Remodeez Giveaway

Remodeez Giveaway

Start the year fresh and renew vintage fabrics from storage with the power of Remodeez Home Deodorizer. Simply place this deodorizer in your fabric stash and let it go to work. It lasts up to one year and should be placed in the sun monthly to recharge. This product is non-toxic, odorless and made from activated charcoal derived coco-nut husks.

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For a chance to win the below Remodeez Home Deodorizer simply tell us which fabrics you own that need some freshening up. One winner will be chosen on Monday the 15th of January!

Happy Fresh Year!


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6 Responses to Remodeez Giveaway

  1. Kathleen H says:

    I was gifted a packing box of fabrics that was in a hoarding house. The musty smell is impregnated and the vinegar soak method takes some odor, but returns when pressed with iron. I’m hoping this method may work for these fabrics.

  2. Sandy says:

    It Took 3 years to finish our farm house and we have live in it now 30. A couple of months ago I found my old sewing trunk, of course it was packed full of fabrics, but fortunately, most of them are not more than 5 or 6 years old. They do have a strong odor to them, kind of like that old smelly sock that has fallen behind the washer. There is a lot of yardage involved and I would be so happy if these fabrics could be saved.
    Then I wouldn’t have to confess my super secret stash to the hubby.

  3. Tamie Ferrell says:

    I have cottons and flannels that have been in a basement so smell musty, this would be awesome to help with this problem!! thanks for the chance to win!! Tamie

  4. Pam S says:

    This sounds like a great product! I have a couple boxes of fabric my grandmother gave me. I haven’t found the right project for them (but I intend to!), so they have been stored in a closet for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win! And thanks for this inspiring blog!

  5. Paula Coleman says:

    I have old vintage fabrics purchased at garage sales that need some TLC freshener.

  6. Mary G says:

    I occasionally receive others hand me downs and sometimes they’re a little musty

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