Fast Forward: Floral Tee

Janine Babich
Fast Forward: Floral Tee

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Floral Tee Designs
I cannot open these designs. I use Designers Gallery which will open most all designs, but will not open any of the file extensions that are in the download. What is wrong?
RE: Floral Tee Downloads
Please email, and I will send you the files directly.
RE: Page 66
The towel was created by Husqvarna Viking. I would contact them to find out the design used.
Floral Tee Downloads
I have tried to open these files but I keep getting a message that I can't open. I am trying to open as a sew file. Is there something wrong with the sew files? Please help.
Creative Machine Embroidery Mag Page 66 - Red Dress with belt issue
On Page 66 there is a picture of a green and white washcloth that has a hanging loop, I was wondering if you could know where they got that embroidery design from. Please let me know. Thanks, Kim
Floral T downloads
Please explain how Buzz explorer will not open or convert from .pes or any other file to .jef. Perhaps the author should update downloads to INCLUDE the .jef format. How disapointing when you buy the magazine and then cannot open the downloads and have to convert to your file on top of it. Are any editors listening to us?
Floral Tee
They are great flowers, plan on dressing up my summer Ts! Thank you
lovely flowers...thanks sew much!
Size of Applique
It would have been nice if the size was stated for the applique. It exceeds the 4" field that I have for my Kenmore embroidery machine.
The instructions say to hoop this inside out if we do this are we then using different colored bobbin thread for the leaves and rest of the detail.
Floral T- Shirt
I love the designs! I enjoy making projects from the magazine. What a great idea offering the free downloads. Thank you.
I can only retrieve one design. I understand there are 4 PES format
Converting Files
I unzipped the files with no problem but was unable to convert them to JEF with Tajima Ambassador. I used Janome Digitizer MB and converted them with no problem. Finally, I can do my t-shirt. Very pretty designs. Thanks. I also made the photo garden bag with the free designs and it was so easy and came out beautifully.
Great Ideas
You have been having such nice ideas. I am so glad that I still have a subscription to your magazine
Zip files
I unzipped the files and was able to save them. For those who can't save, try to unzip first.
Floral T
I have tried over and over through several different avenues and am unable to open the designs in art, pes, dst or exp. What's the deal.
lovely, would like to see more for ladies and mens clothing. Thanks
Cannot open PES file
Can anyone explain how to open the zip PES file. Nothing I try seems to work. Are they locked and we need a password to open?
Floral Tee Download
There is no .JEF file. Tajima Ambassador keeps saying there is an error when I try to save any of the files as .JEF. Does anyone know what to do?
Floral Tee
If you are going to allow downloads for designs, then submit all the machine formats, I do not want to have to download another format, then have to change to my machine's format. Poor planning on the part of the author, etc.
Floral Tee Download
There are 4 zipped files inside a zipped file. Each of the 4 files has design files in different formats, one of which is .PES I used the .PES file in Tajima Ambassador to convert the design to .JEF format and I notice it is .PES version 6.0. You can use Ambassador to convert it to an older format.
I am not able to open this in PES program
Can you tell me why this might be?
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