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Nov Dec 2018 cover 221x300 New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazineOur favorite Creative Machine Embroidery issue of the year is here! Of course we don’t play favorites, but the November/December issue is so much fun, and we’ve really put together a phenomenal collection of projects for you to wrap up 2018 with.

On the cover is the gorgeous Ornate Skate design by Ramona Baird. It’s all freestanding lace (with a little Styrofoam to support the blades). Stitch it out on water-soluble stabilizer (the design’s free through the end of December at!), then dissolve the stabilizer, block the pieces and stitch them together following the detailed instructions found in the magazine. This lovely project will impress all your holiday guests.

Let It Glow Scarf 196x300 New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine

Let It Glow Scarf

Are you the kind of person who likes a bit of twinkle in your holiday wear? You’ll love the light-up Let It Glow scarf (we do!). Designed with eyelets to stick mini-lights through and a pocket in each end to hold the battery pack that powers them, this scarf is super fun. If you’re not the light-up type, you can still make it — just don’t cut the eyelets out. In that case, we recommend glamming them up with hot-fix crystals instead.

Santa Wrap 275x300 New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine

ITH Santa Wrap





Our in-the-hoop project for this issue is a lovely wrap to dress up pillar candles and candleholders, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, or a mason jar. Its simple but iconic design imparts a distinct Christmassy feel perfect for adding subtle décor or adorning a hostess gift. Find the design at until Dec. 31, 2018.

Sweet Sweaters 294x300 New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine

Sweet Sweater Ornaments

Can we tell you how much we love our CME exclusive collection for this issue? These adorable “ugly” sweaters were lovingly designed to be just the right amount of gaudy to be fun while still being just plain cute. I have a special fondness for the T-Rex design, but it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite. Making them in the hoop is a simple process with a great payout. Hang them with the ribbon, or omit it and glue a miniature hanger to the back for a final touch. Download the gingerbread man design for free from and find the full collection at

Starry Night Blouse 203x300 New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine

Starry Night Blouse

Contributor Katrina Walker always makes the prettiest garments for us using tricky techniques, and this issue is no exception. She embroidered a large number of stars in metallic thread on sheer fabric to create the Starry Night Blouse, and the end result is stunning. Learn all her secrets to recreate it perfectly for your own holiday shindigs.

There’s a lot more useful information and pretty holiday projects to find in this issue, including a striking wool jacket, beaded ornament covers and heirloom-style stockings, among others. Pick it up on newsstands now or visit to order a copy online. And don’t forget to visit for all the free designs included with this issue!

Other projects New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine

Happy stitching!


Don’t miss out! Find more great projects and ideas in our newest issue, available on newsstands and at!


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11 Responses to New Issue from Creative Machine Embroidery magazine

  1. Roberta Hudson says:

    Where is the article on Anatomy of a Serger which said “read more” and I totally missed the article?

  2. Judy Savage says:

    I agree! New at serging and never found the serger article! Fool me once, please don’t do it again! Thanks.

    • Kate says:

      Hi there! Could you let me know what page you’re seeing this reference on so I can do some investigation?

      We don’t usually do serger articles in Creative Machine Embroidery, but we do have a serger anatomy article in the Oct/Nov issue of Sew News (the same editorial team works on both). I wonder if a snippet of text migrated between magazines and was missed in the proofreading process.

  3. Shellia Ventura says:

    I was disappointed to see there is NOTHING about a serger anatomy article here. Someone made a boo boo. Hope you send out the correct article.

  4. Connie Winter says:

    The link was in an email from sew daily.

  5. Pam says:

    The article about the serger is on the Facebook site

  6. Kate says:

    Hi Everyone!

    It looks like the wrong link was included in the Sew Daily newsletter. If you’re looking for the Serger Anatomy article, it can be found here: Basic Serger Anatomy

    Hopefully we’ll get a corrected link sent out, too. Thanks for understanding!

  7. Brenda Stewart says:

    There is an error in the link. There are 2 number 4′s the second one should point to the looper and then they are all off by one through the rest of the article.

  8. BARBARA Reeves says:

    Oh my word! We are all human, mistakes happen, it isn’t a major crime. Just enjoy the beautiful magazine and move on. We southerners tend to take life easier. Don’t sweat the little things!!

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