Easy Embroidered Boy’s Pajama Set

I have two young boys in my life (and one girl!), and I have to admit that at this point, the handmade gifts tally tips very heavily in favor of my daughter. I’m working to remedy that: Christmas PJs to the rescue! These Space Jammies, from the CME holiday issue, are the perfect blend of cute and cozy, made from scratch and not store bought.

Screen Shot 2017 12 14 at 10.54.47 AM Easy Embroidered Boys Pajama Set

Below, you’ll find the link for the rocket ship embroidery design and the pants pattern, but it’s easy to do this with any flannel or fleece novelty print. Simply pick the novelty print (there are many good ones for boys!) and find a related motif and ready-made tank to make a “matching set.” The pattern we’ve provided is for 12 months and under (but works on my shorty 16-month-old). If you’re making for larger sizes, it’s fairly easy to knock off  a pair of ready-made PJs that you know will fit your intended recipient. If you have time, take the theme even further: maybe my littlest needs a set of alien slippers? Or a cute little space-travel themed robe? Okay….maybe next year!

Check out the rest of the Boy’s Stitchin Collection here. Spoiler alert: cute robots, trains, motorcycles, bulldozers all together!

Grab the free pattern and rocket embroidery design here until December 31. After the expiration date, you can find the design and the pattern in shopsewitall.com.

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