No Time For Stress – Find Easy Gifts To Make

‘Tis the season to not be stressed out.

Thanksgiving is over and now the planning for December has begun. Have you started to make gifts for family and friends? I love embroidering tea towels for gifts. Working with cotton is so easy and the results look like I bought them from a nice department store.

xmas trees 1000 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Recently, I made a set for my mom and the compliments I received for my ‘hard work’ were quite flattering! Plus, it’s a project that is fast from start to finish.

What types of holiday projects are your go-to gifts for gift giving? I gave a few ideas last week, but I would love to know what your favorites are! I can use

Easy Holiday Ornament Project

We need to start off our easy project list with these super adorable and easy to make snow globe ornaments. I think these would be super cute as gift tags too. You could even embroidery someone’s name on it or date for a personalized touch.

Let me know how you use these in your holiday decorating and gift giving on the blog!. We would love to see how you’ve made these up!   Plus, you can download the snowman globe for free until December 31, 2016!

SnowGlobeCollection 300x286 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Snow Globe Ornaments

 Easy Machine Embroidery Project

Butterfly Kisses

I must admit, I’m in love with these butterflies. butterfly Effect 300 180x300 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To MakeI have been ever since they debuted in our Mar/Apr 2016 issue. I’ve made up half a dozen or so (probably more). This time around I’m making them in gorgeous colors of chartreuse, plum, raspberry, gold and turquoise. I’m going to use them on sachet packets.

This is a really easy project and can be modified to suit your needs and your fabric scraps. I used 5″x5″ scraps of various cotton prints and solids.

  • Pick one scrap of fabric for the top side. Once you have stitched your butterflies, take a butterfly and tack it down on your 5″x5″ piece of fabric.
  • Take another 5′x5″ scrap and with right sides together stitch all three sides using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • Stitch the top of the bag about half way, turn right side out.
  • Stuff with your favorite smelly potpourri such as lavender or orange peel.

You could put in some dried lentils to give it a bit more weight if so desired. Hand stitch the remaining bit closed. And, you’re done!

Easy Gifts All In-the-Hoop

CME 2016 ITH Collection 600 300x300 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Hoop Sisters

Nothing is easier than in-the-hoop projects. You could whip up several of these babies in no time flat. Here we have a freebie for you to use as a gift giving idea or make one for yourself. Better yet, these whip up so fast you can make a bunch.

My favorite in-the-hoop project from Lisa Archer is the USB case. Such a tiny project, but my do they come in handy! For more ITH projects that finish up fast, check them all out here!

Let me know in the comments below!

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Jill Case
Online Editor, CME

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2 Responses to No Time For Stress – Find Easy Gifts To Make

  1. Bev C says:

    Hello Jill,

    Thanks so much for the snow globe freebie. I made several of them up and have posted a photo on my blog. They were quick and easy to make up, I used some snow globe fabric instead of felt for the backing and some little white beads for the snow.

    Happy days.
    Bev C

  2. Bruce says:

    I wish I see this post last year, nice idea for thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing!


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