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So Many Designs. So Little Time.

We made it to July. Has your sewing curbed at all in the hot months or are you still going strong? I’m trying to keep my AC bill low this year, so I’m sweating it out.

The other day I needed to stitch out an older design from a CME Collection. Remember the Love Is In The Air Collection? It’s so sweet. After I finished stitching it out, I thought I really need to make something with it.

bicycle love Enter To Win A CME Design Collection CMELOVCOL600 Enter To Win A CME Design CollectionMy first thought was an apron. That’s always my first thought, or tea towels. Fortunately, I came up with something a little more inspired. My bicycle needs a new liner for the basket and the bike design is perfect for it!

I’m finishing up my basket liner, and I should have it finished here really soon! I’ll post a pic on  my bike and show it off.


In the mean time, Let me know what you’re stitching and embroidering this summer, how you find inspiration and one comment will win the Love Is In The Air Collection.

Let me know in the comments section below and one commentator will be picked to win the collection. All winners are picked using the Random.org and will be announced on July 27.

head+shot200 Enter To Win A CME Design Collection

1aa signautre 50px Enter To Win A CME Design Collection

From Shopsewitall.com

 Hide & Seek Dory Quilt

Finding Dory with copyright Enter To Win A CME Design Collection

Hide & Seek Dory Quilt

Celebrate the release of Disney’s Finding Dory with the Hide & Seek Dory Quilt! Featuring officially licensed fabrics from the movie, the quilt design features interactive bubbles, made as traditional appliques or in-the-hoop, so little hands can actually find Dory.

The kit includes center panel, Finding Dory print fabric, coordinating binding, bubble backing, seven additional fabrics.

The kit materials come with the full pattern instructions and templates as well as the exclusive Hide & Seek Dory embroidery design collection. Designed for quilting but with countless other potential creative uses, the collection consists of five quilting designs (a single bubble, a bubble grouping, coral, fish grouping and seaweed) and one ITH design for the bubble applique. Additionally, each design comes in three sizes. LEARN MORE!

Floriani 2016 330x250 Enter To Win A CME Design Collection
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54 Responses to Enter To Win A CME Design Collection

  1. Lyn says:

    I am sewing and embroidering on items for my grandkids – ages 6 and 3 and 3. And working on a quilt for my granddaughter… another grandchild is expected Dec 26, so I am under a deadline so I can start on the new one’s nursery items!!

    :) My projects never end… Loving it all!!

  2. Mary C Garland says:

    I have been busy stitching the Stipple Quilt from Designs in Machine Embroidery called “Life is a beach”. Its so fun and easy.

  3. Melanie Leigh says:

    An animal themed quilt for my Grandson.

  4. Nancy Williams says:

    I’m making tie fleece blankets with applique designs on them inspired by the fabric I was given. I’m sewing mini animals from felt & hand embroidering them inspired by the felt pattern books & Japanese aqugarium knitted & crocheted designs. Just went to the aquarium yesterday & the grandkids want a seahorse & sea turtle stuffies. Also am embroidering the grandkids names on junior ranger banners. I’m recycling adult t-shirts into dresses with embroidery for our granddaughter.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Currently I have been making sun suits for my new grandson with matching hats. The first one I embroider was too small. Oops! But they keep getting better. The next one I designed with two tones and embroidered a tugboat on the upper half. Lucky that I have patterns and books from 25 years ago to use. The last one I embroidered a puffy Sting ray applique. Since his nursery theme is Dr. Seuss I construct two different styles of car seat covers, one with a flap and screen for colder weather and the other is more for spring and summer. Currently working on a screen cover to protect him from the bugs , especially mosquitoes.

  6. Lynn says:

    I love to embroider cards. Summer is always a busy time for me – graduations, birthdays, and weddings! I get my inspiration from school colors and mascots, nature, and wedding invitations.

  7. Linda Andersen says:

    I am constructing a commode seat cover, the ones that come with my daughter’s commodes don’t last very long . I made a pattern and bought some good quality vinyl and put together the cover. she likes them better than the commercial ones!

  8. MoeWest says:

    I’m stitching a design on linen that will be made into a pillow for an anniversary gift.

  9. Well just found out having our first grand baby and it’s a girl. I can’t wait I have all boys. So needless to say I’m doing baby things and loving every minute!

  10. Carolyn Baker says:

    I just finished up 2 shirts and a suspender outfit for my 1-year old grandson’s birthday party for him and his sister. I am sewing up some dresses and outfits for a few friends. And probably next week I will be starting on flower girl dresses for my twin grand-daughters to wear in a wedding in August. And just some other embroidery items for a wedding and house warming.

  11. Cheryl Belden says:

    I am making a remembrance pillow for my niece from a shirt that was her Grandfather’s

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I am working on a table runner, but my daughter in law just asked for a lap sized quilt !
    Then I need to make a purse for a friend’s birthday !!

  13. Ennis A says:

    I’ve been completing outfits for my granddaughter with embroidery added. Also since I’m new to machine embroidery I have been making items for family members to share the love and inspiration. The Love Is In the Air collection are perfect designs to continue that. Thanks.

  14. I’m in RN school and my daughter is in LPN school, so I’m making us both clinical bags to carry our supplies and books to clinicals.

  15. Deirdre Dorr says:

    Patterns inspire me. I find a place for initials,.monograms & designs after selecting a dress, top, or quilt pattern.

  16. Maritza Farr says:

    I have a new granddaughter and made a lot of personalized burp cloths. A wonderful way to machine embroider that is different. Of course, my daughter loved them.

  17. Gwen McGinnis says:

    I am embroidering a “grease monkey garage” for Christmas for my 2 year old grandson. Next is embroidering a “princess cottage” for my 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter. I have lots of quilts in the making too!

  18. Carole Buerman says:

    Just got back from the American Sewing Guild 2016 Conference. Brimming with ideas and knowledge and ready to sew up a storm.

  19. Kathy E. says:

    Summertime does slow me down a bit when it comes to sewing. I don’t like that, but there are so many outdoor things to do that I feel guilty not soaking up the warm weather when I can. This summer, I’ve been working on a lap quilt f0r my husband’s elderly aunt. I’m adding a pocket for her tissues and lip balm and machine embroidered her name on it. I’m also preparing 2 sets of towels to give as wedding gifts with embossed initials on each. Everyone needs towels! I find lots of inspiration reading blogs like this one!

  20. Julia B says:

    The Love is in the Air collection is adorable and will be a perfect addition to my granddaughter Amelia’s dresses that I am making. Most of my sewing this year is all about my granddaughter and great grandson.

  21. KM says:

    I’m actually pulling out projects to start my Christmas gifts… Table toppers, candle mats, Kitchen towels/pot holders…. lots of smaller things that can easily go in the mail for those that are farther away. I also do a gift distribution of about 30 people, so the USB in the hoop project will be perfect!

  22. Kathy Campbell says:

    With all the summer brides, I like to embroider the bride’s new married name and the wedding date on a white lace hanky for her to carry on her wedding day. I use either white or very pale blue thread. I also stitch lace hankies with the first names of the bride and groom along with their wedding date for their mothers and grandmothers. I usually use a very pale shade of thread that goes with the bride’s colors for her special day.

  23. Nancy Myers says:

    I am embroidering appliques to make potholders for Christmas gifts.

  24. Vickie says:

    This summer I am working with my granddaughters so they learn how to sew. We are attending a sewing boot camp provided by a local quilt guild. We have been practicing sewing 1/4 in seams and just sewing charm squares together…I know this will be an invaluable lesson for them even if all they learn is how to repair their own clothes in the future! It is also good for them to learn how their sewing machine is threaded and about the different stitches available.It makes me remember how my mother introduced me to sewing.

  25. Lana Stafford says:

    My grade school/high school friends do a trip every year. This year we are renting a house in Vermont but going up through Canada to Vermont. I am making them each an initialed Passport holder for the trip!

  26. Sheila Whitney says:

    I just finished embroidering 63 family reunion shirts and now I am going to start a Flag Rag quilt wall-hanging for a friend. I always have more projects than I can do, just not enough time or energy. Someday, I’ll get to make something for myself again, though. :-)

  27. Linda Gagliano says:

    I got a new embroidery machine so we’re getting to know each other better. I’ve been practicing on pieces of fabric and I’m going to make them into zipper pouches for friends. It’s a great excuse to get a variety of designs. (Like I need an excuse, ha!) p.s. I totally get the trying to keep the A/C bill down. It’s almost a mortgage payment!

  28. Mary Blomberg says:

    I am embroidering grandparents with grandchildren on tee-shirts for a group.

  29. Speattle says:

    I have 6 grandchildren 5 and under, so I’very always got something going for one or more of them. Most recently I completed several little dresses and skirts and a quilt.

    One of my granddaughters loves elephants and loves birds, so this collection would be really loved by her.

  30. Hilm ARTS says:

    I’m a care giver to my nephew in the hospital since April ’16! He was riding his motorbike when a bus hit him. A week ago he just lost his dad. I’m sewing things like cushion cover & tissue box cover for him & the family. Those Love is in the Air collection would be nice to stitch for them. Thanks.

  31. Leah says:

    When my daughter was in the fourth grade they made a christmas stained glass picture using tinfoil and paint which was then put under glass. She is now 36 and every Christmas when I set out the picture she tells me to get rid of it. So I am attempting (with the help of my sewing store instructor) to digitize and embroider the picture to turn into a wall hanging. It will be her birthday present which is also in December.

  32. Jackie Goff says:

    I am brand new to machine embroidery! I just got my second CME issue and am so anxious to try everything! My next project is making an umbrella. Yep! An actual 45″ umbrella cover for a frame and I plan to embroider the panels before I sew them together and onto the frame. Thanks for this exciting opportunity and for the great instruction.

  33. Gail says:

    I will be working on embroidering on some back to school T’s and sweatshirts for my grandchildren. I get my inspiration from their school colors and mascots, their favorite colors and making stacked names and words using all kinds of different alphas.

  34. I am embroidering the letter squares from Jo Connolly’s Sweet Stitches for a friend. Her daughter just had twins. the first grandkids. Such fun!

  35. K Prout says:

    I’m coming upon a deadline to embroider 3 western blouses. My 1966 rodeo court is celebrating 50 years, and we will gather in Eastern Oregon for our home town rodeo and parade. The embroidery is my gift to the princesses.

  36. amy says:

    my project for the last couple of weeks is a horse quilt, I have done 42 blocks, most of the designs were created by me, all are 8×8 and some took hours to stitch. sashing is now on, and layout ready to do, have to decide the order of the designs!!!! whew.

  37. Cecilia says:

    I’m hoping I will be able to learn to use my new embroidery machine and make a few pillow cases and totes for my grandchildren. I love the bicycle!

  38. Heather says:

    I am trying my hand at appliques and the fear of making mistakes when I see.

  39. Heather says:

    I am trying my hand at appliques and the fear of making mistakes when I sew.

  40. lynn says:

    love the bike

  41. Helga says:

    Made an free standing angel for my husband before his cancer surgery to watch over him . It’s has been a nightmare because the recovery was to be 8 days has now turned to weeks. I sit here hand embroidering a quilt for my new grandchild while my husband recovers from esophageal cancer.

  42. Lynn Sanderson says:

    I am working on items for my niece’s trousseau. She just graduated college and is engaged. The date is October 2017 which is good because I am brand new to machine embroidery. The machine is barely out of the box, which is one reason I was so happy to find your magazine. I am planning to sign up for your beginning embroidery class. My inspiration is victorian clothing.

  43. Sarah says:

    I am working on a cute Teddy bear that is playing with a rubber ducky right now. The internet is very handy for finding inspiration. Love is in the Air collection is so adorable.

  44. Cindy Portis says:

    I have been using the Edge to Edge Quilting on your Embroidery Machine designs to finish some baby quilts I’ve made. I also used it on a tshirt quilt for a graduation present.
    The projects I’ve been working on required the use of the ping pong table to lay them out so I’ve taken advantage of it being out in my garage.
    I’ve moved my sewing machine and cutting boards out to the garage. It’s been wonderful with the breeze blowing in, the birds chirping and the squirrels and chipmunks coming up to the edge of the garage to check everything out.
    Love is in the air for me….I love sewing outside it’s been refreshing.

  45. Jill says:

    What a great idea to sew in the garage! Alas, my garage is a horrendous mess, but something to work towards!

  46. Rochelle Kinter says:

    I hope I win this. These are beautiful.

  47. Vanessa B says:

    Working on 2 Firefighter Quilts…50 2″ Stars= 8 eight hoopings for each one :-)

  48. Gloria Coder says:

    Love your bike design. I am new to machine embroidery, and right now trying my hand at monograming on some hankies.

  49. Anna T says:

    I am finishing a quilt top for my step-mom that her sister hand embroidered the squares for long ago, not being an experienced quilter I have been challenged but am determined to get this done for her. I am making a ruffled shirtdress with a cap for my step granddaughter who will be two in September. Have two simple to Chic tee-shirts to finish and new grandbaby due in December to sew for.

  50. Sharon Hawkinson says:

    I am working on clothes for all 9 grandchildren. Just finished a lab coat and doctor bag for my granddaughter who is turning 3 and is crazy for Doc Mcstuffins, loves giving everlyone checkups. Also working on some embroidered purses and bags for Christmas gifts. Next month my swap group will be sewing for a service project.

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