Bukhara Embroidery

Some of the most amazing embroidery comes from an old province in Uzbekistan.  I haven’t been to Uzbekistan yet. But, I was fortunate to see  a few pieces of embroidery work from the region from a local exhibit a few years back. Bukhara is a province in Uzbekistan and is still considered one of the holiest cities in Central Asia, its history reaches back thousands of years.

 Bukhara Embroidery

Detail from Thomas Cole Antique Rugs & Textiles – Uzbek

It once was considered the very epicenter of intellectual thought, culture and art. Located near the famous Silk Road, Bukhara was at one time the largest and most populated city in Central Asia, home to artists, holy men, thinkers and scientists. Bukhara is a place of great treasures of antiquity and archeology making it a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  One treasure of Bukhara that can be enjoyed by everyone even today is the beautiful Bukharan embroidery. Different schools of embroidery are represented by the Bukhara, Shafirkan, Nurato, Gijduvan, Fergana, Tashkent and Urgut provinces.

Each school has unique characteristics from the other. All are stunning and beautiful. The embroidery is used in blankets, clothing, home decor items like curtains, table linens, and pillows. The embroidery also serves in ceremonial and religious purposes as in the use of praying or prayer rugs.

Photos don’t do the embroidery justice, and should be seen to be appreciated. Remembering that this was and still is all done by hand boggles the mind. No embroidery machine here! Here are just a few examples of the embroidery work. Most of this type of embroidery is bold in color and intricate design work. Some of the larger pieces were used as bed coverings of which you can buy contemporary pieces online.

Uzbek suzani1 Bukhara Embroidery

Image from Thomas Cole Antique Rugs & Textiles – Suzani

Uzbek suzani2detail Bukhara Embroidery

Detail Image from Thomas Cole Antique Rugs & Textiles Suzani

Here are some ladies doing embroidery work.

uztextilecom Bukhara Embroidery

Image from Uztextile.com

If you ever get a chance to see this embroidery either contemporary or old do so. This type of embroidery is an inspiring example of how modest hands can transform simple threads into a breathtaking example of beauty and creativity. The Bukhara embroidery is a perfect illustration of how the human spirit works through creative means regardless of class, gender or condition, it’s craft work at it’s finest.

Resources and further reading and viewing

Thomas Cole Antique Rugs and Textiles has some amazing examples with great photos of Uzbekistan’s embroidery.

For further reading please check out the Textile Blog which has a great post on Uzbekistan’s rich embroidery heritage.

Wonderful post on travels to see Uzbek embroidery from Anita’s Feast.

Great photos and article on Uzbekistan’s embroidery by Uzbek Textiles.

Flickr Photo Group – Bicycling in Burkhara

UNESCO Site - More on historic Burkhara and it’s UNESCO status.


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Tips For Embroidering On Sweater Knits

Sweater knits are lovely to wear, sew and embroider on. Sweater knits are available in a wide variety of types from sheer and lightweight to heavy, textured and dense. Single knits have a knit look to them on the reverse side whereas double knits have a similar appearance on the front and back side of the fabric.

sweater knits Tips For Embroidering On Sweater Knits


Sweater knits come in a wide range of fibers too. From  natural like silk, cashmere, wool and cottons to synthetic acrylics, rayon, Lycra, metallics and other manmade fibers. The use of Lycra in sweater knits allows for single knits to be very stretchy. Double knits stretch less than single knits and are a dream to to work with.

Sweater knits can be used for any garment from sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, dresses, tops, pull on pants and skirts. Always check the pattern envelope to gauge the amount or percentage of stretch needed for a particular garment when picking out a sweater knit.

Don’t be intimidated by sewing with sweater knits. You don’t need a fancy machine and most get by without a serger. Use a narrow zigzag stitch for seams and finish edges using a standard zigzag or a stretch overlock stitch if you have one. A walking foot is nice for use with a slinky knit or with bulky knits.

Stabilize necklines with a fusible bias tape and use clear elastic when stabilizing shoulder seams.

When sewing buttonholes place a layer of water-soluble stabilizer on top of and underneath the fabric to keep it smooth when stitching.

Most sweater knits wash up fine in the washing machine. Check the fabric and content for any specific washing or dry cleaning requirements.


For embroidery designs sweater knits do best  with small designs. A large dense design will make the sweater knit stiff and could be uncomfortable to wear. Small floral designs are nice and add a vintage charm to a garment.

Applique is a wonderful embellishment with sweater knits and are adorable when used with children’s clothing.

Use a 40-wt rayon and polyester thread when embroidering on wool or cotton type sweater knits, it will show off well. Cotton, metallic and wool thread work well too.

Use ballpoint needles when sewing and/or embroidering with knits.

Most sweater knits do well with a adhesive-backed stabilizer. Place the stabilizer in the hoop with the paper release side up. Use a pin to score the stabilizer around the edges inside the hoop perimeter; peel away back to expose the sticky side. Position the fabric over the adhesive. Make sure the fabric has not been distorted. Once all embroidery is completed carefully tear it away.

Water soluble stabilizer can be used with smooth knits. Use a topper when working with spongy or textured knits.

Do you embroider on knits? What’s your favorite way to stabilizer or embellish knits?



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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Embroidery Machine

Are you interested in learning more about your embroidery machine, how to make beautiful embroidered projects? Did you purchase your embroidery machine thinking you’d take classes later, but never found the time? Has life gotten in the way (gasp!) of creating? We’ve got an easy way for you to learn about your awesome machine and with a most excellent instructor.

Katie Bartz can show you what your embroidery machine can do and all with her easy, down to earth teaching style. Get ready, in these classes you’ll learn so much about your machine and what it can do.  Additionally, you can take these courses one by one or get the whole package and learn whenever and where ever.

Let’s break it down and see what the four course series will cover.

embroidery thread 600x248 1024x423 How To Get The Most Out Of Your Embroidery Machine


Katie will show you how to get the most out of your embroidery machine, but in a logical sequence, beginning with the most basic elements and moving on to more intricate and creative embroidery skills over this four-part series.

  • Starting with needles and threads, learn about the sizes and styles of each, and how they affect each other and your stitching.
  • Learn to solve – or better yet, avoid — common problems like skipped stitches, frayed or breaking threads and puckers.
  • Develop confidence in your own thread and needle choices, and learn to get the most from them – like getting maximum shine from your metallic threads.
  • Learn to hoop easily, and precisely, even centering your motif perfectly, as you gain an understanding of stabilizer choices and how they relate to the hooping process.
  • Explore the anatomy of a hoop, and how to decide whether to hoop ….. or not!
  • Move confidently through three of the most common embroidery situations, and build a solid foundation upon which all your embroidery projects can develop successfully.
  • Begin an exploration of special effects embroidery, as you learn the anatomy and language of each via step-by-step demonstration.
  • Learn to properly stabilize for each project, how to remove water soluble stabilizers with ease and how (and why) to use puffy foam in your embroidery.
  • Finish up with a project that has it all, as you learn to center your embroidery in the hoop every single time.
  • See how easy it is to incorporate unique materials into your projects.
  • Experience the various embroidery styles, including simple grid quilting and applique in the hoop.
  • Series Bonus: The easiest zipper insertion ever, and adding beads to your projects by machine.

Cost: $149.99 for 12 week course.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your embroidery machine Katie Bartz is your gal. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of your machine and what it can do.

This course starts April 17th and runs through July 10. To find out more about this course and Katie Bartz head on over to Craft University! 

applique zip pouch2 500 How To Get The Most Out Of Your Embroidery Machine


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Why Don’t You Use Your Embroidery Machine? What’s Holding You Back?

Life gets in the way of sewing doesn’t it? I love my embroidery machine but I just don’t make the time to use it. Usually what I do is cut out a garment pattern and sew it together in a weekend. Or, I’ll cut out a pattern and steal away here and there to slowly piece it together. Once it’s done I totally forget about the embroidery part!

life in the way Why Dont You Use Your Embroidery Machine? Whats Holding You Back?

My sewing time is so limited I don’t allow myself the time to thoughtfully add in some pretty details like a machine embroidered hem, or add some spice to a collar.  All I want to do is finish it up and wear it. I haven’t had my machine that long.

Here’s my deal. I don’t want to add machine embroidery because I think I’ll mess up. I’ll ruin my fabric or I’ll need to test, create a muslin, test etc. All this adds time, of which I don’t have a lot of. So, there lies the embroidery machine, in a corner gathering dust.

I would love to hear from you, machine embroiderists new and experienced, and those that embroider garments. How did you start? What kind of process do you have. Got any tips and suggestions for time management or shortcuts. Let’s blow these excuses away and get started creating !


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A Little Red Coat: Free Patterns With Class

When I saw this Little Red Coat I thought of my own little red coat I had as a kid. Mine was made out of wool had a faux mink collar, black lining and big glossy black buttons. I LOVED that coat and every time I wore it I felt so grown up and chic like my big sisters.

FB size little red coat A Little Red Coat: Free Patterns With Class

If you know of a little girl who needs a beautiful coat for winter and spring celebrations join Connie Palmer, master of children’s’ clothing design and construction, as she takes you through the  little red coat’s creation, step-by-step, sharing the best techniques, helpful notions, favorite tips and more from her children’s clothing toolbox.

The adorable A-line swing coat is fully lined and full of special details, giving you plenty of opportunities for adding new skills to your own sewing practice. Patterns are included with course purchase.

I think machine embroidery on the coats collar and cuffs is a must for this coat to be more perfect. There are so many design possibilities for this one-of-a-kind garment. Pink or white wool would be adorable. Of course, this coat would be delightful in light-weight denim too – for a more casual outing. Plus, you’ll also receive a free 18″ doll coat pattern too!

On-demand courses can be accessed any time and anywhere, with your computer, laptop, tablet even a smartphone. There are in-depth videos to help your learning experience and no set class time! Take this when and where you want.

red coat A Little Red Coat: Free Patterns With ClassThis course is great for beginners too. You’ll learn:

  • Tips for accurate and easy cutting
  • Great stay stitching and under stitching techniques
  • How to apply piping, including trimming and clipping for smooth, bulk-free results
  • All about making and inserting linings
  • Top tips about interfacings: how, where, why
  • Application of facings for a flawless finish
  • How to achieve a smooth hem when the hemline is curved
  • How to add buttonholes, even on thick layers
  • …and many hints and Connie’s best tricks for trouble-free sewing

This darling coat is sure to delight any little girl (and her mother). Now picture her holding her 18” doll in a companion version of this adorable coat having a pleated ruffle instead of an overlay and snaps instead of buttons. All buttoned up in sweetness, your little one will be admired everywhere she goes. Are you ready to get started?

Pattern includes girls’ coat in sizes 3 – 6 plus the matching 18” doll version. Suitable fabrics include wool, corduroy, velveteen, pique, and other moderate weight woven fabrics. The lining can be solid or … mini-checks to coordinate with the piping and buttons. It’s time to use your creative imagination and create the coat of your little girl’s dreams.

Cost: $59.99

Sign up today, so you’ll be ready for the Easter Parade, spring weddings and other ‘dress-up’ occasions!

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Who Cares About Embroidery – Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

Ever since we’ve been introduced to Jamie Chalmers aka Mr. X Stitch we, in the office have been having some lively discussions about the state of embroidery, machine and hand. We wanted to include you in the discussion too, because  you’re on the front lines of keeping this craft alive. We also want to introduce you to a new generation that is working to keep embroidery in all forms alive and kicking well into the future.

One person responsible for bringing embroidery into a new shiny light is  Mr. X Stitch, aka Jamie Chalmers . He is from the UK and is passionate about bringing embroidery to a wider audience. Since he comes from the UK many here stateside may not be familiar with his work and  ascetic. He’s energizing the world of embroidery (hand, machine, cross stitch) like no other. He constantly brings new talent to the arena to make us think, gasp and chuckle.

And, guess what? Young, old, from all over the world are watching, experimenting and engaging in the world of embroidery. It’s a shot of adrenaline the embroidery world needs to keep a younger generation interested and an older one curious.

Let me introduce you!

Since establishing the Mr X Stitch site in 2008, Jamie Chalmers has been showcasing new talent in the world of textiles and stitch and has curated a number of stitch-based exhibitions in the UK and Ireland.

Spam Stitch Series spam Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?A stitcher for over fifteen years, he is an internationally exhibited artist and the curator of PUSH Stitchery, featuring 30 contemporary embroidery artists from around the world. He has also written articles for textile publications across the world, including FiberArts magazine and Surface Design Journal, and is the regular columnist at CrossStitcher magazine.

2014 Logo Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

Mr X 1 Cat Lane 3 Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?He believes in the benefits of stitching, both from a relaxation and a sustainability perspective and is honored to introduce new artists that inspire and encourage new people to take to the needle and thread.

His designs and creations, although not always safe for ‘work’ time viewing, (i.e. some may find offense to his designs) are important in a broader context.

We need to support and empower people who think, create differently regardless of age, gender ethnic background. Without pushing the limits of [fill-in-the blank] we’ll be missing out on so much in the areas of art, science and technology. By opening our eyes to something different we advance any art in question. Some may find beauty and others might be totally turned off.

What do you think? How has embroidery machine or hand changed in the last 5, 10, 30 years. Do you like where things are going? What about these new kids on the block?  What are your suggestions for enticing, engaging a new generation of embroidery lovers and artists. How do you keep inspired, who are your heroes in this craft? What do you think about gender and a man being at the front of what is typically a woman’s craft?Schoolkids Stitching Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

If you want to be inspired please check out Jamie’s webinar Embroidery Inspiration: The View From The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge. You’ll discover exciting embroidery and textile artists from around the world.

You’ll see how people are pushing the boundaries of your favorite craft of embroidery in all it’s unique forms. If you are looking for more than the usual in way of embroidery, I highly recommend  Jamie’s live webinar. on February 24 @ 11am MDT. Let’s meet to discuss your thoughts on where the art of embroidery is going and what you would like to see in the near and distant future. If you are interested in a discuss after the webinar, please leave me a comment below.

embroidery inspiration mr x stitch 470x246 Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?EMB MONTH 300x300 Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

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Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

Trends in Machine Embroidery
If you love machine embroidery you’re in luck. 2017 looks to be the year of the embroidery machine. From sewing machine manufacturers to rock videos to rocking the red carpet machine embroidery is leaving its mark. Let’s look at a few outstanding examples of this exciting take on embroidery.

CME 1604 NEW ISSUE 1604 copy Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

Machine Embroidery & Animation
Elliot Schultz, only 23 years old. He’s a graduate of the ANU School of Art and studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Currently, he is working as graphic artist and web designer in Canberra Australia. One of his most recent works has combined machine embroidery and animation. Watch his video and you’ll be hypnotized by the embroidered figures moving across the screen.

elliot schultz video Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

For more animated machine embroidery watch the heavy metal band Thrones music video Tharsis Sleeps. The creator Nicos Livesey sings and plays guitar in the band and is also co-creator of this unusual video. His inspiration came from metal band patches. Just like stop motion animation this process is tedious and time consuming. For just this video it took over 3000 frames, production took eight months and there are over 45 million embroidery stitches.  Livesey had no idea how all consuming this effort would be, but he persevered and made an outstanding, unique piece of art. Watch it below. Warning: This is a heavy metal band.

thrones offical video Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

On to the high fashion runway. Salvatore Ferragamo’s men’s wear collection saw a parade of embroidery sashay down. With Ferragamo’s ultra clean lines, the rough embroidery popped with a unexpected splash. Seen on backs of coats and tailored shirts, it gave a bit of youthfulness to an otherwise prosaic garment.

For the ladies, spring and summer 2017 will bring plenty of embroidered flowers and other pretties. Resort wear such as Valentino collection for 2017 brought influences of Cuba as well as ornate embroidered coats and dresses. The embroidery has a folk quality to it. On the evening gowns for spring and summer, not only were there embroidered flowers but the well-heeled insect was seen flirting amidst the blooms. Very sweet and beautiful.
48 valentino resort 17 Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

Every haute couture and couture design uses hand embroidery in their collections. These are not machine embroidery designs. But, it’s important that we view these collections for the inspiration that will inevitably trickle down towards ready-to-wear and into our own designs and creations.

For trends that are closer to home and budget, in-the-hoop projects and designs continue to be in high demand. For those new to machine embroidery, in-the-hoop designs are constructed entirely inside the hoop. These projects tend to be small (the size of your hoop) and don’t require any paper patterns. ITH projects are perfect for the beginner and for those that want something quick to make. For 2017 we continue to give you easy and fun ITH projects with every issue. Check out our free Valentine Treat bag to get you started.

Looking for a new machine? Embroidery machines continue to wow us every year. Almost every single big name sewing machine manufacturer has a hot new embroidery machine out this year. However, with new makes and models coming on the show room floor it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one. Fortunately, dealers are eager to help you in finding the right embroidery machine. A bit of advice: test drive, test drive test drive. Ask your friends what they like and dislike in their machines. Finally, take your time in making a decision. The deal will be there tomorrow (or the next week), and it’s a purchase you’re going to have and enjoy for a long time.

What trends do you seen for 2017? What designs and motifs are you seeing on the Internet or your magazines or in retail?

Great News for fans of CME! Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is happy to announce that we are growing! Because of the demand for great machine embroidery content, articles, contributors and designs we must increase or pages count. In our newest issue (hitting newsstands February 15) we’ll have an additional 15 pages of new articles from the contributors you want and so much more! Join us as we celebrate all things machine embroidery. And, please tell us what you think and who you’d like to see in upcoming issues!

head+shot200 Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

Jill Case
Online Editor, CME

CME1704 COVER 150 Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!
Don’t Miss Out!

Subscribe Today to CME 

With our biggest issue in years, don’t miss out on more fun-filled pages of Creative Machine Embroidery. We’ll be stuffing the magazine with fun, easy projects, beautiful embroidery and plenty of tips and techniques for those new to machine embroidery. Look for the best features from the best machine embroiderists around. Find new columns, interviews from leaders in the industry and so much more. We’re quite excited over here and hope you are too!

S5307SIA 150 Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!
Bonus DVD!

Modern & Fun Embroidery Designs!

Need to know the ins and outs of successful machine embroidery? This fantastic machine embroidery book from Pickle Pie teaches you how to embroider like a pro, giving your sewing projects and purchased items a truly personalized touch.

Included are step-by-step instructions for 11 projects, along with essential information about stabilizers, threads, fabric choices, hooping, and more. Learn how to create stylish appliques and unique monograms, or create all the pieces for your project in the hoop taking advantage of author Lisa Archer’s in-the-hoop embroidery approach.

2016 CME In the Hoop Design Collection Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!
ITH Projects

In-The-Hoop Projects

Love in-the-hoop projects? This collection is for you! In it you’ll find all six of the designs by Lisa Archer featured in Creative Machine Embroidery‘s popular “In The Hoop” column in 2016.

The six projects include a fleecy sleep mask (Jan/Feb), adorable Easter egg holders (Mar/Apr), a lovable piggie softie (May/Jun), a useful thumb drive holder (Jul/Aug), fun photo props (Sep/Oct) and a pretty glasses case (Nov/Dec).

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Free Designs + New Columns & More for 2017!

Is It Spring Yet?
It’s kind of funny, but as soon as January rolls around my thoughts move to spring. We have at least 3 months of winter left so I’m in for a long tortuous time of it.

Color of the Year 2017 Greenery Pinterest OG Free Designs + New Columns & More for 2017!

Pantone’s color of the year

Speaking of spring did you see the newest color of the year from Pantone? It’s called Greenery. I have several plans for using it in garments.  There should be no trouble using it in spring time designs. Do you like the color? I’m a big fan.

Our newest issue has lovely spring inspired designs and projects. My favorite is the Valentine treat bag by Lisa Archer. Be sure to check out the new issue, we have a new column called Quilt This from Lori Baker. This series is focused on quilting for the beginner, or for those that need refresher tips.

Since this is the first newsletter of the New Year, I need to know how you did on your sewing resolutions. I unfortunately, did not get to the embroidery machine as much as I planned. But, there’s a whole brand new year ahead. What about you? Let me know what machine embroidery plans you have for 2017.

head+shot200 Free Designs + New Columns & More for 2017!

Jill Case
Online Editor, CME

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What Are Your Sewing & Embroidery Resoultions for 2017?

Time For New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  I make them, but as is the case for 2016, I rarely keep to them.One of my resolutions for 2016 was to learn more about my embroidery machine and to create more garment projects using my machine.

thread and fabric 1000 What Are Your Sewing & Embroidery Resoultions for 2017?

Although I didn’t use the embroidery machine for any garments, I did manage to crank out a few projects. I didn’t do as much machine embroidery as I would have liked, but I did learn that with the little amount I did do, I really love it.

I’m sure at the end of 2017 you’ll be seeing many more embroidered projects from me. Let me know on the blog what your sewing and embroidery plans are for 2017.

Tell me the things you’d like to sew, plus what you would like to see in the pages of CME magazine? We’d love to help you reach your goals for 2017 and beyond!

head+shot200 What Are Your Sewing & Embroidery Resoultions for 2017?

Jill Case
Online Editor, CME

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No Time For Stress – Find Easy Gifts To Make

‘Tis the season to not be stressed out.

Thanksgiving is over and now the planning for December has begun. Have you started to make gifts for family and friends? I love embroidering tea towels for gifts. Working with cotton is so easy and the results look like I bought them from a nice department store.

xmas trees 1000 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Recently, I made a set for my mom and the compliments I received for my ‘hard work’ were quite flattering! Plus, it’s a project that is fast from start to finish.

What types of holiday projects are your go-to gifts for gift giving? I gave a few ideas last week, but I would love to know what your favorites are! I can use

Easy Holiday Ornament Project

We need to start off our easy project list with these super adorable and easy to make snow globe ornaments. I think these would be super cute as gift tags too. You could even embroidery someone’s name on it or date for a personalized touch.

Let me know how you use these in your holiday decorating and gift giving on the blog!. We would love to see how you’ve made these up!   Plus, you can download the snowman globe for free until December 31, 2016!

SnowGlobeCollection 300x286 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Snow Globe Ornaments

 Easy Machine Embroidery Project

Butterfly Kisses

I must admit, I’m in love with these butterflies. butterfly Effect 300 180x300 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To MakeI have been ever since they debuted in our Mar/Apr 2016 issue. I’ve made up half a dozen or so (probably more). This time around I’m making them in gorgeous colors of chartreuse, plum, raspberry, gold and turquoise. I’m going to use them on sachet packets.

This is a really easy project and can be modified to suit your needs and your fabric scraps. I used 5″x5″ scraps of various cotton prints and solids.

  • Pick one scrap of fabric for the top side. Once you have stitched your butterflies, take a butterfly and tack it down on your 5″x5″ piece of fabric.
  • Take another 5′x5″ scrap and with right sides together stitch all three sides using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • Stitch the top of the bag about half way, turn right side out.
  • Stuff with your favorite smelly potpourri such as lavender or orange peel.

You could put in some dried lentils to give it a bit more weight if so desired. Hand stitch the remaining bit closed. And, you’re done!

Easy Gifts All In-the-Hoop

CME 2016 ITH Collection 600 300x300 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Hoop Sisters

Nothing is easier than in-the-hoop projects. You could whip up several of these babies in no time flat. Here we have a freebie for you to use as a gift giving idea or make one for yourself. Better yet, these whip up so fast you can make a bunch.

My favorite in-the-hoop project from Lisa Archer is the USB case. Such a tiny project, but my do they come in handy! For more ITH projects that finish up fast, check them all out here!

Let me know in the comments below!

head+shot200 No Time For Stress   Find Easy Gifts To Make

Jill Case
Online Editor, CME

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