How To Survive A Summer Remodel

The photo below is one room in my house. The entire house is basically a giant construction zone.

Untitled How To Survive A Summer Remodel

Remodel work is never done

Just recently I had a 40 yard roll-off in the driveway. We didn’t think we’d fill it, but we did, embarrassingly so. Funny thing is, now there are two other households with roll-off’s in their driveways! We’ve started a trend.

If you have done any kind of remodeling or redecorating in your house, once you paint one room, you end up doing the entire house. That’s how it is in my home. I’m planning on having this all done by September (2016) at the latest. It’s going to be close, as the only time we’re able to work on it is on the weekends. And, I should clarify. When I say ‘we’ I mean not me but someone else.

What has been completed is:

  • Ceiling popcorn texture has been removed.
  • Drywall slapped up.
  • Walls of living room have been painted.
  • Fireplace has been painted and fixed with a new mantel.
  • All manner of junk and debris has been removed from house, garage and yard (most of it).

Whew, that is a lot of work someone else is doing! Now we’re moving into phase 2: tile and painting the other rooms.

As for me, I need to stop by the fabric store and pick out some new fabric for the chairs I’m reupholstering, oh and I need to find some fantastic fabric for curtains. Such exhausting work this remodeling.

How about you? Is your summer filled with remodel and redecorating jobs? Have any tips?  Let me know on the blog!

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