Ready For Endless Machine Embroidery Projects?

Do you love your embroidery machine, of course you do! Have you ever wondered what else that talented piece of equipment can do? Then this course is for you! We’ll explore how easily your embroidery machine can become your best sewing room helper, tackling those sometimes aggravating and stressful tasks like zippers, buttonholes and pockets, paper piecing and stippling.

Embroidery machine 700 Ready For Endless Machine Embroidery Projects?

  • Help with functional everyday sewing; classic quilting techniques and fantastic in and out-of-the-hoop projects.
  • Discover just how easily your embroidery machine can be a sewing room helper, artistic enabler and time saver.

Simple sewing tasks can sometimes be daunting but they don’t need to be because you have an embroidery machine just waiting to help you! Let me show you how to create simple designs with basic digitizing software to make buttonholes, pockets and zipper placements. We will also explore some onboard tools your machine may have that will allow you to create the same techniques on your machine, no software involved!

Using your embroidery machine for quilt projects

Who doesn’t love a nice quilt, especially a beautifully pieced and stippled quilt. Did you know your machine can aid you in creating one? I’ll show you how to digitize a quick paper-pieced block with basic digitizing software to get you started. Then we will explore how to add stippling – even character stippling – to be added right in the hoop.

Next we’ll check out how easy it is to create all-over stipple patterns either with digitizing software or with onboard tools your machine may have. I’ll show you my favorite tools, supplies and lots of tips and tricks to create beautiful quilted projects. It’s so easy and so fast!

Machine embroidery on ‘un-hoopable’ items

If you’ve ever wanted to put embroidery on things you can’t possibly get in the hoop but were not sure how to go about that, join me as I show you how much fun I have doing that! We’ll explore substrates, glues and fabrics, stitching techniques and tools. What about 3D embroidery even if you don’t have 3D designs? Let me show you how to see your design stash in a whole new light while we check out embellishments that pop up off the fabric and also projects that pop right out of the hoop!

Your embroidery machine will not only save you buckets of time and reduce your stress level; it will also make sewing fun again. This class includes designs so that you can follow along right there in your own sewing room, making pretties with me as we explore the wonderful possibilities of the embroidery machine!

unique creative endless embroidery 600x600 Ready For Endless Machine Embroidery Projects?

See you soon!

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  1. Pat Cook says:

    I have downloaded the Just In Case design but do not know how to open a ZIP file.
    I have Premier Embroidery + on my computer
    Thank you for helping me.

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