Holiday Snow Globe Machine Embroidery Designs!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

CME1612 COVER 200 Holiday Snow Globe Machine Embroidery Designs!  One of my favorite things to decorate with is the Creative Machine Embroidery Snow Globe Ornaments, featured in last year’s November/December issue.

I had the enviable job of testing and checking these designs to make sure they stitched correctly — the various layers of felt, stitching and vinyl, not to mention the glitter, means that everything happens in a very particular order. I worked with the digitizers for several weeks to get them perfect!

I have to admit that the Birds & Berries design is my favorite — it’s unique, wintery and elegant. I also really love the Christmas Tree design.

3 globes 1024x682 Holiday Snow Globe Machine Embroidery Designs!  Here’s a video that shows the In-the-Hoop ornament making process:

The ornament I made in this video is already hanging on the Christmas tree in my front room!

Find the In-the-Hoop Snow Globe designs at

Which snow globe is your favorite?SnowglobesCollection Print 646x1024 Holiday Snow Globe Machine Embroidery Designs!


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