. Nice magazine. Where is the customer service? I also tried to find freebies from the Fall 2019 issue with no luck. This is part of the subscription price offer. What is the problem? October 27, 2019 @ 11:30 AM
Does not appear this magazine is trying to rectify the fact that the free designs are not available to the consumers who have purchased this magazine!!!! I trust that these designs will be available before the expiration date of October 31st? Very disappointed with the magazine!!!!
disappointed in magazine
Not understanding why they publish in the magazine about free designs and then they are not there. The cork gift tag and the difficult way to download any of their free designs. As long as we log in to our account we should be able to download the designs to our computers or wherever.
Where are the ones for De. 2019?
Most Wonderful
I'm trying to find the embroidery freebie for the "The most Wonderful Time of the Year" project. Please let me know how to get it.
cozy snowman stocking
Where is the Cozy Snowman Stocking ITH design and pattern. It is Really cute Nice job on this issue
Where are the freebies from winter 2019 issue
Where are the freebies from winter 2019 issue
Freebies from winter 2019
Can’t seem to find the freebies from Winter 2019 issue
ITH Cork Gift Card Holder
I also cannot find the link for this project. I found the design at Interweave, but it isn't free.
Why do the designs have to go on a flash drive?
I can send designs wirelessly from my computer using BES4--why do I have to put them on a flash drive?
cork gift card holder
I don't see the link under
Winter 2019
Where are the free embroidery designs for the issure. The cozy snowman stocking for one.
designs, where are they
complicated, can't seem to download anything.How do I see the designs
Border Button Down Milinda Jay Stephenson
This downloaded design definitely has issues. Besides what cmlenart posted, I've tried to resize the design to fit my shirt and some of the satin stitching on the eyelets disappears leaving only the underlay stitch. Also, the picket fence line (second line up from the bottom of the design) has a weird jog in two places on the left side. Very disappointed in this design. This is one of the few recent projects that I wanted to do. I've always had good luck with CME designs, but not this time. Please fix before the free offer expires!
Border Button Down Milinda Jay Stephenson
The downloaded design has issues. Some of the eyelets in the design are not the same sizs, making the pattern look poorly stitched.
Anyone doing this project, you must purchase the Cat Face they tell you how page 58 of the Jan./Feb. 2019 issue under DESIGN. Hope this will help those who are having a problem with this issue.
Where is the Jan/Feb 2019 Digital Issue?
When I click on the Current Digital Issue I get November/December 2018.
I have the Viking Rose Machine. I have not been able to transfer any of your free designs to my machine. I can download (Iuse a flash drive) and when I put insert into the machine, I get a folder with a question mark. This has happened every time I download from your website. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of very cute designs. What am I doing wrong?
Where is the embroidery download?
I, too, am having an issue with downloading the Meow Pouch design. It is nowhere to be found. I am a subscriber of the magazine and would appreciate being able to make the project. Thank you for your help.
Meow Pouch Freebie
The face is not there to download. I subscribe to the paper mag and it said it was available
Meow Pouch Embroidery Desgin
When downloading the Meow Pouch freebie - there is no embroidery design for the face.. where do I find this?
Embroidery Designs
I am very disappointed on not being able to download your embroidery designs recently. I have been a subscriber for many years and it was so much easier. I can no longer download your designs. I will not continue my subscription when it expires.
design needed now
the design for the meow pouch will not come up so I can download the design, I need it NOW
Cat purse
The cat purse is adorable, so where do I get the pattern for the embroidered face?
Designs are corrupted
I can only download the Ornate Skate design. When I download the others I cannot open them. The names of the designs inside the zip file start with a period, underscore, then the name of the design . I don't think it's appropriate to begin a design with a period. My windows says its corrupt and can't open it.
Also doesn't recognize I am a subscriber!
I finally get in and it tells me I must purchase the issue - and I am a subscriber and have been for several years. Very disappointing.
Log In not functional either
I can't get the patterns because the log in link doesn't work. Luckily I got in by logging in here! I've called the help number and was told to call a different number who said they couldn't help. I emailed support and never got a call back. I've not been able to access the last couple issues patterns. I will not be renewing.
Santa Wrap
I did everything your directions said to do and sill was not able to download the Santa Wrap Design. It used to be so easy to download your designs. One of the perks of being a magazine subscriber. Please help me to down load this design into me embroidery softwear so I can use it.
No PES files on some of the free designs form my EMB mag.
How do I get answers to my comments.
Freebe designs
I have always enjoyed this Magazine and all the free downloads that come with it. However in the Nov/Dec issue you have to purchase added portions of the designs. I'm confused.
free embroidery designs pes
Thanks for sharing a such a great information about the embroidery design it is very help full please posting these kind of knowledge
Thank you
Thank you Crystal Jones, we were hoping that it would help.
Thats incrediable quilt
The free design for the quilt does not have a link. It only has a link to purchase the design. How do I get the free one?
Crystal Jones
Thanks for sharing this post and I loved the way you described it. XYZ
I get the message that file or directory is corrupted and unreadable
Take a Sip Tote
Don't see anywhere that you can download the tote pattern.
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