Edible Arrangements

Michele Mishler
Edible Arrangements

Download the herb care instructions below! Purchase the herb monograms at oregonpatchworks.com.


Herbs 101


Correction: How-tos A & B are incorrect in the print article. Don't mark 1/4" and 1" from the center along the widthwise fold (as shown in print article). For how-to A, mark 1/4" from the center along the lengthwise fold (shown below). For how-to B, mark 1" from the center along the lengthwise fold as well. We apologize for the error.






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Edible Arrangements
I cannot find the directions for this project, and I subscribe to your magazine, and did not get the last issue. Could I get an issue and directions for this project? Adorable!!
RE: Report This User advertisement printing ontop of directions for herbs
Janetazz- Please email info@cmemag.com and I will send you the directions.
advertisement printing ontop of directions for herbs.
tried several times to print directions for herbs and advertisement always printed ontop so I could not read the directions.
herb monograms
many friends have gardens and this would be a nice gift
Herb Project
How can I download the article to my computer - I subscribe to the magazine but would like to have instructions with designs on computer?? marjgould#earthlink.net
herb project
love the cute font! I know I'll make this for a gardening friend.
Free designs were a repeat
I was very disappointed to find out that I had already saved Edible Arrangements from an earler issue -- that these "freebies" were not new.
edible arrangement
wow thanks
so how does that look? 'Mark 1/4" and 1" from the along the lengthwise fold'
Edible arrangements
Thank you for the terrific idea and the free designs. WOW!
What a great idea thank you so much for allowing me to download.
What a great gift these will make to a gardener!
RE: Rosemary
If you are having trouble downloading the designs, please feel free to email info@cmemag.com.
I love the designs and love the info on Herbs. Many thanks
Thank you
Thank you!! Love the designs and the article about the different herbs too!! Gail
Rosemary will not download on right click. I tried half a dozen times.
I had much trouble logging into your site due to the ad. for Bernina kept popping up when i clicked on the place to enter my user name. This is very frustrating. I love your mag. and subscribe to it.
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