Wednesday Giveaway Winner Announced!

shellscapes front 01 Wednesday Giveaway Winner Announced!Hello Everyone,

So many comments from the last giveaway!  Everyone remembers there first embroidery project, regardless if it was a success or not!  The winner of the Wednesday Giveaway which is a full collection of Anita Goodesign Shellscapes designs is Anne F!  Anne’s comment was quite funny, and thank goodness for relatives who hold their tongue!

My first machine embroidery was a sewing design of threads, needles, measuring tape etc. for my sister. She is a great quilter and I wanted to show her a new phase of sewing – machine embroidery. I embroidered the design on a T-shirt. It was ugly!!!!  She smiled graciously but I doubt that shirt ever saw the light of day again – unless it was for dusting furniture. Since then I have created many wonderful items for family and friends but I’ve never forgotten that tee.

Congrats Anne! Please send me your mailing address and I will send out your Anita Goodesigns out to you.




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