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Currently I am working on a new quilt even though I haven’t finished the first one and never will. I grew tired of the old quilt, and really wasn’t that invested in it to start. This one is different. I love the fabric and the colors I’ve chosen. I plan on actually using it for myself. Somehow sewing things for me is a great motivator.

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Right now I am still piecing the quilt together and this is a very easy patch quilt. I shouldn’t have any problems with this one. Fingers crossed.

My lack of commitment had me thinking. I know people who make a point of finishing every project they start. It doesn’t matter if they are no longer interested in it, or won’t wear it or it looks horrible. They finish what they start. I on the other hand, have no problem starting and stopping multiple projects. I do end up finishing most of them, there are only a few that get dumped. But, If I know that I’m just not going to wear it or use it I will salvage what I can and then donate or trash it.

What about you? Do you make sure to finish every project no matter what? Let me know below!

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8 Responses to Easy To Sew & Fast To Finish Projects & Ideas

  1. Ramona Sue says:

    My sister and I have PIGS – projects in grocery sacks – and sometimes we finish or help each other with an unfinished project. (A little hard with one of us in California and one in Georgia.) If it’s a quilt in progress that I just can’t look at, the quilting ladies at the church are happy to take the donation. Or I cut it up for potholders or pet cushions or baby changing pads. Nothing goes to waste!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jill,

    Great topic! My mom stresses out a lot about not finishing every needlework projects she starts. I encourage her to accept the fact that not everything needs to be completed. Personally, I’ve come to realize that it’s not the product I love, it’s the process. Doing needlework in my downtime relieves stress and provides much needed calm and peace in my busy life. Who needs the extra stress of worrying about finishing everything? I just love the doing!

  3. Rachel says:

    No I don’t often finish a project before I start another. I often have mutibile projects going at any one time. Sometimes it takes months from stat to finish.

  4. Rachel says:

    I have a question and comment about the cover project of the latest issue.
    !. It is so beautiful
    2. Where did you buy the organza fabric ?.

  5. Pam says:

    I have a number of UFO’s. I generally trash it if I have really screwed up. If i lose interest in a project I put it in my ufo bin. Periodically I trash items in my ufo bin.

  6. Rita Long says:

    No I don’t always finish projects before going on with another one.

  7. Maureen Angers says:

    Unfortunately I too am one of those who has multiple projects going at once. I usually finish all of them in September, in time for craft fairs, then I sell everything until I’m done. Try to take a month off and start all over again. I hate being without a messy sewing room!

  8. Pauline says:

    You can get the fabric in JoAnn’s. I have several different colors and as soon as I finish the two projects I’m working on today :) I’ll start on the leaves. Looks like a fun project to do.

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