Wednesday Giveaway

Pick Points Madera 203x300 Wednesday Giveaway

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today you could win a very groovy set of Pickpoints Madeira greeting cards. This fun kit provides directions and supplies to create 4 embroidered greeting cards. The package promises that these cards are a pleasure to receive. The theme of this set is folksy Christmas, giving you plenty of time to finish stitching before the holidays.

If you would like to win, simply answer the following question: How far in advance do you prepare for holiday gift giving?

Post your answer to the comments section by 10 am EST Friday the 17th. We’ll randomly select an answer and post the winner by 5 pm on Friday. Check back to see if you will be embroidering these super cool cards.

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57 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Carol Keeler says:

    I start compiling my list of gifts I want to make for others early in the year but never get started on them till about November. There is always a long list of things to be completed throughout the year for other occasions. The Christmas things have to wait! Maybe since I am recently retired I can manage to get them done sooner!!!!!! (hopefully)

  2. LeAnne L says:

    I usually start thinking about it in October, but don’t actually do any serious sewing until after Thanksgiving.

  3. Karen Buck says:

    I think about small things and get them along the way. The more significant ($) gifts I get in late October and November. I also makee free standing ornaments for the family and I start them in September. Some I deliver in person and others have to get mailed. I like the ones I make personally, and I hope they do to.

  4. Lila Hendricks says:

    My winter holiday stitching begins whenever I get an inspiration for a particular person and the gift. Actually the Holiday season is so busy since I work retail that I try to make gifts for people for their birthdays. Currently I am working on a Christmas wall hanging for the store.

  5. gail m says:

    I try and get all my xmas done by Thanksgiving. Then I can work on the last minute gift ideas that I see for an extra gift.

  6. Rita Gronberg says:

    I always have good intentions to start early but…. it never seems to happen.

  7. Betty Ellis says:

    I always intend to get started early in the year. But it’s Sept before I can really think Christmas.

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