4 Techniques for Embroidered Pants

embellish pants 1024x1024 4 Techniques for Embroidered PantsWe hope you’ve been enjoying pants month, here and on the Sew News blog. Machine embroidery is one of the best ways to customize your pants creations. Today we’ll discuss 4 techniques for embroidery that are easily customized to a variety of pants patterns or for readymade pants that need updating.

Screen Shot 2017 10 23 at 2.23.19 PM 244x300 4 Techniques for Embroidered Pants

Pockets are a natural spot for embellishment, particularly if you’re sewing them from scratch. Give pants a one-of-a-kind look with tone-one-tone embroidery along the pocket edge. These white linen pants were made up using the Oceanside Pants Pattern and feature a geometric border print for added interest and an upscale look. Making jeans? Customize your back patch pockets for a look that’s unique to you.

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Zipper/Split Hem
From a recent CME article, this technique features readymade pants but could easily be accomplished with from scratch pants. Trace the pants to create a template for the stitching, then use a variety of built-in stitch designs to create a border that matches. Stitch the pants, insert the zipper and restitch the inseam for a look that’s unmistakably high-end.

Screen Shot 2017 10 23 at 2.23.19 PM 244x300 4 Techniques for Embroidered Pants

Jeans might be my very favorite think to embellish. The pair above, from our March/April 2016 issue, features designs stitched onto sheer overlay, then pieced and anchored onto readymade jeans. Inspiration for embellished jeans is everywhere these days: think knee patches, cutwork hems, custom back patch pockets, floral flairs, artful mending and more.

Screen Shot 2017 10 23 at 2.16.19 PM 205x300 4 Techniques for Embroidered Pants

Nothing beats leggings for comfort and coverage but how to get a high-end look? With embroidery, of course! We loved these ankle-embellished leggings from our Sept/October 2017. While you can certainly use your own favorite pattern and stitch over the seam, it’s best to use one without a side seam, for maximum embroidery area. The pair above features our Dot-To-Dot leggings pattern.

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