New Webinar with Lisa Shaw! Learn All About Your Embrodiery Machine

Many of you who read this newsletter consider yourselves to be intermediate to advanced in your machine embroidery skills. Do you know all the inner workings of your embroidery machine? Do you know what it’s ‘guts’ look like? Have you ever wondered? If so, you you’ll want to check out the latest webinar Machine Embroidery 101 with Lisa Shaw.

ME101 Lisa Shaw New Webinar with Lisa Shaw! Learn All About Your Embrodiery MachineWe all know how expensive embroidery machines can be and you’ll want to protect that investment by knowing how it all functions beyond just turning it on. Machine Embroidery 101 with Lisa Shaw is all about the inner workings of a embroidery machine; important, need-to-know info!

This webinar is great for beginners and advanced machine embroiderists because it talks about the mechanics, the inner workings of your machine itself. Valuable knowledge!

Often times in teaching machine embroidery the machine takes a back seat to getting to the good stuff; creating! In Lisa’s webinar she will walk you through all the finer points of the embroidery machine.

  • Anatomy of an embroidery machine
  • How an embroidery machine works
  • Features of different machines
  • Purpose of software
  • How to expand your machine embroidery skills

Knowing your machine whether it’s a sewing, industrial or embroidery machine is essential for every seamstress, quilter and crafter.

If you know your machine inside and out you’ll be better equipped to troubleshoot problems, save money and create better garments, quilts and crafts.

Many of you also have taken classes with Lisa Shaw of Sew Bubbles. She is a frequent contributor to Creative Machine Embroidery magazine and has traveled all over the country dispensing her sound advice on how to create wonderful machine embroidery.

Lisa Shaw wf New Webinar with Lisa Shaw! Learn All About Your Embrodiery MachineShe is engaging, funny and the time flies when she’s lecturing and teaching. I hope you join in with our webinar with Lisa Shaw on March 22 at 11am MST or please pass along to any new machine embroiderist.

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11 Responses to New Webinar with Lisa Shaw! Learn All About Your Embrodiery Machine

  1. c parish says:

    I like to make irish dance dresses, i digitize my own designs. I also like to embroider blocks for quilts

  2. Demaree says:

    I love ALL machine embroidery. I have been embroidering for almost 15 years and do all kinds of projects. The one thing I don’t enjoy is digitizing. I’ve taken a couple of classes in it and decided that I would rather spend my time embroidering!

  3. Anne HALEY says:

    I like it all! Just need to find more time to get everything done. Right now I am enjoying learning new skills using the embroidery machine.

  4. Pat says:

    I’m new to machine embroidery but I would like to do machine embroidery for garments, in the hoop projects and home decor like table runners.

  5. Kathy Koga says:

    I like to embroider on small projects for around the home

  6. Lydia Corr says:

    I,ve been doing machine embroidery for 19years (still have receipt for 1st embroidery machine & machine) and like all forms of this addictive hobby. But after my first In The Hoop project I was hooked. I also find Applique very interesting. Have tried digitizing but takes up far too much time to do properly and I would rather be embroidering.

  7. Michelle Swartz says:

    I like in the hoop projects, wall hangings and I want to start embroidering on shirts and hats. Also home dec projects!

  8. RoseMary Scott says:

    I like the In The Hoop projects, designs for clothing, and , oh I think I just like to do anything on the embroidery machine!!

  9. Nancy Stass says:

    I like to use embroidery in quilts, either in creating the blocks or quilting the end result. I would like to learn more about digitizing patterns.

  10. Nancy says:

    Would it be possible to archive this webinar somewhere on the blog, for those of us who were unable to view it on March 22? Thanks!

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