What’s Your Favorite Type Of Embroidery?

Do you have a favorite type of embroidery? I love the slow nature of hand embroidery, but the more I do of machine embroidery I find that to be a lot of fun too! I have been working on my first (successful) quilt and I’m finding that quilting and machine embroidery is a whole new ballgame for me. I love putting personal touches on my quilt using my embroidery machine. Really didn’t think I would take to embroidery like I have.

hero SD 0720 Whats Your Favorite Type Of Embroidery?If hard pressed to pick one I would have to pick machine embroidery on garments as my favorite. I love adding those unexpected touches. I’m a bit new on getting the placement just right, but live and learn. Currently, I’m embroidering on fabric that isn’t too difficult. No tricky fabrics for me. Yet. I do love to sew with silks and silkies, and rayons, so I’m going to be needing to get there eventually. What’s the trickiest fabric you’ve had to machine embroidery?

Hand embroidery is my next favorite. I have been hand embroidering for a long time. I learned in Brownies. I earned my sewing and embroidery badge in Girl Scouts too.

girl scout day Whats Your Favorite Type Of Embroidery?I like that I can take hand embroidery anywhere (most anywhere). It’s a lot like knitting for me, where I can grab a project, get in the car and have something to do. Creating is something I do all the time it seems. One thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years (yes, I’m that far behind!) is this bag from Artfully Embroidered by Naoko Shimoda.

Glitzy Granny Bag Whats Your Favorite Type Of Embroidery? I love its simplicity, it’s roominess. I’ve actually enlarged the pattern for a bit more room. All I need to do is find fabric! Another technique I’d love to learn is how to transfer embroidery designs and paper piecing. Did I say there aren’t enough hours in the day?

Last but surely not least is machine embroidery and quilting. This is my first attempt at using machine embroidery and quilting. I have a lot to learn. I do plan on using free-motion stitching for the quilt top. It will be interesting for sure. Below is a detail from my quilt. It’s a simple patchwork, but I’m really happy with the results so far. Now, I need to quilt it.

quilt detail  Whats Your Favorite Type Of Embroidery?I would also like to do Red  Work, Sashiko and Trapunto. But, first things first. What’s your favorite type of embroidery to do? What would you like to restart or experiment with?

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  1. Rose says:

    I use glad press and seal folded and placed next to my embroidery machine for all of those tiny threads we all know we have. When I finish I just throw it away. The lint brush is a great idea also.


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