You’ll LOVE These Embroidery Designs!

Lovely new embroidery designs for machine AND hand embroidery. The best of both worlds from Jenny Hart!

JH Queen 500wf Youll LOVE These Embroidery Designs!New designs just arrived!

Hand Embroidery Designs For Your Machine

As I watch more episodes of Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery, I’ve become much more confident using my embroidery machine. On Pinterest, I noticed a pair of white denim pants with a fun embroidery design on the bottom on one leg. It was a pink flamingo, just on the one pant leg. I thought it was really cute.

It’s something really easy to do with an embroidery machine. But, instead of a a pink flamingo, I think I might give one of Jenny Hart’s new designs a try. Not sure I’m going to do white, since my lifestyle and white clothing don’t mix. But, I have plenty of pants to try.

You might not be familiar with Jenny Hart. Jenny is the owner, artist and talent behind Sublime Stitching. Jenny’s hand embroidery designs are quirky, sweet, sometimes cheeky, but never boring. Now, Jenny is the latest talent to join the Sew With Me series.

This series, featured in Sew News through out 2016 features sewing super stars. Jenny Hart is our first hand embroidery artist. Lucky for machine embroidery lovers she has digitized four exclusive designs for Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery fans. If you’re a fan of hand embroidery or machine we’ve got you covered!

Question for the day: Do you hand embroider, or are you strictly machine embroidery only? Let me know on the blog and I’ll be showing off my latest machine embroidery creation!
1a+signautre+small+version+3 Youll LOVE These Embroidery Designs!

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8 Responses to You’ll LOVE These Embroidery Designs!

  1. maria elena blecha says:

    I love hand embroidery, and really need to get back to it, latterly I have been machine embroidery which I do love too. I remember my mom and I did some espadrilles, hand embroidery that were the talk of the town!!! Really I wonder if I could find some and re create them!! Love the new desings!!! Thanks

  2. Sandra in WA says:

    I looked at the design bundle offering and can’t find what size this is. It says in the description: “The designs come in one size. ” It would be helpful to say what this one size is. Before ordering, I’d like to confirm that my machine hoop maximum will work with the product.

    Did I miss something where the size is noted?

  3. Nice and beautiful embroidery designs. I will definitely try to use them in my cushion covers, denims and suits.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love these designs, I too could not find the size, they appear to be small enough for a “mug rug”. My Mother in law is in a assisted living with with severe dimensia, she has always loved hand embroidery, she may not know us but she still loves pretty items, those embroidered on a small lap quilt or mug rugs would be perfect for her or any senior in a retirement home!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I’ve only done hand embroidery. My sewing machine doesn’t do embroidery, and an embroidery machine is not in the budget right now. My grandmother made me a quilt when I was little, with designs similar to this in some of the blocks. I used it until it fell apart.

  6. Karen Christensen says:

    Beautiful designs. I’d put them on kitchen towels. I machine embroider but these remind me of the ones my grandmother did by hand.

  7. Ennis A says:

    I have done hand embroidery in the past and would like to pick that up again. But , like you I am a newbie to machine embroidery and have been smitten with it. Love it!! The Pretty Pheasants design would look lovely on a pillow for a special seat. Or on a personal bag. Love the flowers too and always hearts. Love these designs!!!

  8. Cecilia says:

    I love hand embroidery and I’ve just purchased an embroidery machine. I am looking forward to learning more about machine embroidery.

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