How To Become Certified( In Sewing Not In Crazy)

I get a lot of questions on what certification means when taking a online or face-to-face class. It’s a good question and I think it deserves a bit of space, because some of these classes can be expensive, so you’ll want to know exactly what you spending your money on. Sulky has a number of certification course with a number of different prices points, one to fit most budgets.

I wanted you to hear what you would get from Patti herself. There’s no one more knowledgeable on the benefit of taking online classes as Patti. So, let’s have Patti take it away!

Hi everyone!

OSTEN head shot How To Become Certified( In Sewing Not In Crazy)

Are you asking yourself, “Why would I want to become a Sulky Online Certified Teacher, NOW of all times?”. While these economic times are creating challenges for everyone, they are also creating great opportunities. If you have a job you don’t like or that is unstable; if you have the need to supplement your income or if there has been a change in your family’s earning potential, now is the time for you to do what you love, and learn to be successful at it as you take this Sulky Online Certified Teacher Training Class.

Perhaps you are facing retirement without the retirement income you anticipated? Becoming a freelance Certified Sulky Teacher is a wonderful way to supplement your income while having the fun you’ve been looking forward to in retirement. If you already teach, enhance your credentials with the Sulky name.

You can ease into it. It’s not an either/or choice. You can still keep your regular job and begin this rewarding career. During most recessions throughout the last 40 years the sewing industry has usually been spared the economic hard times that other industries experience because non-sewers and occasional-sewers turn to creative sewing to save money by making gifts, clothing, and other “luxuries” that have now become less affordable.

OSTEN Sulky Wallet 600 How To Become Certified( In Sewing Not In Crazy)

From another perspective, sewing becomes the “escape” we all need while juggling family needs, personal issues, and the day-to-day stress of living…even without these economic issues before us. While our valuable program is certainly geared towards teaching you how to teach creative sewing classes successfully and profitably, it is by no means attended only by budding teachers. Anyone who loves to sew and learn can benefit from these courses; even if you do not have future plans to teach at this time.

Life changes on a dime, and preparation is the mother of opportunity.

You can address specific questions to me at Please look at the offerings below, there’s something for everyone.

It will be our pleasure to help you succeed. We wish you a successful, profitable, and creative future.

Ellen Osten Director of Education

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