Adorable Free Embroidery Design from Sealed with a Stitch!

As an exciting bonus to our usual Wednesday Giveaway today, we have an amazing freebie for everyone today, courtesy of the fabulous design company Sealed with a Stitch.

Sue O’Very, the wonderful and talented designer of Sealed with a Stitch (including the super cute Seasonal Scents air freshener covers featured in the Nov/Dec issue), has been kind enough to provide the adorable Enchanted Snowman embroidery design for FREE exclusively for CME readers!

D36 FREE 600 292x300 Adorable Free Embroidery Design from Sealed with a Stitch!

This cute little snowman is here just in time for the holidays, and I think he’d look fantastic on a table runner, winter scarf or Christmas ornament. Plus, the design comes in three different sizes, so there’s really something for everyone! To download the free Enchanted Snowman design, just click here, and then save the designs to your computer. Transfer the correct design file extensions (designated by your machine brand) to your embroidery machine using a usb drive or the cord that was provided with your embroidery machine. And then, most importantly, have fun embroidering the snowman on the project of your choosing!

Thanks so much to Sealed with a Stitch! Be sure to check out for dozens more designs, patterns, instructional DVDs and more!

What will you be embroidering the Enchanted Snowman on? Share your answer in the comments section below!

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28 Responses to Adorable Free Embroidery Design from Sealed with a Stitch!

  1. Laura says:

    Thank you! We love snowmen at our house!

  2. Brenda says:

    Thanks so much.

  3. Theresa says:

    Thank You Love Snowmen

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank You very much! I think this would look great on a solid color sweatshirt, too!

  5. barbara says:

    Thanks for the freebie!!

  6. Sandra says:

    Thanks! Adorable!

  7. Luci Slywka says:

    Thank you

  8. DonnaN says:

    Thanks for your generosity.

  9. Pat says:

    Beautiful design, thank you so much!

  10. Marie-elena Baker says:

    so cute!! thanks!!

  11. Ginger S says:

    Thanks! Love all snowmen!

  12. Sue says:

    You’re welcome everyone! Would love to see what you do with the Enchanted Snowman design. Please send pictures to us at

  13. Sandy Lint says:

    Thank you co much. Love this type of quick design. Definitely sweatshirt or sweat jacket.

  14. Sarah McKinney says:

    Thank you! I love snowmen.

  15. Linda says:

    Thanks so much!

  16. Carol K E says:

    Too fun! I think some kitchen towels would be delightful.

  17. cheryl says:

    thanks for the design, love snowmen. On a baby’s sweatshirt.

  18. Barbara Basel says:

    Thank you! I can see it on a tea towel in the kitchen, even on a towel in the bathroom. I might also try it on a table runner in January. I have lots of ideas!

  19. Ollie says:

    Thanks! :)

  20. Jean Holmes says:

    Thank you so much . Just luv him on my navy sweat shirt. Jean

  21. petro says:

    Very beautifull

  22. Karen Price says:

    Thank you for the cute design.

  23. Myrna Goddard says:

    Thank you for the design. Went to site and you have some wonderful designs. Thanks.

  24. mrvac says:

    I visited the link which you mentioned here. Thanks!
    That Blue snowmen looks so cute!

  25. KIM says:

    Thank you !!! Love this design

  26. Pauline Granstrom says:

    Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year.

  27. Sue Cole says:

    My server said this was not a good website and would not let me get free design

    • Kate says:

      Hi Sue! We do have that problem with some browsers. However, we are confident that our site and designs are safe to visit and download.

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