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One simple question for all you lovers of machine embroidery. I would love to know what types of machine embroidery projects you like to do? Are you primarily interested in machine embroidery for garments? Or do you like to do quick and easy projects with your embroidery machine, such as Lisa Archer’s in-the-hoop projects?

pig 200 For Machine Embroidery Fans OnlyPerhaps you like to use your embroidery machine for quilting purposes or to make table runners and mug rugs? Are you interested in learning to digitize embroidery designs? Maybe you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics from pros like Lisa Shaw?
Maybe you would like to do something different such as make beautiful jewelry?Ombre Rose 300x300 For Machine Embroidery Fans Only

Whatever your tastes are, please leave a comment below as to what are your favorite ways to use your embroidery machine. Or if you are new to machine embroidery what would you like to get out of your machine?

Leave a comment on the blog as to your favorite ways you like to use your machine and you’ll be entered to win a sewing and embroidery gift pack.

This gift pack includes:

  • Anita Goodesign special edition quilt block set
  • Heidi Boyd Whimsy Kit
  • Kaffee Fassette’s Simple Shapes – Spectacular Quilts book with 23 original quilt designs
  • Busy with Buttons by Jill Gorski
  • Embroidery Workshops by Rebecca Ringquist

And, maybe a few other goodies for good measure. So, please leave me a comment and one lucky winner will be picked on March 29th.

Winner has been announced. Thank you everyone for commenting!

signautre 200 For Machine Embroidery Fans Only

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300 Responses to For Machine Embroidery Fans Only

  1. Dixie Kay Courtney says:

    I like to make baby blankets and matching burp cloths, also decor projects for the home for different holidays pillows and table runners.

  2. Ennis A says:

    I’ve just begun with machine embroidery but love it. I plan to do projects for grandkids, daughters and myself. But now that I think about it have already done a project for my grandson and his fiancé. So hope family is ready!!! Love Creative Machine Emb magazine and newsletter for helpful tips and additional projects. Thanks!!!

  3. Diana Lorentzen says:

    I’m interested in all area’s of embroidery except maybe jewelry. I have been embroidering for 5 years but I’m still learning as new things always are being created to use machine embroidery. I love in-the-hoop projects, but always love to embellish T-shirts. Also enjoy quilting and making small wall hangings to decorate my home.

  4. Bernie says:

    I prefer to do in the hoop quilting or designs similar to Anita Goodesign Shop Hop Series.

  5. Diane says:

    I enjoy many different types of embroidery. Right now I am quilting a quilt with designs from a quilting disc. I was just at an embroidery retreat and made an in the hoop bowl, an embroidered table runner, a lined zippered bag; it was all great FUN. There are other projects that I will get to. I learn so much at my embroidery retreat, which happens once a year. I have been going since 2009. We embroiderers meet once a month, our dealer gives out challenges so we learn our machines and their abilities, great idea!

  6. Stephanie Burroughs says:

    I enjoy all aspects of using my embroidary machine to create in the hoop squares to make quilts, wallhangers and table runners. I would love to learn more on free motion quilting and the art of digitizing my own designs for quilts.

  7. Lynda Marshall says:

    My favorite is baby bibs. I practice designs on a bottom weight poly/cotton blend and if the design comes out I will turn it into a bib with bias tape trim. I use both terry cloth and woven bibs for designs I have stitched with success.

  8. Dorothy Shaulis says:

    I love doing all kinds of machine embroidery. I particularly enjoy making kitchen tea towels and hand towels. I love in-the-hoop projects too. I recently did free-standing lace and made Christmas ornaments as gifts. I have had my machine for 2 years but have been embroidering for 12 years. I embroider on sweatshirts and T-shirts as gifts for family and friends. I would love to learn to make quilts on my machine.

  9. C Wozniak says:

    I love learning to digitize my own creations but quick creations to brighten another’s day is always fun.

  10. Ah, let me count the ways I use my combination sewing/embroidery machine. I first fell in love with FSL, so explored all that offered. Then I went to bigger stitch outs on my clothing and home décor. Then I decided to make all my greeting cards. Then I added more machine and started exploring craft show, farmer markets and the internet! I still haven’t found anything I don’t like to do but the quicker the better would be my motto if I had to have just one motto!

  11. Sue Lukacs says:

    I am relatively new to machine embroidery, but I am making embroideries specifically for quilting. I am currently working with Anita Goodesign Nutcrackers to make a quilted table runner for Christmas and also a quilted Christmas tree skirt. So I am very much in the beginning stages of experimentation with stabilizers and designs, but thoroughly enjoying the journey.

  12. Linda says:

    Love the quick and easy projects, especially the ITH projects. What a wonderful break from larger projects.

  13. Brenda Stewart says:

    I think I enjoy embroidering quick projects. I do like in the hoop projects and do quite a bit of embroidery on clothing. I really like doing unusual things and experimenting with different products.

  14. Rebecca C says:

    I am fairly new to machine embroidery. I have done some embroidery on tote bags and towels. Some day I would like to learn how to digitize.

  15. Elaine Larson says:

    I love it all. I love my ITH projects, mug rugs, table runners, reversible bowls, towels, monogramming anything that won’t run away from me, wall hangings, bibs, onsies, scarves, wedding decor, freestanding lace. OK, I could go on but I have to go embroider.

  16. Dee Dickerson says:

    I love to make holiday items ,Christmas,valentines day,Halloween items for family and coworkers,mainly in the hoop. I also like to personalize items for baby gifts and weddings. Now that I sm retired I want to explore multi hooping and quilting. Lots of ideas and projects in my mind !

  17. Anne Voss says:

    Now that my children are grown and I no longer embroider clothing/personal items for them (or their sport teams…), I use my embroidery machine to embellish upcycled items. which then are donated to various outlets. I get totebags with logos from the thrift store, and hide the logos using designs, I also embellish plain blankets. In the hoop items are made and donated for bingo prizes at the nursing home where my mom is a resident.
    For myself, I enjoy doing free standing items, which I then incorporate into mixed media art projects.
    Although I have been machine embroidering for forever…I still have a lot to learn and am always looking at new techniques and new ways to get the most out of my machine.

  18. Cathy says:

    Love small in the hoop projects, wall hangings and runners

  19. Mary Hutteman says:

    I like all embroidery but I especially enjoy in the hoop projects.

  20. Betty Smith says:

    I do all the machine embroidery projects that you have listed and I am interested in digitizing.

  21. Joe Helen says:

    This last year, my friend and I got together and made Christmas gifts for many of our family and friends. I like making gifts with my embroidery machine, so much more personal and thoughtful. I plan to make lots more mug rugs, coasters, and small bags made all in the hoop.

  22. Paula Lundquist says:

    I have only been embroidering for a little over a year. I have a Quattro 3 and have not even used it to its potential but I have been making bags, wallets, totes (especially sports team bags), table runners and other things for the home. So far with my huge family, I have just been keeping up with birthdays and holiday gifts. It is a wonderful hobby…just a little expensive.

  23. Evelyn Ware says:

    I use my embroidery machine for table runners, quilts, cute grandkid Christmas tshirts, kitchen towels for my sweet daughter-in-laws and just recently fabric baskets and personalized zipper bags in all sizes. My granddaughters and grandsons love all my creations! Keeps me very busy.

  24. Merri says:

    I have always enjoyed making in the hoop projects. The whole process is really fun. I also like to make designs into bags. I also like quilting in the hoop.

  25. Barbara says:

    What can I say…I’m Grandma! Custom clothing for little ones in their current favorite design character and color!

  26. Cathie Scanlon says:

    I use my embroidery machine for in the hoop projects, clothing, craft projects, and quilting. It took me a while to get brave enough to try it and now I am hooked!

  27. Jean Halvorson says:

    I like to make embroidered quilts and quilt small items with my embroidery machine. Hubby just bought me a Brother Dreammachine, so I will be doing a lot more with it.

  28. Maria Hart says:

    I love to machine embroider quilts with fusible web backing as the stabilizer….

  29. I am a true believer in happy accidents! I fell into digitizing embroidery designs by accident, and my mother taught me how to use an embroidery machine. I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back! I love to digitize and create custom iron on patches, embroidery patterns, personalized gifts, and bring happiness to life one stitch at a time! The possibilities are endless, and I love seeing a project start as a blank canvas (or computer screen) and become something amazing!

  30. Penny Dahl says:

    I do mostly quick projects , purses, and ITH designs. I have recently vintured to quilts. I am a total addict for Brother machines.

  31. Vicki says:

    Interested in digitising

  32. Jill Lipsey says:

    I am loving my embroidery /sewing machine. I would love to embellish tees and sweatshirts but have not ventured there yet. I love “in the hoop” projects. Most of what I have created thus far are small projects such as bags and quilt squares.

  33. Judy C. says:

    I like to work on towels and tea towels but I’d also like to do more “in the hoop” projects.

  34. Pat Mankle says:

    I’ve been exploring my used embroidery machine extensively with a large variety of projects from small in the hoop designs to, just recently, a full size quilt. I would love to have more information about digitizing my own designs.

  35. Lorna D'Orsay says:

    I do a variety of machine embroidery on items such as table runners and quilts. I love small ITH projects as well.

  36. Cheryl Seal says:

    I simply LOVE machine embroidery…..period. I recently purchased my 2nd sewing/embroidery machine and want to embroider anything that will sit still long enough for me to get it in the hoop. I love to personalize shirts for my husband and son, absolutely adore making “pictures” to hang on the wall and anything I can think of to give as a gift. Machine embroidery is one of the best inventions in the modern world.

  37. Katrina Daniels says:

    I love to embroider on garments that I am making, or even store bought things. However, I also like to make gifty kinds of things. I have done quite a bit of my own digitizing, until recently when I wore out my old software and it seems to have quit working. I have already started thinking about this coming Christmas!

  38. Mary Ann says:

    I appreciate any and all new ideas for using my embroidery machine…quick gifts, accessorizing details, hints, in the hoop designs…always looking for new ways to use it! Thank you!

  39. Barbara H. says:

    Like to try different things, have to get back to doing more with the embroidery as have been doing more quilting lately.

  40. Diane G says:

    I love all machine embroidery! Big fan of Anita Goodesign, embroidery library, embroidery garden. In the hoop projects I find to be the most fun. My family says I embroider anything that isn’t nailed down!

  41. Lori Campbell says:

    I just purchased my machine a couple of weeks ago and am excited to explore everything it can do. I quilt and make garments so I am looking forward to using it for both.

  42. Sheila Raber says:

    I love my embroidery machine! I’ve made lots of throw pillow covers and embroidered them, I embroidered my granddaughters baby blanket that I made, I embroider wall hangings, and I made Christmas stockings for my family this past year and embroidered them. They turned out beautifully! My most recent project was a t-shirt. I plan on doing more of those.

  43. Bette Coley says:

    I’m fascinated with all areas of machine embroidery. Little in the hoop bags, large travel bags with embroidered embellishments, quilt blocks and the list goes on. I have digitizing software and would really like to be more proficient at using it and actually being able to stitch out my designs. I’m always ready to learn a new technique so any of the categories would be a hit with me. For reference, I have a Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II machine and Perfect Embroidery Pro (DIME)

  44. Ann Santistevan says:

    I LOVE IT ALL! Every time I see something totally different, I’ve got to try it, like the embroidered pendant jewelry. I started mostly on home dec items but now love to embroider anything that I can take out and show. I have 2 baby grand girls and they are at the age where they can now pick what they would like on their new outfits. Machine embroidery gets more exciting every time I sit down. Yes! I do enjoy digitizing small items or rearranging a design. I could play all day with the software.

  45. Suzanne Wagner says:

    I have been a machine embroiderer for many years. I have decorated shirts, hats, made in the hoop quick projects, in the hoop quilts just to mention a few. I have a single needle embroidery/sewing machine and a multi needle machine. Needless to say I love to embroidery!

  46. Christine Westbrook says:

    I love machine embroidery. I began on a Viking Rose and currently am blessed with a Babylock Destiny. Quilting in the hoop with Anitagood Designs are wonderful as well as embroidery on home decor. What’s not to love? It’s amazing!

  47. Carol says:

    I have two emb machines. It depends what time of the year it is as to my favorite. Mostly I really like to digitize designs for my quilts. Every quilt I make now has Emb on it. Labels are so easy to Emb. Grandkids love personalized with or whatever they design to put on anything. One of my favorites was a socking hat. Learned a lot.

  48. Cheryl Belden says:

    I am new to machine embroidery so I am still learning so far I have done some pockets and put them on tee shirts did some monogrammed men’s handkerchiefs turned plain Christmas stockings into beautiful personalized ones

  49. Shannon Gregorashuk says:

    I love all of the “in the hoop” designs, especially the stuffies and dolls that I have been making for my nieces and nephews. I would love to learn how to digitize my own embroidery designs someday too!

  50. Pam Pervenanze says:

    While I enjoy doing all sorts of embroidery projects, I must confess that I usually only have time for things that are quick and easy.

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