Cyber Monday!

Click, click, SCORE (a deal)!

How many of you are taking part in Cyber Monday today? I am sure I will take a look at some of my favorite sites to see what they are offering, after work hours of course.

If you haven’t already heard about the Cyber Monday deal, I will let you know all about it now.

We are running a 50% off deal (there are some exclusions, so please make sure to check before your purchase). 50% OFF!! Amazing! All you have to do is enter the promo code “SSIACYBR”.

SSIA NewCyberMonday 640 Cyber Monday!That means embroidery designs are half off!! Sewing patterns are half off!! Sewing accessories and tools are half off!! Go take a look and find a great deal for a loved one, or even treat yourself!

Happy Cyber Monday Sales!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Cyber Monday!

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Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

I think its about time for a GIVEAWAY, what do you say?

How many of you are familiar with Carol Zentgraf? She is one of our wonderful contributors at CME, as well as an established author. Her books range from Serger Sewing Basics to Embellishments for Adventurous Sewing: Master Appliqué, Decorative Stitching, and Machine Embroidery Through Easy Step-By-Step Instruction. She is well rounded in many degrees. This is why I am excited for this giveaway. 1374223 Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

Machine Embroidery Room by Room: 30+ Home Decor Projects

by Carol Zentgraf

Machine embroidery is everywhere – and now it can be in every room in your home. With Machine Embroidery Room by Room, you will learn how to feature embroidered designs on a purchased home decor items as well as on new, made-from-scratch home accents. Carol Zentgraf, an expert in the sewing and home decor field, will guide you through each step, from setting up your hoop to design placement tips. Use the embroidery designs included to add style to your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, sunroom and patio.


CD-ROM with 50 embroidery designs and a bonus monogram in two-sizes.

Room-by-room projects make coordinating each room in your home easy.

Illustrations guide you through the instructions.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

I am going to make it nice and simple, just comment below on what you would love to add machine embroidery to in your home decor. I will pick a winner at random. Please respond within the next week. I will choose a winner on Nov. 6th and notify you by email.

Happy Stitching!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

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Everyday is a Reason to Celebrate!

peggy party runner1 764x1024 Everyday is a Reason to Celebrate!

Have you ever heard the quote by Hester Browne, “Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.”? I took this quote in consideration with my husband this past weekend for a Sunday brunch at home.

Earlier in the week I treated myself to the Peggy Party Runner kit. This vibrant table runner is perfect for fun at home festivities or for something as simple as Sunday brunch for two.

peggy party runner2 764x1024 Everyday is a Reason to Celebrate!

I am excited to see what renditions you can come up with for the the Peggy Party Runner pattern? Or what you use the Peggy Party Runner kit for, simple occasions or big bashes! Share your photos with us! We would love to see your interpretation of this fun table runner! Learn all you need to know from the creators at Sis Boom, Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim in their video series available at Shop Sew it All.

Cheers! And happy sewing!

Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Everyday is a Reason to Celebrate!







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Creative Machine Embroidery contributor Joyce Drexler retires

Joyce Fred Germany1 266x300 Creative Machine Embroidery contributor Joyce Drexler retiresAfter nearly 40 years in the Sewing, Quilting, and Crafting Industry, innovator and industry icon, Joyce Drexler is retiring. Joyce is widely regarded by her peers as being the driving force in the 80’s and 90’s behind the rise to prominence of all things free-motion, including machine embroidery or ”Thread Painting”, as she was first to dub it in 1980. Indeed, that was the title of her first book in 1981.

I’m sure you remember Joyce authoring the Q&A column for Creative Machine Embroidery for all of 2012. Her expertise helped many a reader navigate through tricky embroidery techniques and projects.

I had the pleasure of spending a week with Joyce in Germany, studying Sulky threads and how they’re made. The experience was one I’ll never forget and I’m forever grateful to Joyce, Fred and the Sulky family for welcoming me on a trip of a lifetime. Not only did I learn all about Sulky thread–a fascinating account explained in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of CME–but I also saw many tourist attractions, including the Swiss Alps, numerous castles, a textile museum and, of course, beer gardens.

Fred Joyce SNOW 300x246 Creative Machine Embroidery contributor Joyce Drexler retires Joyce Fred Red 223x300 Creative Machine Embroidery contributor Joyce Drexler retires







Here are Joyce and Fred on our Germany/Switzerland/Austria trip. Their love is palpable and they’re the most generous, kind and fun people! It’s no wonder they were able to create and build a business together, and that it has been able to last and thrive with Joyce’s talent leading the way. Aren’t they cute?

A bit more about Joyce:

During the 80’s she taught her fast, fun, and easy “Speed Stitch” method of free-motion embroidery in 3-Day Success Seminars and 5-day SMART events in North America to thousands of retailers and their teachers who, in turn, taught it to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

From 1980 to 1987, Joyce created over 200 kits and products that bore the Speed Stitch name. In addition to Embroidery, the kits taught consumers how to do a wide range of creative techniques like Monogramming, Cut Work, Lace Making, Charted Needlework, Applique and much, much more.

Joyce was a pioneer who was significantly responsible for the major shift in focus of the Home Sewing Industry from selling “sewing to save money” to sewing as “a creative and enjoyable pastime” which was appealing to, and worthy of, the increasing number of working women’s leisure time, energy and money.

As an ever-increasing number of women learned and loved Joyce’s Speed Stitch free-motion embroidery techniques, that became the impetus for sewing machine companies to introduce stand-alone embroidery machines for consumers in the early 90’s.

Together with her husband, Fred, they secured the marketing rights to Sulky Thread in 1985, founded Sulky of America in 1987 and developed it into the premier Decorative Thread Company in North America that it is today, now offering over 4,000 sku’s to consumers.

Not only did they create the category of Decorative Threads in 1985, but they also nurtured and grew it into a major category of sales in thousands of retail stores through an industry-first, bold and innovative educational and marketing program.

As Executive Vice-President and Creative Director for Sulky, Joyce authored 24 books that have sold well over 800,000 copies, wrote numerous magazine articles, appeared on hundreds of PBS TV Sewing, Quilting and Crafting shows, developed “Sew Exciting” Seminars that have been presented to hundreds of thousands of consumers in thousands of retail stores and guilds across North America, and developed “Certified Teacher Training” events to train thousands of future teachers.

In order to help even more people all over the world to “Follow Their Dream” of being a Sulky Certified Teacher, in 2014, Sulky began offering this outstanding course online.

In 2003 she spent almost a year painstakingly developing the first 42 colors of the uniquely different “Blendables®” Cotton thread line for Sulky wherein 4 or 5 different thread colors, that are in the same range of tone and intensity, change colors rapidly and, more importantly, randomly, which no other thread does.
She repeated the process again in late 2006 and 2011, as she developed 42 more colors each time for a total of 126 colors that are available today in both 12 wt. and 30 wt.

Joyce was instrumental in developing the extensive line of 19 high quality Sulky Stabilizers, which were the first in the industry to feature color-coded packaging and reusable storage containers for the rolls.

She also worked on the development and marketing of the patented Sulky Slimline Storage Boxes, Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive, Sulky Puffy Foam, Sulky Iron-on Transfer Pens, and Sulky Petites.

In 2010, Sulky launched the Sulky Embroidery Club, which features hundreds of Joyce’s high quality digitized designs. Since Joyce loves to draw, even in retirement, she will continue to add new designs every month.

In 2005, her contributions to the industry were recognized by her receipt of the prestigious Schmetz Golden Needle Award in acknowledgment of her significant and timely contributions toward enhancing the future of the sewing industry. In 2007, Joyce and Fred Drexler were inducted into the prestigious American Sewing Guild Hall of Fame, an honor that had only been bestowed on 7 other people in the Sewing Industry. In 2013, they were inducted into the Sewing Dealers Hall of Fame.

Joyce attributes her success in the industry to a strong dedication to education, community involvement, and superior products. Joyce and Fred Drexler have consistently maintained these qualities and, in doing so, have propelled Sulky of America into the 21st century as an industry leader.

We wish Joyce all the best in her retirement, and I’m sure she’ll still be sewing, quilting, embroidering, designing, drawing and creating every day! Thank you, Joyce, for all you’ve done to bring machine embroidery to the masses. We appreciate you, your talents and your efforts!


Ellen March & the CME family: Amanda Carestio, Veronica Graham, Jessica Ziebarth & Jill Case

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Christmas in July! Don’t Get Stuck – Plan Early & Sew Often

still from A ChristmasStory Christmas in July! Dont Get Stuck   Plan Early & Sew Often

Don’t get stuck this year!  Plan ahead and start sewing in July!

Oh, July: time to be with family, relax by the pool and sip fresh lemonade on the porch….all while planning your holiday gifts, right? I’ve always been a fan of Christmas in July: as a kid, I wore our VHS tape of A Christmas Story out in the summertime…the holidays seemed so far away!

But as crafty people, we know that we better get started soon if we’ve got handmade gifts to make on our list this year.

And now is the perfect time to do that: we’re celebrating Christmas in July site-wide this weekend! All of your advance planning will be rewarded two-fold: spend $20 and save $5, spend $30 and save $10 or spend $40 and save $15…plus you might just be done in time for Christmas this year!

CMETREES Christmas in July! Dont Get Stuck   Plan Early & Sew OftenNeed a few ideas? Embroidery is the perfect thing for quick gifts. Grab one of the too-cute holiday collections below and use them to customize store-bought or scratch-made items. How about a set of elegant winter snowflake tea towels? A Christmas-tree-bordered tree skirt? Or a sweet apron with a row of yummy Christmas cupcakes and gingerbread men? Stock up now and get stitching!
CMESNOWFLAKES 300x300 Christmas in July! Dont Get Stuck   Plan Early & Sew OftenCMECHRCOL 300x300 Christmas in July! Dont Get Stuck   Plan Early & Sew Often CMEHOLIDAY13 300x300 Christmas in July! Dont Get Stuck   Plan Early & Sew Often

From left to right:

Snowflake Collection

Christmas Goodies Collection

Christmas Cheer Collection

Happy holiday stitching!


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Write For Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine


CMELogo Med Write For Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine


What to Know Before Submitting Story Proposals
Creative Machine Embroidery welcomes article and project ideas from you. Before you send a query, please read these guidelines to help ensure your success.

CME Submissions1 Write For Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine

Who We Are

Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is a bi-monthly publication devoted to the enthusiastic and creative people who love machine embroidery. We provide them with accurate, helpful, step-by-step information for personalizing ready-to-wear and creating original fashions, accessories, gifts and home décor.

What We Want

Articles should teach a specific technique, inspire the reader to try a project, introduce the reader to a new product or company related to sewing, or inform the reader about current fashion and sewing trends. Creative Machine Embroidery’s  primary focus is machine embroidery and sewing for women, but we also include stories and projects for men, children and specialty groups. We also cover home décor, soft crafts, and various fabric embellishment methods, such as stamping, painting, beading and stenciling. Emphasis should always involve machine embroidery, fabrics or notions in some way. Creative Machine Embroidery magazine does not normally cover areas like hand weaving, hand needlecrafts, crochet, knitting or macramé. It’s helpful to look through past issues to get an idea of the types of projects we feature. But, we are also open to new ideas!


We will contact you and let you know if we are interested (or not) in your query. Please let us know if you would like your query returned to you. When an article is accepted, you’ll be sent an assignment sheet detailing what is expected of you for the assignment and the intended payment, samples, photography, illustrations or sources to be supplied). After you receive the assignment, please sign and return it within 10 days. If you’re unable to meet a deadline for any reason, please inform Creative Machine Embroidery  immediately. Failure to do so will void assignment.

All articles, including those specifically assigned, are written “on speculation”. All payments will be made upon publication. To receive the full payment suggested in the assignment sheet, the article must be submitted by the specified deadline, include all elements detailed in the assignment sheet, and be of acceptable quality (to be determined by the Creative Machine Embroidery editorial staff).

Payment may be decreased for late arrival, missing elements or poor quality. Creative Machine Embroidery reserves the right to return articles for rewriting or clarification of information, return samples for redo/corrections and, in extreme cases, to return them without payment.

In all cases, Creative Machine Embroidery reserves the right to edit, rewrite and cut articles where necessary.


Deadlines are established when a story is assigned. If you’re unable to meet the deadline for any reason, please inform Creative Machine Embroidery immediately to request an extension. Extensions may result in a reduced payment. Repeated extensions will not be given. Writers who repeatedly request extensions will no longer receive assignments.


Creative Machine Embroidery requires original unpublished content and gives first consideration to those authors. Creative Machine Embroidery, as part of F+W Media, requires an “All Rights” contract to be signed before publication of any article. “All Rights” means Creative Machine Embroidery purchases complete rights to the manuscript, art and specific project covered in the contract and that the submitted items may not be used in conjunction with any other article in another publication.

These rights apply to specific projects, but not to individual techniques. For example, when a writer signs a Creative Machine Embroidery  “All Rights” contract for an article on a machine-embroidered jacket, he/she may not allow the particulars of that project to be published anywhere else. However, he/she may publish another article on machine embroidery, including an article on a machine-embroidered jacket, as long as it’s neither the same jacket nor the same embroidery designs.

How to Submit Story Queries

We have a small staff. Therefore, we request you query by letter or e-mail; do not send finished manuscripts. Your query should consist of a brief outline of the article, a sketch or photo of the intended project, a list of the illustrations or photographs you envision with it, an explanation of why your proposed article would be of interest to the Creative Machine Embroidery reader, and why you are qualified to write it. Keep in mind the season and timeliness of your suggestions, remembering that Creative Machine Embroidery works on a six-month lead time. Currently, we are looking for submissions for fall/winter 2016. Send your queries to or Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine Editor, 741 Corporate Circle, Ste. A., Golden, CO 80401.

The Creative Machine Embroidery staff considers queries and makes story assignments continuously. All queries are considered and, within a reasonable amount of time, you’ll either receive an assignment, a request to hold the query for further consideration, or a rejection. If more than three months have passed without a reply to your query, feel free to e-mail requesting its status. Direct e-mail questions regarding assignments to

Thank you! We hope to hear from you soon!

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Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns

I like my bags big and with easy access to all my stuff, which these days includes diapers in two sizes, random toys, and (always) fruit snacks, so totes are my go-to. Casual, durable, and big, they’re good for so many reasons, and they make a great canvas for embellishing. From dyeing to beading to fabric painting to (of course!) machine embroidery, I love totes for their embellishment potential…and because you can never seem to have too many.

Here are a few of my favorites, hand-picked for summer toting. Just imagine these lovelies with a bit of embroidery. Act fast and get these digital patterns (and more!) at 30% off at, now through July 10th.

slingpurse 225x300 Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns printstotebag 225x300 Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns

vinylbeachtote 225x300 Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patternsreversibleslouchtote 225x300 Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns   

Top left:  Sling Tote

Top right: In love with Prints Tote

Bottom left: Vinyl Bottom Beach Tote

Bottom right: Reversible Slouch Tote

Sew up one of these beauties today!

If you need some embroidery design ideas, head over to From a sweet message stitched in text to large florals, travel designs to cute forest creatures, there are so many ways to make a custom bag for yourself or to give as a gift.

CMEGRDN 300x249 Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns CMEFORESTFRIENDS Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns CMETWR 255x300 Summer Sewing: 4 Totally Awesome Tote Bag Patterns

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Join Mark Lipinski and the Slow Stitching Movement Web Seminar

This NEW and ILLUMINATING web seminar introduces a revolution within the yarn, textile and needlework industries: The Slow Stitching Movement, launched by international quilt and fiber art personality Mark Lipinski. With Mark as your inspiration and guide, The Slow Stitching Movement web seminar will prepare you for a higher form of creativity and important knit, crochet, and needle crafts. This web seminar will start June 25!

SLOW STITCH LOGO Join Mark Lipinski and the Slow Stitching Movement Web SeminarWith this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Approach your yarn and needle projects in a totally different way.
  • Recharge your passion for patterns.
  • Engage the connection between your body, your fiber art, and your legacy.
  • Expand your creativity, self-esteem and even your spiritual journey.
  • Tap into your right brain, to train and develop your imagination.
  • Find the creative genius in you.
  • Implement your creative thought in today’s too-fast world.
  • Heal your life, emotions and boost your physical health.
  • Create groups and habits to support your creative vision.

If you’ve hit a creative wall, if you have more yarn and thread than you do inspiration, if all of your projects are beginning to look alike, or if you’ve been knitting, crocheting, and/or stitching for years and have nothing wonderful to show for it—The Slow Stitching Movement is for you.

Mark brings years of professional and personal experience to the seminar, as he explores with you informational and transformational message of The Slow Stitching Movement.

There will be an opportunity for discussion through a question-and-answer session during the web seminar, and after.

You will be hard pressed to find a more entertaining lecture and enjoyable quilting class than one taken with international quilt teacher and quilt fabric designer and creator and former Executive Editor of Quilter’s Home magazine, Mark Lipinski. Dubbed “the bad boy of quilting” by the international press.

We hope you slow down and join us!

About Mark Lipinski
As a designer, Mark’s work has been seen in McCall’s Quilts, Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, McCall’s Quick Quilts, Quiltmaker, American Patchwork and Quilting, Quilts and More, The Quilter, Irish Quilting, and Fabric Trends magazines and has been a guest on HGTV’s Simply Quilts. He has also launched a line of his own quilting patterns, called The Quilts of Pickle Road. Mark has been commissioned to design products and workshops for Island Batiks (Bali and California), M&S Textiles(Australia), Langa Lapu (South Africa), Wrights EZ Tools, Libas Limited Silk, Lakehouse?Fabrics, Northcott Fabrics, Maywood Studio, Andover Fabrics, Benartex Fabrics, and Prym Dritz.

Markport 1024x585 Join Mark Lipinski and the Slow Stitching Movement Web Seminar

In order to provide our customers with the most secure shopping experience possible, our sites are getting an important security update.

You are receiving this message because your current internet browser may be at risk of not being able to access our sites after June 17th.

To prevent any interruption, here are a few links with instructions to update to the latest browser version (or, for Internet Explorer users, update some security settings).

Switch to Google Chrome’s newest version
Switch to Firefox’s newest version
Mac Users: Update to Safari’s newest version
Internet Explorer users: download IE 11 or update security settings in your browser.


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Hurt Book Sale notice: Meet The Dressmaking Technique Bible

In the winter, you’ll find me knee-deep in quilting mode, but summer….summer is for easy, breezy garment sewing. And this summer, I’m hoping to beef up my garment-sewing know-how, with a little help from The Dressmaking Technique Bible.

This book is a must-have for the modern sewing library: 272 pages of clear illustrations, helpful how-tos and everything you need to whip your hemlines into shape, all for $14. Take a peek…and consider giving this book a home!

Adoption Notice Dressmaker Bible1 Hurt Book Sale notice: Meet The Dressmaking Technique Bible                Take advantage of prices up to 50% off and bring home a good book!


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Need A New Sewing Machine? HUSQVARNA VIKING is having the Biggest Sale of the Year!

HUSQVARNA VIKING is having  the Biggest Sale of the Year!

The biggest sale of the year is going on right now at HUSQVARNA VIKING retailers. Sewing, embroidery machines and embroidery software are up to 30% off MSRP June 1-14.

Click here to find the perfect machine for you!

Topaz40 embroidery abovewebb image1 1024x716 Need A New Sewing Machine? HUSQVARNA VIKING is having  the Biggest Sale of the Year!


Ruby Royale mom embroideringwebb image5 1024x636 Need A New Sewing Machine? HUSQVARNA VIKING is having  the Biggest Sale of the Year!

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