Blossoming Bag

Shannon Dennis
Blossoming Bag


  • tote pattern (See “Source.”)
  • fabric & notions according to pattern envelope
  • embroidery software
  • thread: all-purpose & embroidery
  • water-soluble stabilizer
  • removable fabric marker
  • 3-D flower embroidery design


  • Cut out each pattern piece from the chosen fabrics. For the featured tote, the tote front, back and lower panels were cut from pastel green homedécor fabric. The tote upper panel, straps and piping were cut from cream-colored home-décor fabric.


  • Open a new page in the embroidery software. Resize the chosen 3-D flower design to 110mm. Change the design outline and petal colors, ifdesired. For the featured design, the outline is purple and the petals are cream colored (A).

A. Change outline and petal colors.


  • Once satisfied with the color arrangement, print a template of the design. Find the center of the tote front panel by folding it in half lengthwise andwidthwise with right sides together; mark the fold intersection using a removable fabric marker. Position the design template over the panel center, matching the centers.
  • Hoop the front panel with a piece of water-soluble stabilizer. Embroider the design. Once the embroidery is complete, wash away the stabilizer; let dry.
  • Return to the open page in the embroidery software. Resize the original flower to 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, 69mm and 81mm (B). Change the petal and outline colors, if desired.

B. Resize flowers.


  • Hoop two pieces of water-soluble stabilizer. Embroider each flower onto the stabilizer. Once the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine and the stabilizer from the hoop. Cut out each flower. Rinse the flowers in lukewarm water to remove the stabilizer; let dry.






  • Place the 81mm flower right side up on a flat work surface. Position the 69mm flower right side up over the 81mm flower, aligning the flower
    centers and positioning the smaller flower petals between the larger flower petals (C). Repeat to layer the remaining flowers in descending order, positioning the smaller petals between the larger petals. Pin the flower sandwich.

C. Stack small flower over large flower.


  • Thread the sewing machine with coordinating all-purpose thread. Position the flower sandwich over the tote front panel, aligning the flower centers. Select a tacking stitch on the sewing machine. Stitch through the flower centers to secure.
  • Construct the bag following the pattern instructions.

3-D Flower: Husqvarna Viking, #84, Elegant Embellishments, design #3; (800) 446-2333,

Amy Butler provided the Sophia Carry-All pattern: (740) 587-2841,

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