Latest Issue Is Here! See What’s In Store For You!

The January/February 2019 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery is hitting newsstands now. We’ve put together what we think is a really nice issue to start your new year off strong. Read on for some sneak peaks at some of our faves.

CME1902 Cover 500px Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!

The cover of the issue features a festive Valentine’s wreath adorned with freestanding lace hearts. I love the choice of the pip-berry heart-shaped wreath as the base of this project — the berries are so unique and cheery. Find the designs until Feb. 28 at

Before you start thinking about V-day, though, there’s your New Year’s (Embroidery) Resolutions to consider. If you’re thinking about cleaning out and reorganizing your embroidery space (I am!), check out the “Basic Training” column. It’s full of tips, tricks and resources for setting up and organizing to make the best use of the space you have.

CME1902 Furry Friends Fobs 280x300 Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!We’re super in love with the CME exclusive collection we’re premiering in this issue. These adorable key fobs are stitched in the hoop and are perfect for use with any material, so break out your scraps of cork, vinyl, felt or anything you’ve been wanting to test out. Add a snap or Velcro to fasten them onto bags, zippers or key rings, or just stitch the tab closed around a split ring or carabiner. Get the owl design from until Feb. 28, and find the whole collection at

CME1902 Blush Clutch 300x295 Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!Isn’t this clutch pretty? We love the effect of the velvet and the free-standing lace succulent embellishment. The clutch itself is super simple to make, so this is a great option for dressing up date night on short notice. Tip: Put the embellishment on a pin back to change up the clutch easily. You could even make several removable embellishments for different occasions.

Our in-the-hoop project this month is an adorable round zipper Penny Pouch. The zipper insertion is part of the in-the-hoop process, so you don’t need to mess with it at all — just let the machine do it for you. I’m a huge fan of the featured cherry print myself, but I also love that you can switch it up to fit anyone’s taste just by changing the fabric. It’s a great little gift (there’s still time to stitch some stocking stuffers!).

CME1902 ITH Penny Pouch 1024x936 Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!

CME1902 Catchall Caddy 1024x930 Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!Did you know there’s not much information out there about how to embroider on cork? I found some tips as I was preparing to stitch this cork tray, but I had to do some trial and error test-stitching to make sure I was making the best choices before stitching the final design. You get to benefit from my mistakes, though — find my tips for embroidering cork in the issue, or click on over to this blog post. I put them up as soon as I could (long before the project was released, in fact). The tray construction is pretty simple, but it’s fun to see how easy it is to make a flat surface into a 3D one with just a few stitches or rivets.

CME1902 Edgy Does It Dress 221x300 Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!I just love this knit dress with embroidery around the neckline and faux-leather trim. It’s such a great combination of classic with just a touch of edge. Find out how to take a simple dress to the next level by adding these extra embellishments — and don’t worry; we go over the basics of working with faux leather to make sure it doesn’t give you any problems.

You’ll find a lot more great projects and columns in the January/February issue, including Redwork, embroidered berets, and a deep dive into embroidery thread. Find it on newsstands through February 11, 2019 or at indefinitely.

other projects Latest Issue Is Here! See Whats In Store For You!



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6 Responses to Latest Issue Is Here! See What’s In Store For You!

  1. Nancy Brown says:

    I would like to purchase the Furry Friend Fobs, but can not locate them on Interweave web site. Their site can not fine them when I search for the collection! Very disappointed!

    • Kate says:

      Hi Nancy, it looks like those designs haven’t been added to the website yet — they should have been. I’ll get in touch with the relevant people and make sure they get up ASAP.

  2. Tricia Benedetto says:

    I got my Magazine in and when I tried to get on the web page it will not load. I have been trying every day since the ne Mag came in. Is there something wrong with your web site?
    thank you
    Tricia Benedetto

  3. Marion says:

    I can’t even get my (subscription) magazine download or an answer as to why I can’t access it.

  4. Cheryl Briggs says:

    Can only access the older digital issue of the magazine. The new one is not there so I can’t read it.

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