Tapestry Tattoo Elementz GIVEAWAY!

Enter to win a set of the Tapestry Tattoos by Urban Elementz (designs shown below). Add some fun and pizazz to your embroidery machine. Unlike real tattoos, you can remove them with ease whenever you wish. There are 8 cut designs for you to use as you choose how and where they are placed on your machine.

Tapestry Tattoo blog Tapestry Tattoo Elementz GIVEAWAY!

To enter to win this fabulous prize simply answer: Do you decorate your sewing/embroidery room or area? If so, what theme or colors have you chosen?

A winner will be chosen at random and emailed on the 17th of October 2016.


Good luck and have fun!!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Tapestry Tattoo Elementz GIVEAWAY!

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23 Responses to Tapestry Tattoo Elementz GIVEAWAY!

  1. Linda Kurz says:

    I decorate with peacocks and make things with peacock fabrics. I also take some of the colors in the fabric to coordinate.

  2. Patricia says:

    I decorate with quilt and sewing theme things. The walls in my new stUdio are pale yellow.

  3. Kathy E. says:

    Yes, I do decorate my sewing room! My favorite color is purple, so I have my largest wall painted in my favorite shade of purple. Also, all the pieces I have hanging on my walls are projects I have made. Some are paintings, but most are mini quilts. You would definitely know it’s a sewing room upon entering!

  4. Sam says:

    My sewing room is decorated with bright colors. The walls look like orange sherbet, with bright flowers and wall hangings. It inspires me whenever I’m there.

  5. Cindy Schultz says:

    My sewing room is a mess and not really decorated. I have taken over my married son’s bedroom. It still has his old bed which is covered with fabric, boxes with quilt blocks and various other goodies. Someday I need to get in there and clean and decorate. I would use lots of greens to decorate.


    I love shades of Robin’s Egg Blue, varying dark to light…accented with White cabinets and desks.

  7. Paula Somers says:

    I decorated my sewing studio with sewing knickknacks and a border with sewing designs on it. There are many bookcases to hold the various books and groups of threads (as well as design CDs). Lots of good lighting with many windows and when I used a LED light bulb in my ceiling fan, WOW sunlight even at night.

  8. Linda Backen says:

    I decorated my sewing room with a pretty yellow.. it is summer all year round. flowers and bright wall hanging’s in it.

  9. Randi Cook says:

    My sewing room is not decorated. It was just freshly painted, but that’s about it.

  10. Carol says:

    My craft room has samples of my work decorating the walls, and they are changed with the seasons. I am planning to do machine embroidery panels of places we have visited. Then travel will be the theme!

  11. Terri Loren says:

    Well, not yet. It’s all set up but I’ve been too busy sewing to decorate. This would be a great way tho get started

  12. Audry H says:

    I wallpapered the closet I sew in, with white and teal geometric lines. 3 shelves hold fabric etc. One shelf holds gadgets, assorted pincushions, my parents pics when they were younger, grandma’s candy dish and my wireless music speaker. The inside walls hold my thimble collection, hoops for my embroidery machine, and my grandmothers enamel pots from the old ranch. A mirror is on the back wall so I can see outside and if my husband is sleeping in the recliner. ha!

  13. Madeleine Gordon says:

    My sewing room is decorated with piles of fabric, stabilizer, thread, etc. it’s a mess! I have sewing themed fabric to make curtains and covers for my machines, but I can’t even find it right now

  14. Bunny Sweet says:

    I live alone in about 1100 sq ft house….What that means is the entire house EXCEPT the bathroom is my sewing room. My main machine is in the living room…the kitchen holds another and my serger….File cabinet full of of patterns in the kitchen too…Sometimes I use all my beautiful embroidery machine threads to decorate my living room, while the two bedrooms and my walk in closet are full of my fabric stash….. In my next life I will have a 4000 sq ft house with counters everywhere! LOL!

  15. Tessa Anderson says:

    I’ve decorated my sewing studio in turquoises, purples and pinks. It’s painted a periwinkle color, furniture is white (Ikea). Several quilts and sewing accessories that are made from hand-embroidered Crazy Quilted fabric in my favorite colors make me smile every day I’m able to stitch more beautiful projects. These tattoos would fit right in!

  16. Barbata Thater says:

    I decorate with inspirational sayings and pics. of Kevin Costner!

  17. Betty Getchell says:

    My sewing room is decorated in classic mess. The color scheme is rather eclectic. When I get it under control. I would decorate with m quilts with a sewing theme. And probably a blue color scheme

  18. Lorna Penner says:

    I’ve decorated my room with all the posters I’ve collected over the years.

    From quilt show and maps of the different states.

  19. mary klein says:

    Mt sewing room is painted a soft green. The wall decor has verses of encouragement. And there is also the thimbles from around the world.

  20. Reba Day says:

    My sewing room is a light yellow but I have wall to wall cabinets,book- shelves,sewing machines[quilt,sewing,and Embroidery] I don’t have any room to decorate. I just sit and emb.,quilt,and sew.

  21. Alice Taylor says:

    I decorate my sewing/craft room as I would a studio family room. The walls are decorated with bright poppy flower art and photos of those I love most. Embroidered encouaragement quotes in frames sit on top of the cabinets.

  22. Dorothy Urberg says:

    I live in an apartment so my sewing area is small, no it is not decorated I concentrate more on doing sewing and embroidery

  23. Diana Rose says:

    I love to decorate all my sewing machine ( I have four) also the window across from my machine to give everything a continuing look of fun!

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