Fancy Flurries

Pam Damour
Fancy Flurries

Correction: The book Pillow Talk was written by both Pam Damour and Katie Bartz. Katie Bartz also digitized all of the designs in the book. The source in the magazine only credited Pam Damour as author. We apologize for the error.

Download the purse pattern to make a sophisticated purse! The free snowflake design has expired. The design is available by purchasing Pillow Talk at

Download tips for working with metallic thread!


  • clutch pattern
  • 1⁄2 yard of 54"-wide silk (exterior)
  • 1⁄2 yard of coordinating 54"-wide silk (lining)
  • heavyweight fusible stabilizer
  • decorative button
  • thread: all-purpose, bobbin & metallic embroidery
  • removable fabric marker
  • snowflake embroidery design

Get Started

  • Cut two clutch bodies each from the stabilizer and both fabrics. Transfer the pattern markings to the exterior and lining bodies.
  • Cut one 1"x10" strip from the coordinating silk.
  • Fuse one stabilizer body to each exterior body wrong side, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Using the machine screen or embroidery software, combine several snoflake designs or reduce or enlarge one design so it’s 240mm long, if necessary.
  • Fold one exterior body in half lengthwise with right sides together; unfold. Measure 4" from the upper edge along the fold; mark on the fabric right side, using a removable fabric marker.
  • Hoop the exterior body, centering the mark within the hoop. Place the hoop on the machine. Thread the machine, and then embroider the design.
  • Once the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop.

Use 1⁄2" seam allowances unless otherwise noted.

  • Align the exterior bodies with right sides together. Stitch the lower edge; press open the seam.
  • Align the lining bodies with right sides together. Stitch the lower edge, leaving a 4" opening for turning; press open the seam.
  • Snip the notches, as indicated by the pattern, on the exterior and lining bodies. With right sides together, stitch each curved edge, beginning and ending at one notch (A). Trim the seam allowance to a scant 1⁄4".
  • Mark 3⁄4" from both sides of the straight seam at each end (B).
  • Fold the seam with wrong sides together, aligning the marks; pin (C). Stitch from one notch to the lower-edge seam. Repeat to stitch the opposite edge.

  • Turn the bag right side out through the lining opening. Turn the lining raw edges 1⁄2" to the wrong side; topstitch
    the lining opening closed. Push the lining into the bag with wrong sides together.
  • Position the bag on a flat surface with the front side facing up. Measure 1" from the bag lower edge; mark. Hand sew a decorative button along the mark.
  • Fold the front flap toward the button, exposing the lining. Fold the embroidered flap over the lining (D).
  • Align the strip long edges with right sides together; stitch the long edge and one short edge using a 1⁄4" seam allowance. Turn the tube right side out.
  • Remove several stitches from the embroidered upper edge. Position the tube ends between the exterior and lining fabric, creating a loop that’s large enough to loop around the button; pin (E). If the tube is too long, trim it to the desired size. Slipstitch the opening closed.
  • Position the loop around the button to secure.

Snowflake: Design included in Pillow Talk by Pam Damour & Katie Bartz, designs digitized by Katie Bartz, published by Publishing Solutions Group; (518) 297-2699, (Download the Snowflake design for free until January 3, 2011.)

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Great project
What a great gift!!
this web site
this site shows a link to the snowflake design but after ckicking on it there is nothing there. It is so frustrating !!
I made a mistake on my last post, I meant to say "after you turn you BAG"
Yes, it seems pretty easy if you look at the pictures above. The tucking in the seam means the part that was left open to turn your bag right side out, so after you turn your back right side out, you tuck in the open part of the seam and I usually press it even with the rest of the sewn seam, then when you top stitch the purse, that part will get stitched down and will no longer be open.
I agree the instructions are confusing starting at "C." Has anybody figured it out?
Instructions Confusing (To me at least)
I'm fine until I get to C "Stitch from one notch ... etc. The illustration talks about "tucking in seams". Anyway - I don't get it. Please help.
Print Pattern
Tried to print the pattern twice, and all that was on the paper was the directions; no cutting lines...Never had this happen before.
sew format
My machine uses the sew format. Very few digitizers present in that format anymore. And certainly not in anything over a 4X4. I have learned to more than adjust. Multihooping and spliting designs have become part of the process for me. However with a good softwear program (I use Embird), and a little patience and knowledge, quite a bit is possible. If you can use a computer, you can learn to convert and adapt.
.pes format
Brother machines (at least the newer ones) can also use .dst. Try it out on your machine.
pes format
Sure hope you start adding pes. That's the only format my machine will read. As to the half hearted and tired excuse that the design is too big, have you ever hood of multiple hoopings?
Instructions download
I agree - having to copy and past is a pain. Instructions should also be in download format!
Get with the times
and get software that will allow you to convert designs yourself. Software to do this is either free or very inexpensive. Stop being dependent on everyone and make things work for you
design format
As soon as I saw the purse pattern I knew I was going to make several as gifts for evening wear. Although I use only PES designs I am not going to use the snowflakes - too limiting. It can be made in a variety of colors and I have a huge stash of designs to use. Sew on!
l think the reason there is no PES is because the design is 12.5in long ~ a bit too large for PES hoops ... JMHO Thanks for the pattern & design .. on my TO DO list~!!
Thank you!
Thanks so much for the beautiful designs for this magazine issue. This purse looks intriguing and elegant! I'm looking for pouch patterns to line with anti-tarnish cloth in order to store silver jewelry. This may work!
pattern pdf
Shame shame You're getting a free great design.. There are so many FREE programs that will convert designs for you Oh you have to look for them!! Thank you CME Sorry but some people don't appreciate
Formats for snowflake design
I really wanted to make the Snowflake Purse, but there is no PES format. Are you go planning to add this format?
No PES Format
Thought you might have included PES since I downloaded this the first time, so downloaded it again, and still no PES. Are you going to include that format?
You Lost me at the tucking in the seam Picture C.
ART format
It is difficult to understand why you would not have all the major formats for us. You have accepted an ad from Bernina but do not offer their format? How sad.
sure hope you put the pes format with this design
No use downloading this if no PES since this is what my Brother takes.
Will you be making a modification and add PES format? If so will you notify us of when you have?
NO PES format
I hope not having the PES format included was an oversite and not a continuing trend.
No Pes Format? :(
Very Disappointed no Pes
What gives, the .pes format is about the most popular format around.
Print Instructions
Why is there not a place to download the instructions to keep with design and pattern?
Why Snowflake ont in a PES format?
Why is the design not offered in a PES format?
This will be a lovely item for gift giving, I have taken this mag. for several years and love it.


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