4 Easy Projects – Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Seems that folks either LOVE Valentine’s Day or find it to be as artificial as the dye in those sweet candy hearts. I for one LOVE Valentine’s Day.

1602 CME Post 1 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines DayI love the colors pink and red. I love chocolate candy in the heart shaped box. I love the sweetness and love that it inspires in people. Sure we don’t need a day for this, we should be doing it EVERY day. For those folks that enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as I do, here are four fun and easy projects you can do for yourself or for that sweet loved one in your life.

The Tilda Doll is so cute. And, all though I’m not one for dolls (being that I’ve outgrown that hobby) this one is so adorable I would love to have her for my own. But, I think making her would be such a sweet experience too. Screen Shot 2016 01 12 at 12.50.03 PM 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines Day

The Tilda kit sold out fast late last year, but she’s now back in stock. The kit includes everything you need EXCEPT the wadding and she is 12″ long.

If you don’t want to purchase the kit, we also have the book with all sorts of Tilda inspired projects. tildatoybox bookcover 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines DayTilda 3 set 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines Day

Spell out your love and other secrets in with the Buds & Blossoms embroidery collection.

LOVE Embroidery 1602 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines Day

I like this little box to hold little notes and things. It’s easy to make and the intricate scroll embroidery design can be used on other fabrics. Would make a lovely scarf design.

oragami box 500 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines Day

If you have little ones these Valentine candy inspired designs will for sure be a hit. They’d also be great for a kid sized Valentine party.

valentines 500w 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines Day

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more easy projects for Valentine’s and any day!

head shot200 4 Easy Projects   Perfect For Valentines Day

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Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

If I had all the time in the world I would sew more complicated projects. But, reality impinges on my sewing life more than anything else. That’s why I tend to pick projects that are a breeze to sew, don’t have a lot of complicated parts and pieces and I can finish up in a weekend or two.

keep calm spring Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery MachineAs a new-comer to machine embroidery that is exactly why I love these projects from Lisa Archer.

With Easter fast approaching, these Easter egg holders will be fun to make for my Easter brunch, and they won’t take but maybe an hour from start to finish.

 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

I lovpig 200 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machinee the cute little piggy  and I have a birthday party coming up for a sweet little one year old. Perfect! And, the in-the-hoop thumb drive designs have been incredibly popular. I’m making some for my own kiddos. Sewn up in colors suitable for boys, I’ll need to make myself one in a spring time print. When you purchase the design be sure to watch the video tutorial, it’s a freebie.


I’m currently working on a garment pattern from Christine Haynes.

CH SKirt 300 wf 299x300 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery MachineI’ve it cut out but just now realized the hem would be really cute with an embroidered design, maybe with something like the Boho Rose collection. I like the mini rose design best. The Anya skirt pattern is easy to work with and I could finish this up in a weekend, no problem. All of Christine Hayne’s patterns are stylish and come in a wide range of sizes.

These styles would be lovely for spring. Skip buying a store bought garment for your Easter celebration and whip one up for yourself, niece and/or grandkid. Even with these quick and easy embroidery projects, there still isn’t enough time! What are your favorite easy projects to sew and embroider? Let me know in the comments section below!
 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

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Mystery Sew-Along Part 1: Introduction, Supply List, Free Design & Pattern Download

Welcome to the first Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine Mystery Sew-Along post!

MysterySewAlongLogo3 Mystery Sew Along Part 1: Introduction, Supply List, Free Design & Pattern Download













Usually we’d post a photo of the finished project, but since this is a mystery project that’ll be completed and revealed over six blog posts, let’s keep things a secret for now. This post will contain the pattern that you will need to download, one free design and we’ll go over the supply list again.

First, download the revised mystery project pattern. If you are unfamiliar with working with e-patterns, please look over this handy sewing e-pattern print out tutorial.

Next, download the first of six free embroidery designs.

1 Arrows 150x150 Mystery Sew Along Part 1: Introduction, Supply List, Free Design & Pattern DownloadThis design is yours for free but is not needed in this project. Use it however you would like!



A note on digital embroidery designs. The following design formats are included: exp, hus, jef, pcs, pec, pes, vip and sew. Included in the zip file is an image of the design as well as thread count and spec sheet.

To extract the files, click the link to download the design files and save them to your computer.

Transfer the correct design file extensions (designated by your machine brand) to your embroidery machine using a USB drive or the cord that was provided with your embroidery machine.

Let’s get started!

Last month we shared the supply list with you, but to recap, you need: cotton duck fabric, a cotton print, heavyweight fusible interfacing and heavyweight cut-away fusible stabilizer. You also will need thread, needles and a few accessories such as zippers and D-rings.

Print out the project pattern, cut it out, and then tape it together, lining up the dots. From the duck cloth, cut one front panel, leaving 1” around the entire rectangle perimeter. This front panel will be embroidered, and then trimmed down. The excess fabric will ensure the design stitches out entirely on the fabric.

 Mystery Sew Along Part 1: Introduction, Supply List, Free Design & Pattern Download

From the duck cloth, cut:

  • One upper-front panel and one upper-back panel (use the “Upper Front Panel” pattern piece to cut both pieces. Designate one piece as the Upper-Front Panel and the remaining piece as the Upper-Back Panel.)
  • One front-zipper panel
  • One front panel
  • Two front-side panels
  • One upper-back panel
  • One back panel
  • Two back-side panels
  • One base
  • Two interior bands
  • Two side panels
  • One strap
  • Four zipper panels
  • Two handles
  • Two strap tabs
  • Four handle tabs
  • Four handle ends

Transfer all the pattern marking using a chalk wheel or removable fabric pencil.

From the heavyweight interfacing, cut:

  • Two front-side panels
  • One front-zipper panel (Trim the upper and lower seam allowance from interfacing before fusing to corresponding duck cloth piece.)
  • One upper-front panel
  • One back panel
  • One upper-back panel
  • Two side panels
  • Two interior bands
  • Two zipper panels (Trim each long edge seam allowance from both interfacing pieces before fusing to corresponding duck cloth pieces.)

Fuse the interfacing pieces to each corresponding pattern piece following the manufacturer’s instructions.

 From the lining and mediumweight interfacing, cut:

  • Two front & back linings
  • Two side panels
  • One front-interior pocket
  • One back-interior pocket
  • One interior pocket
  • One base
  • Two side panels

Fuse the interfacing pieces to each corresponding pattern piece following the manufacturer’s instructions

In the next post, we’ll embroider the front panel and construct the project front and back, including installing a pocket zipper. Stay tuned!


Big Duck Canvas Warehouse provided the 15-ounce navy blue duck fabric: (800) 704-6138, bigduckcanvas.com.





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What Are Your Plans for 2016 + What’s Your #1 Sewing Resolution

Looking Ahead to 2016

 Recently I was gifted a very nice embroidery machine by a friend. It shocked me so much that I cried! I don’t have a lot of experience with machine embroidery (odd as that sounds) but the desire has always been there.cmemagazine new year 1 What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing Resolution

Since I am a garment seamstress tried and true, my desire is to embroider garments and accessories. Right now I am experimenting around with the machine. I am learning quite a bit by testing different stabilizers, fabrics, threads and designs. It’s so much fun!

I keep all my data, tests and notes in a handy little notebook. I put the fabric, stabilizer and anything else all together. I write notes on any observations that I might have. I’ve tested on linen, cotton and rayon. I haven’t tired a silky or a silk. Silk and silkies are my favorite fabrics to work with. However, I think I’ll need a lot more practice with the embroidery machine before I make something wearable. Thankfully, I work in a great place to support that!

My goal for 2016 is to go further with my embroidery machine. My first project will be embroidering cuffs and collars, maybe a hem. But, then what’s next? The sky’s the limit! If you’re new to machine embroidery we have fun and easy online videos and classes to support your new hobby. I’m watching these when I can and find them to be extremely helpful. If I can do this anyone can!

If you haven’t committed to learning machine embroidery, now’s the time to learn. There are so many easy ways for you to learn. We have a number of free machine embroidery projects available for you to watch on your computer. All projects are in-the-hoop, all are easy and you can watch Lisa give her expert instruction. Most don’t even take 15 minutes. Click on the little piggy below and watch how easy it is.

SweepstakesLogo optimized 500 What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing Resolution

For 2016 we have our exciting CME 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes happening. You can learn all about it here on our latest blog post. We have a fun sew along and you can make a machine embroidery project throughout 2016. There will be plenty of freebies offered through out the secret sew along.

Read the post here for all the details.

I’m looking forward to all the new embroidery designs coming for 2016. I’ve seen a a few samples and they’re going to be amazing. Our latest collection is the Boho Rose collection. So far it’s turning out to be one of our most popular sellers. For 2016 we have beautiful spring designs, spicy summer ones and more throughout the year. Stay tuned! What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing ResolutionWhat are your resolutions for 2016? What did you accomplish for 2015, I’d love to know. Leave me a note on the blog. I’d love to know what you would like to see more of in 2016. What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing Resolution

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New Year, New Resolution!

Sew Beyond color 300x300 New Year, New Resolution!

Follow my journey this coming year as I reconnect with techniques that I was taught in college. Each month I will feature a brief introduction to a non-sewing, mixed media technique. Be sure to check out both Creative Machine Embroidery and Sew News blogs, as I will be posting between the two every month. Oh and did I mention, every blog will have a GIVEAWAY that corresponds with the featured technique?! Amazing! To find the Sew Beyond blog of techniques, simply search “Sew Beyond”. I look forward to taking this journey with you.

The January Sew Beyond blogs will be about dyeing! I will dabble in some shibori, immersion, resist and more!! I have a feeling 2016 will be a successful year!

-JessicaJessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 New Year, New Resolution!



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Embroidered Pendant Necklace

Check out what I am wearing to work today!

IMG 0484 225x300 Embroidered Pendant NecklaceIMG 0486 225x300 Embroidered Pendant Necklace








I am IN LOVE with the Art Nouveau look of this necklace. It’s simple and classic with a little bit of pizzazz. Perfect for Friday work attire. This necklace is fun and easy to make. The Oval Nouveau design is FREE until Feb. 29th at cmemag.com. If you would like to make the whole necklace, you can find this kit available at Shop Sew it All.

Oval Nouveau 300x300 Embroidered Pendant Necklace








If Art Nouveau is not your style, we have a few other embroidered pendant kits available at Shop Sew it All.

The Ombre Rose Pendant Necklace Kit

Ombre Rose 300x300 Embroidered Pendant Necklace









The Scarlet Lady Pendant Necklace Kit

Scarlet Lady 300x300 Embroidered Pendant Necklace









The Rose Trellis Pendant Necklace Kit

Rose Trellis 300x300 Embroidered Pendant Necklace








Did I mention that ShopSewItAll.com has FREE SHIPPING today?? Amazing!! Use PROMO Code SHIPFREE18!

I hope you enjoy fun homemade jewelry just as much as I do!!

Happy Friday!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Embroidered Pendant Necklace

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FREE App! Download the DRAWings® Snap for FREE

In celebration of Creative Machine Embroidery magazines 15th Anniversary DRAWings Snap is offering readers and fans a free app.

DRAWings image FREE App! Download the DRAWings® Snap for FREE

DRAWings® Snap is the first embroidery App to purchase and export designs anywhere, anytime!

Import and export your own collection of designs no matter what their source is, that is whether your got them from your favorite retailer or online.

Convert an imported embroidery design to a supported format suitable for your machine.

Use your iOS device as a portable library, with automatic backup to iCloud! It’s so easy!

Download the app now and let the fun begin! For more information on DRAWings Snap check out their website.


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Holiday decorating with Heidi Boyd

Do you ever wish you could take a peek into your favorite designer’s homes for the holidays? Today, we chat with designer Heidi Boyd about her favorite holiday decorations and traditions, as well as tips for homemade ornament making.

What are some of your favorite homemade holiday decorations?
My absolute favorite is a vintage blue glass ball that my husband hung my engagement ring from 26 years ago. It’s always the last ornament to be placed on the tree, and it’s always placed high above kids’ and pets’ reach.

I also have a beloved felt stocking that my Concord Massachusetts neighbor DeeDee made for me when I was tiny. It’s the perfect example of hand-sewn beaded sequins.

FullSizeRender 300x300 Holiday decorating with Heidi Boyd

When do you start decorating for the holidays? 
My parents are British, and our tree went up Christmas Eve and stayed up the 12 days of Christmas. We don’t wait quite that long but we usually hold out until the week before Christmas when our college boys are home to join in the decorating. We start crafting and gift-making long before then. We always have British crackers on the holiday table. Tissue paper hats, silly jokes and trinkets are the best way to end the meal.

Is there a favorite spot in your home that you love to decorate?
I enjoy filling our outdoor pots with red winter berries and evergreen branches harvested from the woods surrounding our house.

Do you have any holiday decorating tips? 
It has to be easy, family friendly and fun. We always spend an afternoon building candy houses. Nothing draws and keeps siblings happily occupied than a table full of sweets. The foundations are cereal and cracker boxes, covered in tubs of frosting and graham crackers.

What tips can you offer for making homemade decorations?
I’m inspired by vintage decorations, especially silly knee-hugger elves. Last week I translated them into an easy to make felt doll. I just added the PDF pattern to my website. They fit in perfectly with our raucous collection of bubble and flicker lights.

After painting a reindeer at a paint studio with my niece and nephew over Thanksgiving weekend, I’ve been inspired to paint holiday ornaments this year. I just placed an Etsy order for wooden animal blanks; I picked deer, rabbits, owls and foxes. I’m hoping they look like the animals in my ‘Forest Frolic’ fabric line.IMG 7565 300x300 Holiday decorating with Heidi Boyd

What is the story behind your quirkiest holiday ornament?
It involves an ice skating ‘fail’ at the Plaza in NYC, pre-children and family life.

What holiday music plays most often in your home?
Our boys never stop playing on the guitar, mandolin and piano. We all enjoy singing so we’re lucky that family celebrations come with a ‘live’ soundtrack.

Want to recreate Heidi’s vintage holiday flavor? Take a look at her Sew with Me Christmas kits, include vintage-inspired stockings, sweet ornaments and a cardinal-bedecked pillow.

Screen Shot 2015 12 07 at 10.53.22 AM 295x300 Holiday decorating with Heidi Boyd


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Get Ready To Party! CME 15th Anniversary Celebration

If you have received your latest issue of Creative Machine Embroidery you may have noticed our upcoming celebration. We are celebrating 15 years of bringing you fun embroidery designs, top-notch contributors and talent and the best tips and techniques.

As part of our celebration we’ll be having a secret sew along. Each month from January to June we’ll post instructions, patterns, designs everything you need to complete the section of the sew along. As you sew along you’ll may be able to guess what the finished project will be, but keep sewing along!

SweepstakesLogo optimized 500 Get Ready To Party! CME 15th Anniversary CelebrationIn addition, you’ll receive 6 free design downloads through out the sew along that all coordinate beautifully with the finished project.

The sew along will end on June 1, 2016 when the project is revealed and the sweepstakes winner is chosen at random. The winner will be featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine!

Prizes for this spectacular contest are from:

CME Prize image Get Ready To Party! CME 15th Anniversary CelebrationTo Enter The Sweepstakes: All you need to so is click here . This link will take you to the sweepstakes page.

Please check out the first supply list so you can be ready come January 1, 2016 when the sew along officially starts.

Supplies needed:

Select a heavyweight cotton duck fabric in a solid color for the project exterior; you’ll need 1 yard of 52″-wide fabric. Duck fabric is a plain-woven fabric that is stiff and durable, which is perfect for this project. Most fabric stores carry a wide variety of duck fabric colors. Or purchase duck fabric online, such as bigduckcanvas.com. If available, select a 15-ounce duck fabric weight.

4F2B670F 2823 449F 8C6B E0E07437F2DD Get Ready To Party! CME 15th Anniversary CelebrationChoose a fun print cotton fabric for the project interior. Quilting cotton works best and is offered in the largest print variety. For the fun interior fabric you’ll need 3/4 yard of 45-52″ wide fabric. If you are working with directional prints or need to fussy cut yardage be sure to calculate that into the yardage.

AEF458C9 3A4A 4DD7 94CA 4425F69B9007 Get Ready To Party! CME 15th Anniversary CelebrationPurchase heavyweight fusible interfacing, such as Pellon 809 Décor-Bond. The interfacing needs to be stiff to give structure, but flexible enough for easy turning and achieving sharp corners.  For the Pellon Decor Bond purchase 3/4 yard , 1/2 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing and enough stabilizer for one hooping (around 25″x25″).

  • Heavyweight cut-away fusible stabilizer (3/4 yard)
  • Thread: all-purpose & embroidery
  • Needles: 90/14 embroidery & 90/14 universal
  • 1/4”-wide double-sided fusible web tape
  • 9”-long metal zipper
  • 11”-long metal separating zipper (Note: If you can’t find an 11”-long zipper, purchase a 12”- or longer zipper and two zipper stops.)
  • Two 9 1/4” lengths of 3/8”-diameter cording
  • Six 3/4”-wide D-rings
  • Two 3/4” swivel clasps
  • 45”-long dowel – (1/4″ in diameter)

And, that’s it! Leave any comments in the section below and we’ll get back to you, but we can’t tell you what the project is!



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Cyber Monday!

Click, click, SCORE (a deal)!

How many of you are taking part in Cyber Monday today? I am sure I will take a look at some of my favorite sites to see what they are offering, after work hours of course.

If you haven’t already heard about the ShopSewItAll.com Cyber Monday deal, I will let you know all about it now.

We are running a 50% off deal (there are some exclusions, so please make sure to check before your purchase). 50% OFF!! Amazing! All you have to do is enter the promo code “SSIACYBR”.

SSIA NewCyberMonday 640 Cyber Monday!That means embroidery designs are half off!! Sewing patterns are half off!! Sewing accessories and tools are half off!! Go take a look and find a great deal for a loved one, or even treat yourself!

Happy Cyber Monday Sales!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Cyber Monday!

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