Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is slightly less than two month away! For some of us, that means we won’t be thinking about a costume for at least six more weeks. But for others of us, it means it’s time to start planning, sewing and embroidering! Luckily, we have the perfect design collection for both types of people.

Halloween Headbands lead 1024x682 Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids

For those of you who are ready to get started now, take a look at our Dress Up Play collection and see if any of its designs inspire you. We tried to make it very versatile, with a range of creatures and costumes available depending on the colors you choose and how you use them.

3 Halloween Headbands 286x300 Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids

Devil Horns, Monster Bolts and Bat Wings designs

The collection is freestanding lace, meant to be stitched on water-soluble stabilizer (we prefer fabric-like for this purpose) and then soaked to dissolve the stabilizer, leaving only the lace design behind. Tip: Don’t rinse out all the stabilizer; leave some in the project to act as starch, keeping the design stiff.

We’ve included tabs with each design that can be sewn to the lower edge, trimmed to size and wrapped around a headband as shown in the samples. However, because the tab is seperate, it can also be omitted if you don’t need it and have other plans for attaching the designs to something.

One of my favorite ideas is to stitch the bat wings to the back of a shirt or hoodie along one edge, allowing them to “flap” freely. This could be an adorable dragon “costume” that would be wearable after the holiday is over. The ears are also great for a range of animals, from dogs, wolves and foxes to all kinds of cats, big and small.

Halloween Headbands Collection 791x1024 Easy Halloween Costumes For KidsSo for you who are planners, consider using these designs as an element of your costume or even designing something around them. They’re pretty simple to embroider and put together, giving you lots of time to focus on the rest of your costume.

Bonus! Through Halloween, the Devil Horns design is downloadable free from cmemag.com. Find the rest of the collection at shopsewitall.com. 



easy halloween ideas605989610 Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids


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