Free "Monster Bash" Project

Krista Tracy
Free "Monster Bash" Project

Use fun fabric to stitch unique in-the-hoop treat bags to give as gifts this Halloween.

The free embroidery designs expired for this project expired on October 31, 2013. But, you can still get the project instructions free below.

Find the full project instructions here!

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Please help
I just purchased some of the older issues 2012 and 2013 and the downloads for the projects are available but the designs say they are expired and cant be downloaded here. where do I go to get them to complete the projects?
monster bash designs
where can I download the PDF files, I will pay for them ! Thank you,
Downloading Monster Bash Designs
I have the Sep/Oct 13 CME Issue but never downloaded the embroidery because I didn't have an embroidery machine then. Ididn't realize there was an expiration date of 31 Oct 13. Is there any way of getting the Embroidery download for Monster Bash now?
Treat Bags
Darling, the little ones will love these! Jean
love this
very cute remember to leave zipper partly open when you put together it will allow you to move zipper to turn it
Please help me
I love this bags. I am currently trying to make them however when I put the zipper on, it sews across the zipper and does not allow me to open it. When I try to sew the zipper on with zipper open it catches on the needle. Please help me, Thank you
monster bags.
I like doing the little bags with zipper. Will be doing some tomorrow as right now an busy making pocket books on reg. machine. Thanks
Six Free Treat Bags
I am also having a problem converting the PES design to ART. I have tried it many times and it will not open it to even convert it. It actually opened it in Floriani (which I have) but only the Cat design opened. I can't get any of the others to open. HELP!!
these are adorable !
I cant wait to get my broken machine fixed again so I can make these !! they are so adorable !! only 5 months old and broken for the 3rd time.
The Monster Bash bags are so cute!
Thank you so much. Had not heard of Little Airplane Designs before, do you have a website?
Files not encrypted
Guess I should say the the files are the "Six Free Treat Bags". Thanks
Files not encryped
When I try to put these files on my USB I get the message "A problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted". I've never had trouble downloading designs before, can anyone tell me what to do about this? Thanks
Are there ART files available
It seems many of the free designs offered do not have ART files. Is there a way to convert files to ART?
can fine this free offer. like to try it before I buy any
Copy link into your browser
Sorry, you will need to copy the link below and place it in your browser and it will take you to the link. Or go back to the CME Home Page and click on Blogs where you will find Krista's blog post entry.
Krista Tracey tell how to make ALL the treat bags!
click on the link and you will be taken to a guest post from Krista Tracey where she tells how to make all the treat bags in the Sep/Oct issue of CME.
cme magazine
I enjoy your magazine, and would like to join your group. thank you
Coverting to ART
Try saving the designs in another format like PES, import them into your original Bernina software and save to ART. Or check with your Bernina dealer on how to convert files.
How to download the Monster Mash designs
Click the link to download the design files and save them to your computer. You must download them to your computer in order for them to be usable. Transfer the correct design file extensions (designated by your machine brand) to your embroidery machine using a usb drive or the cord that was provided with your embroidery machine.
Monster mash downloads
Cannot download this free project. It is not available in ART format.
Unable to download any of this month free designs, maybe there is a problem,please help, Thank you for your attention
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