New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!

The Spring/Summer issue of Creative Machine Embroidery is finally here! I really love this issue, and I’m so excited that we finally get to share it with you.

00 CME1904 Cover 500px New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!

Just to clarify for anyone concerned with the new release schedule: This issue is for both spring and summer because we released the Jan/Feb 2019 issue as usual. The next issue will be Fall 2019, followed by Winter 2019 (making four total in 2019), then Spring 2020, Summer 2020, etc. If you’re a subscriber, note that we consider the subscriptions in terms of issue numbers rather than years. So if you subscribed for a year when a yearly subscription was six issues a year, then your subscription is for six issues and will continue until you’ve received six issues (a year and a half under the new schedule). Thank you to everyone who has been patient and kind regarding this change. Now, on with the issue preview!

Trench 222x300 New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!On the cover is this beautiful modified and embroidered Lucerne Trench. Katrina Walker stitched up this stunner in a gorgeous metallic linen/cotton blend. It’s the perfect lightweight coat for all your springtime travels. Katrina teaches you how to add the shoulder panel and how to perfectly embroider those lovely large-scale flowers.

Speaking of large-scale, we hope you’ll love the large scale Tropical Greenery designs featured in this issue. I just adore the unique shape of tropical leaves, and figuring out how to best place them on this pillow was a fun challenge. Also a challenge: finding all those unique shades of green thread! But I think it was ultimately worth it; I’m super proud of this project and hope to make a few more coordinating pillows in the future. You can get started with the fern frond design for free at until Aug. 31, 2019.

pillow 1024x1011 New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!

Bunny Softie 221x300 New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!Our In-the-Hoop project for this issue is perfect for spring. This is when the baby bunnies appear, and I always want to pick them up and cuddle them. I can’t, of course, so instead I can cuddle this adorable, fuzzy softie. It has a cute little puff of a tail on the back — just like all the rabbits I see running away from me! Pick this design up for free until Aug. 31, also at

Below is our WOW project for this issue: this amazing personalized suitcase. We’ll teach you how to recreate it using your own favorite fabric and a built-in alphabet. You’ll never have trouble recognizing your suitcase on the baggage carousel again! My only question — how do you ever pick the fabric? I want all of them!

Suitcase 755x1024 New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!

Shoes 300x293 New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!Shoes don’t end up in Creative Machine Embroidery very often — they’re awfully hard to hoop! But we just knew we needed to figure out a way to embellish everything in our closet, so here’s a way to add embroidery to canvas shoes. It involves free-standing motifs, but there’s more to it than that. We’ll walk you through how to prep your shoes for embellishing and different options for successfully attaching the motifs. I want to offer a list of cool suggestions for alternative motifs to use here, but I love these pineapples so much that I’m having serious trouble. Other fruits (cherries, anyone), butterflies and ladybugs come to mind, though. Suggestions welcome!

This issue is full of other great project, techniques and stories. You’ll find some cute embroidered tops, a personalized weekender bag, information on stumpwork and layering designs and a truly beautiful sashiko-stitched ball cap. Find the issue on newsstands through July 15, 2019, or at

Gallery 1904 New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!

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3 Responses to New Issue of Creative Machine Embroidery!

  1. Judy Mewhirter says:

    Are there more instructions for the Westport Weekend Bag? The directions do not give the deminions for the main body. Please advise

  2. Marcia Crew says:

    I opened your latest email and clicked on the Serger information and the whole thing was about sewing with an embroidery machine. What’s up? Also, the nine patterns you offer are downloads and I don’t find that convenient at all as I have found taping all the pieces together is not worth all the effort and the multiple pieces taped together NOT FLAT. Just to let you know……… Marcia Crew

  3. Jill J says:

    Looks like an interesting issue!

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