How To Embroider On Leather – Top Tips!

Learning to embroider on leather is not as difficult as it seems, but it can be intimidating at first.

Sonoma Satchel front 246x300 How To Embroider On Leather   Top Tips!

We’re here to help you embroider your leather projects and garments without fear. Just follow our handy tips.

  1. Choose designs that have a light density or lighten the design density in software. This prevents tearing due to excess perforation.
  2. Back the leather with lightweight fusible interfacing to further prevent perforation damage. Use a low-heat fusible and press lightly only on the leather back using a press cloth.
  3. Choose a firm cut-away stabilizer for best results.
  4. Don’t hoop leather! Use adhesive, such as temporary spray adhesive, a glue stick or self-adhesive stabilizer to adhere leather to hooped stabilizer.
  5. Don’t use a topper. The requirements to remove either heat- or water- removable topper risk damaging the leather.
  6. Test the design on scrap leather to find the right needle, thread and settings.
  7. Consider using a topstitching needle when embroidering lightweight leather.
  8. Use a leather needle for medium- and heavyweight leather. Try an 80/12 first and shift larger if necessary.
  9. Set the presser foot as low as possible. This will help stabilize the leather and keep it from “bouncing” during embroidery.
  10. Use moderate speed. You may be tempted to set the machine at its slowest setting, but the momentum from a faster speed helps the needle pierce the leather more effectively.

After you’re done embroidering on the leather it may be distorted. Check out the March/April 2018 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery to learn the trick to re-flattening your leather, plus much more information that will help you successfully embroider leather. Let us know your favorite tips for embroidering on leather projects and garments.

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  1. Wow what a wonderful work. I find it hard to do complex designs on clothes itself and you have managed to do it on leather. Love the color combination and the work has been done with such a neatness. Loved your article please do keep sharing more.

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