A Brief History of Applique

I love the look of appliqué but must admit I don’t do much of it.  The technique of appliqué goes back as far as sewing does when people began using other bits of cloth to cover up holes in clothing items.  Appliqué  derives from the word appliquer which means to cover or put on.  Early appliqué was used to length the life of clothing and moved into artful techniques that can be seen in  blankets and quilts from numerous cultures from all over the world.

turkish tent detail A Brief History of Applique

Many tribal cultures used appliqué for use in tents and dwellings.  The most stunning use I found was from late 18th century for Turkish royalty and high political leaders.  Here is a detail of the use of appliqué and embroidery for a tent (or mobile palace).  To learn more on Turkish appliqué, mobile palaces and architecture go to www.turkishculture.org.

Here is a delicate and beautiful design of vintage French Ribbonwork appliqué (date unknown) . For more beautiful vintage trimmings, silk ribbons and other items visit the Vintage Passementerie

ribbon work and applique A Brief History of Applique

Image from vintagepassementerie.com

And, here is a modern look at appliqué from Ann Champion’s Blog.

modern applique A Brief History of Applique

Image from www.annchampion.com

There you have an extremely brief look at appliqué,  we’ll come back to this topic again, it really is an amazing technique with a rich history.

If you’re interested in learning how to do appliqué yourself, check out the classes from The Quilting Company.

Hand Embroidery Stitching & Appliqué with Lynette Anderson

Screen Shot 2017 04 19 at 11.47.38 AM A Brief History of Applique

Core Embroidery Skills: Appliqué Zip Pouch with Katie Bartz

Screen Shot 2017 04 19 at 11.49.20 AM A Brief History of Applique

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16 Responses to A Brief History of Applique

  1. Regina Doyle says:

    I love applique and learned the old way many years ago when I did artwork for an embroidery business that was not computerized…. Knee press for width of satin stitch using a hoop and moving it around to follow a stenciled design (which I used to make up), these days I have found that it is actually a real art to do it that way. These days people call it thread painting, I did learn to do this and also applique using the old industrial machine (which is still going strong, after near on 100 years), I do have a newer embroidery machine (computerized) & have had more problems with it that I ever has with the old one… as they say… “things aren’t meant to last these days” & I believe it!!!!
    I appreciate all the work that goes into these ancient works of art & hope that some of these old ways are not lost in future generations…. though I think they will anyway.

  2. Karen McDonner says:

    Applique is so beautiful. I’ve never learned to do proper applique but love so much to learn. I especially like the ribbon applique. It would be wonderful to begin learning with Janet Pittman’s book. Thanks for all the interesting articles!

  3. I love learning the “new” art of in-the-hoop applique. It’s fun, fast and the design ideas are endless. Our store is adding embroidery and applique features to many of our window coverings to give clients a truly custom product.

  4. Semra Keller says:

    Thanks so much for some more information. I have just descovered applique and am addicted! It is so fun. Thanks again!

  5. Leora B says:

    I dont mind in the hoop applique, because the stiching is done for me around the design. I have not found a good technique of stiching around the design yet so that it looks nice (like the blanket stich)..maybe this book could help me with that. or maybe some of you experienced quilters have a few tips on that.

  6. Mary Mac says:

    I have some applique and it’s been all flowers. I wish my stitching was neater.

  7. I just recently finally learned how to used the applique portion of my 5D embroidery software with my Designer Diamond. I used to hate applique; now, there’s no stopping me.

  8. VAbney -Rome says:

    I have always enjoyed appliqué, both doing it and seeing the end results. Now that is not. To say I am great at it, but rather improvement is needed. Instruction from the book might help! :) Thanks!

  9. Carol K E says:

    I have appliqued embellishments, mostly on children’s clothing. I enjoy using the functions of my SE, to create totes and pillows. I have also done letters on banners for various groups. The worst experience was when my Pfaff died in the middle of a project for church with an upcoming deadline( OK, I procrastinated) and I had to go back to my old Kenmore with cams to complete the job. Oh! how spoiled I am with the computerized machine!

  10. Joanne Gruver says:

    I like to applique. But the best applique was the day my husband wanted his jeans repaired for about the 13th time. I said sure and took the jeans into the sewing room. I appliqued a teddy bear on his jeans in the area of the thigh. Last time he asked me to patch that pair of jeans.

  11. Michelle Hall says:

    I have done some applique in the past but I think the results from my embroidery machine will be better than my other attempts

  12. Connie Walsh says:

    My favorite is machine embroidery applique. I have learned to digitize applique designs and let the machine sew them out. I especially love making appliqued baby gifts. I think there is nothing cuter than a baby quilt full of appliqued designs!

  13. Mary Furber says:

    I love to applique, both hand needle turn and by machine. Flowers are the thing I use the most. Thanks for the interesting article.

  14. Vonda says:

    I recently just learned ith applique embroidery with embelishments I have done a few butterflies and fleur de lis.
    I still have so much to learn.

  15. Ginger says:

    I do like applique. I can’t say I flock to one design over another. I just do whatever fits the project I’m working on.

  16. Eunice Hill says:

    I have done some embroidery machine applique and hand applique.
    Must be in the details to make it look as beautiful as some I have seen.

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