How To Build Up Your Embroidery Collection – Easily!

What Is The Internet Embroidery Club?

Thank you all for being a part of this family who loves the wonderful, creative things that your remarkable embroidery machines can do. We’re striving to increase your enjoyment of this 21st century implementation of a centuries-old technique for adding an “artist’s” touch to the beautiful things you make. The Internet Embroidery Club is THE place for unique and original machine embroidery designs.  You may not know, but Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is not our only machine embroidery publication. We have the Martha Pullen Company under our umbrella too. So, please be sure to check them out as well.

sewing machine outside How To Build Up Your Embroidery Collection   Easily!

IEC Membership Benefits

The Internet Embroidery Club (IEC) is a calendar year membership (January through December) providing embroidery designs of the highest quality for members to download to their own computers. When you join you will be able to download all the designs (January through December) of the calendar year for which you join.

Members of the current IEC year will receive email notifications as each new design is released.

DPIEC2017PL How To Build Up Your Embroidery Collection   Easily!

You may purchase any of the past IEC years at anytime, and access to those designs does not expire after the year is over. Browse all of the designs from 2001-2017, then visit our online store to purchase any of those years.

Stay tuned to more designs as they come out. You can shop the entire collection here. We’ll also be dropping designs on the site.

Please check out the site and let us know if you like these designs. What designs would you like to see more of?

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