Budget Friendly: Coupon Clutch

Sara Boughner
Budget Friendly: Coupon Clutch

Trying to find and sort through coupons while shopping can turn a quick trip into a “Three Hour Tour.” Skip the hassle and be prepared by sorting coupons in a clever coupon clutch. It’s a stylish way to avoid supermarket stress!


  • From the fusible interfacing, cut one 7 1/2"x15" rectangle for the body and five 33⁄8"x7½" rectangles for the dividers.
  • From the exterior fabric, cut one 7 1/2"x15" rectangle for the body.
  • From the lining fabric, cut one 7 1/2"x15" rectangle for the body and two 4½"x9½" rectangles for the sides.
  • From the coordinating fabric, cut five 7 1/2" squares for the dividers and 21⁄8"-wide strips on the bias for the binding. Piece together the strips to create one 60"-long strip.


  • Place the exterior rectangle right side up on a flat work surface. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise to find the center; unfold. Measure and pin-mark 3" from one short edge along the center foldline.
  • Load the chosen design into the machine.
  • Hoop one layer of stabilizer and position the exterior rectangle over the stabilizer, centering the pin-mark within the hoop. Use the perimeter basting function to baste the fabric to the stabilizer.
  • Embroider the design, clipping jump threads with each color change, if applicable. Once the embroidery is complete, remove the fabric from the hoop. Remove the basting stitches, and then tear away the stabilizer.

Construct Cover

  • Download and print the Coupon Clutch template; cut out and set aside.
  • Mark 2½" from the exterior rectangle short edge opposite the embroidery, along the center foldline. Align the hook tape upper edge with the marked line; pin. Edgestitch the hook tape perimeter (A).

  • Fuse the corresponding interfacing rectangle to the lining rectangle wrong side. Measure and mark 1" from one lining short edge. Align the loop tape upper edge with the marked line; pin. Edgestitch the loop tape perimeter (B).
  • Position the embroidered rectangle right side up over the interfacing rectangle. Place the template over the stacked rectangles with the curved flap along the embroidered edge; cut around the template through all layers (C).
  • Baste the rectangle perimeter using a 4.5mm stitch length and a 1⁄8" seam allowance.
  • With the lining side facing up, mark 3⁄4" and 9 3⁄4" from the short straight edge along each long edge.

Construct Divider

  • Fold each side rectangle long edge 1/2" to the wrong side; topstitch using a 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Position each side rectangle wrong side up on a flat surface. Mark 1 3/4" from each short edge. Draw three lines 1 1/2" apart between the two marked lines (D).
  • Fold each square in half with right sides together; stitch the long raw edge using a ¼" seam allowance. Turn the pockets right side out; press.
  • Insert one interfacing divider into one pocket through one short-edge opening; press to fuse, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat to fuse interfacing to each divider pocket.
  • Position one divider short edge along the far-left marked line of one side rectangle. Fold the side rectangle short edge over the divider to encase the raw edge. Stitch 1⁄2" from the fold through all layers (E). Repeat to stitch each divider to the side rectangle along each remaining mark, making sure each divider long-edge seam faces the same direction.
  • Stitch each opposite divider short edge to the remaining side rectangle along the marks (F).


  • Cut one binding end at a 45° angle; fold the end 1⁄4" toward the wrong side, and then press. Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together; press.
  • Place the divider piece on the work surface with the long folded edges as the upper edge. Position the divider lower edge over the exterior lining along the 9 3⁄4" marks. Align each free divider short edge with the exterior raw edge; baste (G).
  • Position the binding folded end along one exterior lining long edge, above the divider folds and aligning the raw edges. Begin sewing 2" from the binding fold, using a 1⁄4" seam allowance and stitching toward the flap. Stitch over the basted short edge, moving the divider folds away from the stitching. End the stitching just beyond the opposite short raw edge.
  • Align the remaining divider raw edges with the exterior lining, matching the divider upper edges with the 1" marks; pin (H).
  • Continue binding the coupon clutch, mitering the corners. End the stitching 2" from the binding beginning. Trim the binding end 1 1⁄2" beyond the beginning fold. Tuck the binding end into the fold; continue stitching.
  • Wrap the binding to the exterior right side; slipstitch the binding fold to secure.

Cherry: Husqvarna Viking, #50, Kitchen Harvest, Design 01_04; (800) 446-2333, myembroideries.com

Hilos Iris provided the thread: hilosiris.com.
Husqvarna Viking provided the Inspira Tearaway stabilizer and embroidery needle: (800) 446-2333, husqvarnaviking.com.
Pellon provided the Peltex I One Side Ultra Firm fusible stabilizer: (727) 388-7171, pellonideas.com.

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can't print
I couldn't get the entire project instuctions to print. Help.
Thank You!!
Embroidery Designs & Coupon Clutch
I use Coupons all the time. This embroidery designs project will make my coupon binder stand out.
Under the binding section it states to Align the remaining divider raw edges with the exterior lining, matching the divider upper edges with the 1" marks; pin. There is no mention of 1" marks in the directions at all. I am an experienced sewist and am not having fun making this project. It has been on my work table since last year and I am only now working on it. Wish I had checked here first since the error in size is noted. Really disappointed with the project.
Coupon Clutch
I love this project. It's a great idea. I'm going to try it very soon.
Coupon Clutch pattern error
When printing out the template for the coupon clutch. It is not large enough to be 7.5" wide, etc. The directions do not say that it needs to be enlarged before printing.
Thank you.
I wanted to say thank you too. I love projects that are easy and look hard.
Just wanted to thank you for the fun projects and designs I was reading some of the posts and was amazed how many complaints and "unthankful " people comment. I am very happy that you see fit to give us nice projects and wonderful designs , so cool! Thank you again!
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