Get Ready for Fun Fall Designs with Creative Machine Embroidery!

The Fall 2019 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery is hitting newsstands on August 13! We’re so excited to share this one with you. Just a reminder that going forward, Creative Machine Embroidery will release four issues a year ¬— Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This year was a little funny because we were transitioning; we had a Jan/Feb issue and a Spring/Summer issue. But we’ll finish out 2019 with the Fall and Winter issues, and it will be smooth sailing (embroidering?) from here.

I especially love the Fall issue because Halloween is my favorite holiday. We’ve got a great collection of Halloween and autumn projects to recreate this year.

CME fall 2019 Get Ready for Fun Fall Designs with <em>Creative Machine Embroidery</em>!

There was never any doubt what was going on the cover of this issue ¬— as soon as we saw the Double, Double, Toil and Trouble freestanding lace cauldron by Ramona Baird, we knew this was The One. I’ll admit it’s a pretty time-intensive project because there’s a lot of drying time, but honestly the construction itself isn’t that hard. I really think you should give it a try, if for no other reason than because every Halloween loving embroiderer NEEDS a bubbling, light up cauldron as part as their holiday décor. Especially because the designs are free to download through the end of the October! (Also, I’m a theater nerd so of course the name is a reference to a famous line from the Scottish Play).

The In-the-Hoop project for this issue is a cute chenille clip that can be added to a garment or your hair. I love making chenille ¬— there’s something so satisfying about cutting the layers between stitching lines and fluffing them up to make something textural. And I really love doing it when it’s an embroidery design, because I know those stitching lines will be perfect! If you’ve never made a chenille project before, this is a great way to try it out. Download the Pumpkin Cutie Clip for free at until Oct. 31, 2019.

We loved our Beach Life FSL Charm Collection from last year so much that we just couldn’t resist making another set of charms for our favorite holidays. We used the Creepy Cute Charms to make some party décor for our photoshoot (and got to eat the cupcakes after!), but they’re good for so many things! I’m personally planning out some fun dangly earrings to break out in October. And if you’re a fan of a certain stop motion Tim Burton film that’s Halloween/Christmas themed, I bet you could find some cute uses for these that will be good all the way through the end of the year. The Spider Web design is a freebie; find the whole collection at

bib pattern fallCME Get Ready for Fun Fall Designs with <em>Creative Machine Embroidery</em>!

We also have a bunch of projects for those autumn days that aren’t Halloween. I’m especially blown away by the Bohemian Bibs, a beautiful pair of linen blend overalls with a gorgeous folk pattern. Katrina Walker teaches you everything you need to know to recreate this stunning look, including placement tips, material choices and how to choose your thread colors for the greatest impact.

Fall is often all about layers, and we have a really lovely overlayer to offer you. A kimono is easy to make and easy to embroider, especially if it’s made in a nice crisp cotton. Ours is very reminiscent of the traditional Japanese yukata, the lightweight cotton kimono usually dyed with indigo to make patterns of blue and white. Best of all, it’s simple to create by drafting basic lines on your fabric. I love self-drafted patterns, don’t you?

There’s a lot more to find in this issue, including an informative article on how to start your own home embroidery business, tips on test stitching and what to do with the resulting test embroideries, how to incorporate free-standing lace into quilts. Find the issue on newsstands through October 14, 2019 or at

gallery Get Ready for Fun Fall Designs with <em>Creative Machine Embroidery</em>!

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7 Responses to Get Ready for Fun Fall Designs with Creative Machine Embroidery!

  1. Marianne Portteus says:

    Received my magazine yesterday & went to the Freebie site this morning & the fall edition freebies not listed. :-( Sad

  2. Julie Van Osdol says:

    This same thing happened to me! Got the magazine and went to the website but no freebies available! Ready to get working on fall items…..

  3. Janice O'Malley says:

    I got my Fall 2019 issue days ago and I still can’t download the designs as the “current issue” shown here is Summer 2019. Today is August 14, 2019 late afternoon and it’s still not showing up. The month is nearly half over. Ridiculous and so disappointing!

  4. Noelle says:

    Hi! Do you recommend any home embroidery machine? I’ve been searching the web and there is a site where they don’t recommend embroidery areas smaller than 5×7 inches if you want to sew on hats. Would you agree?
    This is the website in case you want to read the opinion:
    I was thinking of getting Brother PE800. I am a beginner but know how to sew.
    Thank you!!!

    • Kate says:

      I don’t have any specific recommendations for home embroidery machines, because unfortunately I’ve only been able to use a limited number of them. I have, however, used several different Brother machines and have found them to be easy to work, reliable, and not particularly finicky, so in general I think getting a PE800 is probably a good bet. For what it’s worth, if I hadn’t come across the opportunity to acquire a top-of-the-line Baby Lock at a very good price, I probably would have ended up with a Brother model myself.

  5. Cheryl Trawick says:

    I am trying to make the bat buddy key chain. The bat stitched out so cute. But I can not find long fiber orange minky anywhere to make the pom pom.

    Any help would be so appreciated. All I can find is minky that is short haired like fleece

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