a Brand new Creative Machine Embroidery!

Hello readers!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve been working on big changes over here at Creative Machine Embroidery. You may be aware that we’ve redesigned Sew News (if not, read about it here). Well, we decided that it was time to refresh and renew CME too.

cme change3 a Brand new Creative Machine Embroidery!To help us on this journey, I invite you to take this survey so we can know more about you and be sure we’re bringing you the best content possible in the best way possible. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete, and I encourage you to write comments in the open-ended areas. This is where we garner the most valuable information, and we really take it to heart. It does take a little time, but you’ll be rewarded with a chance to win a full-year subscription as well as get a coupon code to use in our shop.

I cannot thank you enough for being the loyal, vocal readers you are. And I can’t wait to read what you have to say! As the month progresses, we’ll be adding the finishing touches to a completely new cover look, including the logo, and the inside pages will reflect the new look and feel as well.

I’ll be posting on our progress and continually asking for your input as the month progresses. So check back on the blog frequently for sneak peeks!

Thanks for reading!

Ellen March

Shoot 14102317527cropped 300x300 a Brand new Creative Machine Embroidery!

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5 Responses to a Brand new Creative Machine Embroidery!

  1. I would like to have you add art to the downloads for the designs you have in your magizine. I have art and when I try to download pes (which I can use) the design comes up as adobe.

  2. Jean Duke says:

    I would like to see more projects combining embroidery and sewing. This kind of projects really inspire me. I like new techniques to keep me learning. But there are many projects that we as consumers may not know about. I have many embroidery designs that I don’t know where they could be used. I do thank you for all your free designs you have already published and all the projects you have shown. Keep on doing your great work and we all will be pleased. Thank you for your time and efforts (which are many).

  3. Reba Day says:

    I love reading the Creative Machine Embroidery Techniques because when I start sewing they are so easy to read and do. I don’t have to think about “what do they mean” because it shows you how to do everything. I just love it. Thank you, Reba

  4. pat says:

    Like your magazine. Please remember we all don’t have big hoops. Mine is 5×7

  5. Marie Cox says:

    I love the creative embroidery magazine but have been unable to download to my computer successfully for some reason. It shows it is downloaded but when I transfer to my removable drive there is nothing on there. I have been trying to reach you for a month without success. Help please. Would like to keep getting this magazine but at this point what is the use.

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