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One simple question for all you lovers of machine embroidery. I would love to know what types of machine embroidery projects you like to do? Are you primarily interested in machine embroidery for garments? Or do you like to do quick and easy projects with your embroidery machine, such as Lisa Archer’s in-the-hoop projects?

pig 200 For Machine Embroidery Fans OnlyPerhaps you like to use your embroidery machine for quilting purposes or to make table runners and mug rugs? Are you interested in learning to digitize embroidery designs? Maybe you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics from pros like Lisa Shaw?
Maybe you would like to do something different such as make beautiful jewelry?Ombre Rose 300x300 For Machine Embroidery Fans Only

Whatever your tastes are, please leave a comment below as to what are your favorite ways to use your embroidery machine. Or if you are new to machine embroidery what would you like to get out of your machine?

Leave a comment on the blog as to your favorite ways you like to use your machine and you’ll be entered to win a sewing and embroidery gift pack.

This gift pack includes:

  • Anita Goodesign special edition quilt block set
  • Heidi Boyd Whimsy Kit
  • Kaffee Fassette’s Simple Shapes – Spectacular Quilts book with 23 original quilt designs
  • Busy with Buttons by Jill Gorski
  • Embroidery Workshops by Rebecca Ringquist

And, maybe a few other goodies for good measure. So, please leave me a comment and one lucky winner will be picked on March 29th.

Winner has been announced. Thank you everyone for commenting!

signautre 200 For Machine Embroidery Fans Only

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300 Responses to For Machine Embroidery Fans Only

  1. Pam McDonald says:

    I do like making ‘in the hoop’, when I first got my machine I headed to a place for some freebies and they were small 4×4 pincushions. I had so much fun! Since then, I have built up a library when I see good sales. Probably more than I’ll ever use. I do some towels and have played with quilting designs. I have the Ellure and will one day upgrade to one without a card. :) Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  2. Lisa carberry says:

    I am new to machine embroidery. I would like to learn about everything.

  3. Barb says:

    I am new to machine embroidery. I inherited a Kenmore 358-19001, an older model. but don’t have a clue as to how to use it, except for regular sewing. I have found it doesn’t like heavy fabric. I would love to know how to use it for embroidery, but almost too afraid to start.
    Thanks for any imput you can give me.

  4. Kristi Duerksen says:

    I like to make embroideries for gifts and framed embroideries. I would like to learn Free Standing Lace projects, and stained glass window sun catchers using organza. I am fairly new to embroidery and would like to do some in the hoop projects as well. I would also like to do some projects on clothing and baby onesies. – I want to do it all. Thanks for the chance to win a goodie package.

  5. rosemary anderman says:

    favorite ways I like to use my machine is do creative something special for my colleagues at work as thank yous for going above and beyond their job duties

  6. Heike says:

    I love to embroider on quilts. I sew bags, tablerunners, drawstring bags, cushions with embroidery details. Embroidery adds this special touch to a lot of projects that make them stand out.

  7. Leanne says:

    You asked a powerful question. I am hust unlocking the added treasures of machine embroidery and want to learn as much of the skill as I can quilting garments snall projects building a business.
    Bring it on thank you

  8. Betty Turner says:

    I bought my first embroidery machine, a Janome 5000, December 4, 1997. My husband was a trapper, so I embroidered on all his shirts, the different kinds of animals he trapped and had several eagles. Even embroidered quilt blocks for the nursing facility with residents names and birthdays with a design included. I now also have a Janome 10001 and a Janome MB-4. Sometimes a couple of them are embroidering while I am sewing. Love embroidering blankets, towels, shirts and sweatshirts with co-workers names and uniforms. I am the “Go To Girl” at work to make a gift and sometimes at the last minute. My clothes, etc have very little embroidery, what is wrong with this picture, LOL. Love doing it for friends, family and my residents.

  9. Kay Spangler says:

    Love making kitchen items, especially dish towels and mug rugs, also table runners and napkins. Plan on learning to dress up tee shirts.

  10. Carle Kouri says:

    I like the in the hoop projects. Then you can complete something pretty easily. I would like to try the jewelery, but haven’t yet. I did some tea cup designs for my friends to make mug rugs. So, they have a design ready to go when they need it.
    Sometimes I feel like I should be using my embroidery machine all the time because there are so many designs. Wonderful!

  11. Norma Beckemeier says:

    I have been embroidering for a while mostly on kids clothing, also made several quilts and I would like to start piecing quilts with my machine.

  12. Janis Lamartiniere says:

    I am new to embroidery but have made a basket liner and embroidered a name on it. made ponytail holders with initials. Would love to learn appliqué. Really want to just learn to do it all and perhaps even move up to a larger machine – currently have a Brother SE 400.

  13. Beth Lindholm says:

    I love making in the hoop embroidery projects, such as Kleenex cases, paper dolls. I also love making baby items and quilts

  14. Marjorie Cunningham says:

    I enjoy almost everything that can be done in a hoop-large or small. I especially like to combine machine emb with piecing in my quilts and wall hangings. I’ve made several for children using age appropriate designs with quilt blocks. I always make a label for my quilts in my embroidery software. Love the crazy quilting blocks for purses, etc. Just love it all!!! Just not enough hours in a day.

  15. Jennifer Young says:

    I love ITH projects, but also would love to learn more about incorporating embroidery into quilts and learn how to do digitizing

  16. Roberta says:

    I am pretty new at this. I got my machine to do filled embroidery and machine cross stitch designs. I have done some applique which I have never done before and like it. I have yet to try an ITH project I do have that on my list as well as some quilting. For now I like seeing a plain piece of fabric transform into a wonderful picture stitch our right before my eyes.

  17. linda newman says:

    I’m new to machine embroidery, just got a machine at the end of the year. So far I have just made quilt labels, which was my primary purpose. So I would love font patterns and tips on layout of labels, combining text and graphics, design, etc.
    Also, in the March/April 2016 magazine in the articles on the jeans and the garden tote, it references “see designs” for the embroidery patterns but I couldn’t find that section in the article or the issue (I loved the seed patterns so would like to know the source). I’d love to win (this embroidery thing can definitely be a new addiction!)

  18. Mary Beth Eck says:

    I love to embroider everything! Ready made items, children’s clothing, purses, pillows, etc. I am always looking for new ideas to spur my creativity. I don’t use in-the-hoop projects very often but they are fun on occassion!

  19. Cristi Bond says:

    I enjoy doing applique and anything for my girls. I would like to learn more about stabilizers and maybe starting a business. I love the endless possibilities!

  20. Anastasia McDonald says:

    I love doing ITH (in the hoop) projects. I am totally addicted to them. My favorite are finger puppets and educational things for my son.

  21. Kris Tapper says:

    My favorite thing to embroider is free standing lace! But I dabble in all sorts of machine embroidery. Even after 7 years of machine embroidery, there is a lot to learn!

  22. Linda says:

    I love all kinds of machine embroidery. I’ve done quilts, wall hangings, in the hoop. And decorated garments. Thanks for a chance to win .

  23. Colleen Burdette says:

    i enjoy a little bit of everything, Love making one of a kind gifts for friends & family,
    Thinking about starting my own business and would Love to learn how to digitize,

    Started with a Singer Futura Ce-250, Had lots of problems with it, so when it broke the 3rd time, I bought a Brother PE770.. would love a multi needle

  24. Leah McCray says:

    I like to create quilts with machine embroidery designs as the focus of the quilt.

  25. Cyndy Lacey says:

    I do mostly quick projects like aprons, towels that sort of thing. I have done a couple in the hoop projects but would love to learn more. My t shirts just don’t seem to look that great so any help is appreciated!

  26. Deanna says:

    I love to embroider denim jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts and squares for quilt blocks. I also love to do free standing lace. Machine embroidery is so much fun!

  27. Lori Veteto says:

    I am new to machine embroidery, so I want to learn everything. So far, I’ve enjoyed monogramming a cowl I made for my daughter and have made some business card holders for myself.

  28. Joan Allott says:

    I am also new to embroidery and love your articles they are a great help thank you

  29. Linda Davidson says:

    After doing many in-the-hoop mug mats, I am now branching out. I have done sweatshirts and a pillow. I really like to do machine embroidery applique. I am a quilter, but embroidery is fascinating. At some point, I’d like to combine the two.

  30. Patty says:

    I love in the hoop projects and making things for my grandkids.

  31. Kathy Spanjer says:

    I like to make gifts, usually smaller or quick projects. I have FSL alphabet squares that I spell out a baby’s or girl’s name, or a word (J-O-Y or N-O-E-L) as a little hanging that is appreciated. Or seasonal pillows or table linens. Or anything!

  32. Michele Blomgren says:

    I enjoy all types of embroidery. I guess In-the-Hoop projects are what I enjoy the most. But having said that, I also enjoy embellishing on clothing and home decor. I love making personalized gifts, and love seeing all types of new techniques and new ideas for machine embroidery!!!!

  33. Marianne Portteus says:

    My original interest was in making quilt blocks, adding “cute” animals to the grandkids clothes & decorating towel. Took a few classes and then it became so much more – Organization logos on St Bernard Rescue jackets, employee gifts, bridesmaid gifts, custom dog colors, dog bibs – Now digitizing , merging designs and creating my own designs. Who knew when my Viking SE arrived at my house in 2008 what I was in for! I love it all.

  34. Kathy says:

    I am a beginner and have started with embroidery on shirts for the kid. I want to learn as much as I can in all areas….quilting, embroidery and sewing. I will be attending my 1st Anita Goodesign’s Party this coming weekend and I can’t wait.

  35. Candy says:

    I have done several different embroidery projects, but I think the one I had the most fun with recently was silverware holders for Christmas. They were quick and easy, and so cute. Everyone who saw them thought they were great!

  36. Deirdre Dorr says:

    I love to add designs to my construction projects. I monogram the facings of my dresses and coats, add designs to my purses and bags. After 10 years, I am still trying to perfect my hooping skills!

  37. Gail Hugg says:

    Nearly everything I create gets embroidered! Recently completed a 5-piece set of lighthouses of the Great Lakes for wall hangings – perfect for our dining room. The clothes I make for the grandkids usually get a fun design added. Drapes, table toppers, shower curtains… nothing at my house is immune to the embroidery machine! My next quest is to learn how to digitize.

  38. Ria Els says:

    I am new to machine embroidery and would like to learn from the pros

  39. Kathy Sinnamon says:

    I am brand new to embroidering with a machine! I see lovely embroidered designs on clothing and on home items and I would love to know how to do that. But I love the the little pig and would love to see more projects like that as well. Thank you for asking!

  40. Elaine Plant says:

    I love to do a variety of projects on my embroidery machine and a lot of them are gifts for family and friends. Jewelry is the one thing I have not done! Thanks for this chance to win your beautiful sounding prize! Elaine Plant

  41. Beverly Pugh says:

    I like in the hoop or small projects I can do as gifts. I’m still new so I have not tried any big projects. I hope to keep learning and get much better and do a lot more.

  42. Kristal says:

    I love the in the hoop projects. I like the sense of accomplishment after completing one. I like designs that stitch out quickly.

  43. Donna E. Wynn says:

    I like to use my embroidery machine to embroider designs in the center of quilt blocks. This makes cute quilts for needy children, or lap quilts for the elderly. I also like to embroider decorative stitches on crazy quilts.

  44. Shelia Gibson says:

    I am new to machine embroidery. I have collected several patterns and got quite a library so far. I am not really interested in doing quilts at this time. Right now I am putting little ptterbns on my grandkids t shirts and onesies. I have doea few backpaks at Christmas and would like to try baseball caps! I really love my PE770 machine!! And I wuld definitely like to WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!

  45. Kathleen C says:

    When I can find time, I like to try new things on my Viking Diamond Deluxe. Making lacey egg holders to embroidering a new flag for each season. When a new technique is introduced, I try to gather all materials to attempt it. Lately, not had much time to devote to sewing as I am caring for someone with esophageal cancer.

  46. LINDA says:


  47. Shirley Eagle says:

    My machine has a few embroidery cards, which I don’t get to use much anymore, but I have fun with a little free-motion embroidery–don’t they call it thread painting? Most of focus is on mending and construction in a short time rather than much embellishment. Would love to learn more.

  48. Avis Cooper says:

    I love the CME magazine; have had it from day #1!! I have 2 Pfaff embroidery machines and embroider everything that I see as a blank palette! I have small hoops up to the 360X350 and love each one. ITH designs are wonderful for quick gifts; I also love doing heirloom designs on clothing. Keep the wonderful ideas coming to give us all a challenge.

  49. Peggy Knopp says:

    I have two Pfaff embroidery machines. I love both of them and have one of them running every day. When I sit down to sew/embroider I am in a world to myself. No outside theraphy needed. would encourage anyone thinking about an embroidery machine to take the plunge.

  50. Diane Joslin says:

    I love it all. I sew applique to cover stains on my T-shirts. I have been using embroidery on my quilts. I have just started using in the hoop designs. I will be doing some free standing lace designs for Christmas and I am thinking of incorporating some free lace designs into my grand-daughters ice skating outfits.

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