Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

Today we’re bringing you a guest post from Meg Healy, online editor of She made an adorable holiday apron using designs from Creative Machine Embroidery’s Cross Stitch Christmas collection and the Internet Embroidery Club’s Retro Christmas collection. Find her rundown of her process below!

1 Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

I was inspired to create these holiday aprons when I saw the Retro Christmas design collection and thought it would be a perfect pairing with this BurdaStyle apron pattern for the holidays. As this is the only time of year I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I don’t want to mess my party outfit while I’m prepping for the party! They also make a quick and easy (and personalized) early gift for friends and family. Read on to see how to make…

2 Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

For the pattern I used our Apron pattern from the BurdaStyle 01/2012 issue. I love the shape of this apron, and of course the adorable little pockets. It also doesn’t require much yardage as there are no gathers or fullness added. For the fabric I found some holiday printed cotton in two colorways to experiment and make a couple of aprons with.

For the embroidery on my apron, I chose to use the girl from the Retro Christmas Embroidery Collection. I hooped and embroidered the fabric before cutting out my apron so I could make sure the design was centered and right where I wanted it.

4 Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

For the pockets, I hooped some more fabric and embroidered one of CME’s Cross stitch snowflakes, and then cut the pocket pieces over top to make sure they were centered.

6 Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

The construction of the apron is quite simple! I first serge-finished around all the edges, pressed the allowance to the wrong side, and topstitched in place. Then for the straps and tie bands I cut long strips of = fabric 3″ wide and serge-finished one edge, pressed in thirds, then topstitched down the center of each strip. For the straps I pressed down the top points enough to equal the same width as my sewn strips, then stitched in place. The side bands I aligned with the pattern marking and topstitched in place.

The pockets were easy to construct, as I first serge-finished the top edge, pressed to the wrong side, and topstitched in place. Then I pressed the outer curved edges towards the wrong side about 1/4″ and edgestitched in place on the apron pocket placement lines.

9 Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

Then ta-da! You have yourself an apron. I love this one and how the embroidery really pops.

12 Sew An Apron For A Holiday Hostess

Meg also made another apron in the other colorway featuring these designs. Read about the second project on the BurdaStyle blog.

Find the Retro Christmas Collection and the Cross Stitch Christmas Collection at

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