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Cosplay with Freestanding Lace

Every September, there’s an anime convention in Denver called Nan Desu Kan. Some friends of mine run the registration desk, and for many years I have been volunteering for them. While registration can get very busy, there are usually some … Continue reading

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Fixing Mistakes – Holes

If you have ever created a hole in your machine embroidery don’t despair and don’t throw it in the Pile ‘o Shame!  In many instances a hole in your project can be fixed or at the least minimized. Read on … Continue reading

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7 Super Scissors For Embroidery Projects

Quality scissors are necessary for every embroidery project.  There are several different types of scissors that can make sewing and embroidery projects turn out perfect. Read on to find out all the different types of scissors. Types of Scissors Straight … Continue reading

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Learn how to embroider on an embroidery machine

Machine embroidery can be simple, though when you sit down in front of the machine for the first time, it doesn’t seem that way. I have been sewing for many years and done my fair share of hand embroidery, but … Continue reading

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