Valentine Embroidery Designs

Valentine’s Day is coming up… but not too soon! There’s still time to embroider some cute gifts, gift accoutrements and decor with a holiday flare.

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Below find some of our favorite love- and Valentine’s-themed embroidery designs, available at

ITH Heart Coaster 300x177 Valentine Embroidery Designs

ITH Heart Coaster

The in-the-hoop Heart Coaster is super cute. It has a pretty, quilted look that’s perfect for adding a touch of the holiday to the dining table or living area.

ITH Valentine Gift Bag 221x300 Valentine Embroidery Designs

ITH Valentine Gift Bag

Speaking of in-the-hoop, this little gift bag is perfect for tucking small gifts into. Or fill it with candy for an extra treat on the big day.

1602BRCOLL Valentine Embroidery Designs

Boho Rose Collection

Roses are a classic on Valentine’s Day. The Boho Rose collection is a little less traditional, but still a thematicly perfect decoration for gifts or decor. As a bonus, it’s not so Valentine-y that it can’t be worn year-round.

Have a Heart tags 300x300 Valentine Embroidery Designs

Have a Heart ITH Gift Tags

Check out these cute gift tags, perfect for adding to a children’s V-Day gift.

Origami gifing 300x298 Valentine Embroidery Designs

Origami Gift Box

This elegant origami gift box looks complex, but stitches up quickly and easily in the hoop. This is another one that’s great for holding a small gift, or tuck a special love note inside.

Table runner Valentine Embroidery Designs

From the Heart Table Runner

Dining in on Valentine’s Day? (We always do; we find the privacy much more romantic than a crowded restaurant.) Decorate your table with this lovely heirloom style table runner, which features Madeira applique, gimp work and lace shaping.

CMELOVCOL 746x1024 Valentine Embroidery Designs

Love Is in the Air Collection

The Love Is in the Air Collection has long been one of my favorites. I adore the floating hearts, and the designs they go with are either cute, elegant, or both. There are plenty of uses for these designs — I like to stitch them on thick paper and make them into a card. If stitching on paper sounds a little intimidating, stitch on a fabric scrap instead, then glue or stitch the fabric to the paper card instead.

What are you going to stitch for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Ariana Gomez says:

    This blog is so cute, I completely appreciate your work loved the embroidery design. Thank you for sharing.

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