Paper Piecing In-the-Hoop

Paper piecing allows you to use intricate pieces to create interesting blocks. Combine paper piecing and the embroidery machine for a faster and more accurate end result.

CME1902 1278 682x1024 Paper Piecing In the Hoop

By Nancy Fielder

Note: The full article appears in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery. 

Paper-pieced postcards, mug rugs and potholders are a fun way to get started with paper piecing on an embroidery machine. Start small before working up to table runners, wall hangings and quilts. The basic steps, however, are the same.

  • Place a square of lightweight cutaway stabilizer in the hoop.
  • Thread the machine and bobbin with all-purpose thread.
  • Stitch the first layer to create a map of the entire design (A). 
  • Lay the first fabric selection over the number 1 position and stitch in place. Trim about 1/8” around the outside stitching (B).
  • Place the second fabric selection over the first, right sides together, lining up the raw edge with the edge of number one along the position 2 stitching line; stitch the next step (C).
  • When the stitching is complete, fold the fabric to the right side and use a pressing tool or your finger to press the fold in place (D). Use a glue stick to add a small amount of adhesive to hold the fabric in position. Stitch the next step to sew the tacking line.

Screen Shot 2019 02 06 at 12.05.59 PM Paper Piecing In the Hoop

  • Continue adding each piece, trimming away excess fabric as needed (E).
  • Once all the pieces have been stitched, press and trim the square on the outer cutting line.

Screen Shot 2019 02 06 at 12.06.05 PM Paper Piecing In the Hoop

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