Quick Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

“Charm” your child’s new teacher with this cute hanging apple charm. It’s always shocking to see the first back-to-school items hit the store shelves. “Where has summer gone? And how much of it do we have left?” is always what I first think when I see the pencils and glue sticks come out of hiding.ITH Apple Charm Cover 231x300 Quick Back to School Teacher Gifts

A nice gesture, besides bringing an extra box of facial tissue or dry-erase markers, is to being the new teacher a little something special. This project idea is not only simple to sew (the embroidery machine does most of the work), but it also requires very little fabric–a couple of little scrap of faux leather or felt is all you need, plus a ribbon loop and key ring of some sort (meaning more $$ to use for school supplies!).

apple charm Quick Back to School Teacher Gifts

This in-the-hoop design is quick and easy and can be used as a key ring, backpack charm or zipper fob. Make one for each teacher or friend for the first day of school. How cute?

Photo 6 Quick Back to School Teacher Gifts

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