Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

Trends in Machine Embroidery
If you love machine embroidery you’re in luck. 2017 looks to be the year of the embroidery machine. From sewing machine manufacturers to rock videos to rocking the red carpet machine embroidery is leaving its mark. Let’s look at a few outstanding examples of this exciting take on embroidery.

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Machine Embroidery & Animation
Elliot Schultz, only 23 years old. He’s a graduate of the ANU School of Art and studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Currently, he is working as graphic artist and web designer in Canberra Australia. One of his most recent works has combined machine embroidery and animation. Watch his video and you’ll be hypnotized by the embroidered figures moving across the screen.

elliot schultz video Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

For more animated machine embroidery watch the heavy metal band Thrones music video Tharsis Sleeps. The creator Nicos Livesey sings and plays guitar in the band and is also co-creator of this unusual video. His inspiration came from metal band patches. Just like stop motion animation this process is tedious and time consuming. For just this video it took over 3000 frames, production took eight months and there are over 45 million embroidery stitches.  Livesey had no idea how all consuming this effort would be, but he persevered and made an outstanding, unique piece of art. Watch it below. Warning: This is a heavy metal band.

thrones offical video Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

On to the high fashion runway. Salvatore Ferragamo’s men’s wear collection saw a parade of embroidery sashay down. With Ferragamo’s ultra clean lines, the rough embroidery popped with a unexpected splash. Seen on backs of coats and tailored shirts, it gave a bit of youthfulness to an otherwise prosaic garment.

For the ladies, spring and summer 2017 will bring plenty of embroidered flowers and other pretties. Resort wear such as Valentino collection for 2017 brought influences of Cuba as well as ornate embroidered coats and dresses. The embroidery has a folk quality to it. On the evening gowns for spring and summer, not only were there embroidered flowers but the well-heeled insect was seen flirting amidst the blooms. Very sweet and beautiful.
48 valentino resort 17 Trends In Machine Embroidery + A Freebie!

Every haute couture and couture design uses hand embroidery in their collections. These are not machine embroidery designs. But, it’s important that we view these collections for the inspiration that will inevitably trickle down towards ready-to-wear and into our own designs and creations.

For trends that are closer to home and budget, in-the-hoop projects and designs continue to be in high demand. For those new to machine embroidery, in-the-hoop designs are constructed entirely inside the hoop. These projects tend to be small (the size of your hoop) and don’t require any paper patterns. ITH projects are perfect for the beginner and for those that want something quick to make. For 2017 we continue to give you easy and fun ITH projects with every issue. Check out our free Valentine Treat bag to get you started.

Looking for a new machine? Embroidery machines continue to wow us every year. Almost every single big name sewing machine manufacturer has a hot new embroidery machine out this year. However, with new makes and models coming on the show room floor it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one. Fortunately, dealers are eager to help you in finding the right embroidery machine. A bit of advice: test drive, test drive test drive. Ask your friends what they like and dislike in their machines. Finally, take your time in making a decision. The deal will be there tomorrow (or the next week), and it’s a purchase you’re going to have and enjoy for a long time.

What trends do you seen for 2017? What designs and motifs are you seeing on the Internet or your magazines or in retail?

Great News for fans of CME! Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is happy to announce that we are growing! Because of the demand for great machine embroidery content, articles, contributors and designs we must increase or pages count. In our newest issue (hitting newsstands February 15) we’ll have an additional 15 pages of new articles from the contributors you want and so much more! Join us as we celebrate all things machine embroidery. And, please tell us what you think and who you’d like to see in upcoming issues!

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Bonus DVD!

Modern & Fun Embroidery Designs!

Need to know the ins and outs of successful machine embroidery? This fantastic machine embroidery book from Pickle Pie teaches you how to embroider like a pro, giving your sewing projects and purchased items a truly personalized touch.

Included are step-by-step instructions for 11 projects, along with essential information about stabilizers, threads, fabric choices, hooping, and more. Learn how to create stylish appliques and unique monograms, or create all the pieces for your project in the hoop taking advantage of author Lisa Archer’s in-the-hoop embroidery approach.

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ITH Projects

In-The-Hoop Projects

Love in-the-hoop projects? This collection is for you! In it you’ll find all six of the designs by Lisa Archer featured in Creative Machine Embroidery‘s popular “In The Hoop” column in 2016.

The six projects include a fleecy sleep mask (Jan/Feb), adorable Easter egg holders (Mar/Apr), a lovable piggie softie (May/Jun), a useful thumb drive holder (Jul/Aug), fun photo props (Sep/Oct) and a pretty glasses case (Nov/Dec).

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  1. Maree Smith says:

    It is great to hear that the level of interest in machine embroidery is growing – I think that a key factor is the fact that embroidery machines are now much more affordable and able to be easily used by beginners and experts alike.

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