Cute Dog Embroidery Designs

Cute dog embroidery designs are fun to use during National Dog Day (August 26) or any time of the year you want to show you love for a special furry friend.

Pug Life slippers 300x296 Cute Dog Embroidery Designs

Pug Life Slippers

My family had a golden retriever when I was a child, and I adore all goldens, especially the darker red ones, because they remind me of him. And my aunt kept Bernese mountain dogs for many years, so I also have a special love for those beautiful animals. But let’s be honest — dogs are generally wonderful, whether they be pure bred or mutt.

Celebrate man’s best friend by embroidering a dog design onto your next project. We’re partial to our CME exclusive Puppy Love collection (I just can’t get over how realistic their eyes are).

What will you stitch? (Tip: the pattern and pug design used to make these cute slippers are available for free at till the end of August!) Find the rest of the Puppy Love collection at

Puppy Love Collection Cute Dog Embroidery Designs

Puppy Love Embroidery Design Collection


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