Learn More Machine Embroidery Tricks & Tips!

Last year we released the Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery with Sara Gallegos as the host. That first season was one of our most popular video series. In series one Sara covered

Embroidery machine 700 Learn More Machine Embroidery Tricks & Tips!Now in season two Sara covers even more must know machine embroidery tips, tricks and secrets. In season two you’ll learn:

  • How to Embroider on a Shirt Lapel
  • Creating Your Own Embroidery Designs with Auto-Digitizing
  • Quilt as You Go with Embroidery
  •  Embroidery and Thread Colors
  • Creating Special Occasion Napkins
  • Fixing a Hole or Stain with an Embroidery
  • Decorative Embroidered Buttonholes
  •  Adding Embroideries to Hemlines
  •  Embroider an Inspired Phrases Wall Hanging
  • Embroidering on Shirt Sleeves
  • Intro to Hand-Look Embroideries
  • Multiple In-the-Hoop projects
  • Utilizing Test-Stitch and Random Embroideries
  •  Monogramming with Frames
  •  Embroidering with Ribbons
  • Embroidering on a Pant Legs
  • Multiple Hoop Placements
  • Plus, five individual projects

Whew! That’s a lot to learn, but as usual Sara delivers it all in bite sized pieces, easy to watch and learn. Sara G ABME 2 Learn More Machine Embroidery Tricks & Tips!

This is a 26 episode series and you have two ways of getting it. One is in one easy to download video for 24.99. The other option is to go to QNN TV and subscribe and purchase only the classes you want. All start at 5.99.

ABME 2In the Hoop Quilt As You Go Zippered Pouch Learn More Machine Embroidery Tricks & Tips!

One of many projects you’ll complete!


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3 Responses to Learn More Machine Embroidery Tricks & Tips!

  1. July/ AugustCME Magazine Page 36-39. Bag in Bloom. Freebie to download pattern which information is really not compatible with pattern printout which is not complete when printed out. Lables for construction of this bag is incomplete and does not coinside with info in your article. Bet the writer of this artical could not put any of it together nor make this bag based on the article itself. Pattern is not marked with instructions for the pieces to be used and followed with instructions in your article. I would like to make this bag but you do not have enough clear info to construct it..Good idea but very poor article.

  2. Jill says:

    I will have our technical editor look at it and put up a correction. Please stand by tell we have a look.

  3. Joy Butler says:

    These are all gorgeous designs! I’m looking for ideas on what to make for my next embroidery project and I’m lucky to have stumbled on this article. I like your bits of advice about contrasts and using the right thread. That should make my designs better. Cheers!

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