Who Cares About Embroidery – Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

Ever since we’ve been introduced to Jamie Chalmers aka Mr. X Stitch we, in the office have been having some lively discussions about the state of embroidery, machine and hand. We wanted to include you in the discussion too, because  you’re on the front lines of keeping this craft alive. We also want to introduce you to a new generation that is working to keep embroidery in all forms alive and kicking well into the future.

One person responsible for bringing embroidery into a new shiny light is  Mr. X Stitch, aka Jamie Chalmers . He is from the UK and is passionate about bringing embroidery to a wider audience. Since he comes from the UK many here stateside may not be familiar with his work and  ascetic. He’s energizing the world of embroidery (hand, machine, cross stitch) like no other. He constantly brings new talent to the arena to make us think, gasp and chuckle.

And, guess what? Young, old, from all over the world are watching, experimenting and engaging in the world of embroidery. It’s a shot of adrenaline the embroidery world needs to keep a younger generation interested and an older one curious.

Let me introduce you!

Since establishing the Mr X Stitch site in 2008, Jamie Chalmers has been showcasing new talent in the world of textiles and stitch and has curated a number of stitch-based exhibitions in the UK and Ireland.

Spam Stitch Series spam Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?A stitcher for over fifteen years, he is an internationally exhibited artist and the curator of PUSH Stitchery, featuring 30 contemporary embroidery artists from around the world. He has also written articles for textile publications across the world, including FiberArts magazine and Surface Design Journal, and is the regular columnist at CrossStitcher magazine.

2014 Logo Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

Mr X 1 Cat Lane 3 Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?He believes in the benefits of stitching, both from a relaxation and a sustainability perspective and is honored to introduce new artists that inspire and encourage new people to take to the needle and thread.

His designs and creations, although not always safe for ‘work’ time viewing, (i.e. some may find offense to his designs) are important in a broader context.

We need to support and empower people who think, create differently regardless of age, gender ethnic background. Without pushing the limits of [fill-in-the blank] we’ll be missing out on so much in the areas of art, science and technology. By opening our eyes to something different we advance any art in question. Some may find beauty and others might be totally turned off.

What do you think? How has embroidery machine or hand changed in the last 5, 10, 30 years. Do you like where things are going? What about these new kids on the block?  What are your suggestions for enticing, engaging a new generation of embroidery lovers and artists. How do you keep inspired, who are your heroes in this craft? What do you think about gender and a man being at the front of what is typically a woman’s craft?Schoolkids Stitching Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

If you want to be inspired please check out Jamie’s webinar Embroidery Inspiration: The View From The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge. You’ll discover exciting embroidery and textile artists from around the world.

You’ll see how people are pushing the boundaries of your favorite craft of embroidery in all it’s unique forms. If you are looking for more than the usual in way of embroidery, I highly recommend  Jamie’s live webinar. on February 24 @ 11am MDT. Let’s meet to discuss your thoughts on where the art of embroidery is going and what you would like to see in the near and distant future. If you are interested in a discuss after the webinar, please leave me a comment below.

embroidery inspiration mr x stitch 470x246 Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?EMB MONTH 300x300 Who Cares About Embroidery   Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

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2 Responses to Who Cares About Embroidery – Are Fiber Arts A Dying Craft?

  1. WOW! Just discovered Jamie’s X-stitches and they are wild, irreverant and relevant to today. Not your old boring cross-stitch for sure! Looking forward to more from him.

  2. Jill says:

    Awesome! So glad you found him. It’s really exciting to see such an old, revered craft take on a different form and life.

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