Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

If I had all the time in the world I would sew more complicated projects. But, reality impinges on my sewing life more than anything else. That’s why I tend to pick projects that are a breeze to sew, don’t have a lot of complicated parts and pieces and I can finish up in a weekend or two.

keep calm spring Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery MachineAs a new-comer to machine embroidery that is exactly why I love these projects from Lisa Archer.

With Easter fast approaching, these Easter egg holders will be fun to make for my Easter brunch, and they won’t take but maybe an hour from start to finish.

 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

I lovpig 200 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machinee the cute little piggy  and I have a birthday party coming up for a sweet little one year old. Perfect! And, the in-the-hoop thumb drive designs have been incredibly popular. I’m making some for my own kiddos. Sewn up in colors suitable for boys, I’ll need to make myself one in a spring time print. When you purchase the design be sure to watch the video tutorial, it’s a freebie.


I’m currently working on a garment pattern from Christine Haynes.

CH SKirt 300 wf 299x300 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery MachineI’ve it cut out but just now realized the hem would be really cute with an embroidered design, maybe with something like the Boho Rose collection. I like the mini rose design best. The Anya skirt pattern is easy to work with and I could finish this up in a weekend, no problem. All of Christine Hayne’s patterns are stylish and come in a wide range of sizes.

These styles would be lovely for spring. Skip buying a store bought garment for your Easter celebration and whip one up for yourself, niece and/or grandkid. Even with these quick and easy embroidery projects, there still isn’t enough time! What are your favorite easy projects to sew and embroider? Let me know in the comments section below!
 Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

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6 Responses to Fun & Quick Projects To Do On Your Embroidery Machine

  1. Nancy says:

    Honestly, for quick and easy…towels are always my go to. I can add some trim on them and embroidery a design in no time. It goes from bla to beautiful!

  2. Jill says:

    Oh! Towels would be great, even tea towels. And,those would be easy to embroider.

  3. Roberta Dunlop says:

    I am hoping you can help me. I lost my copy of CME May/June 2011. I desperately need one of the projects that was in that issue. I need pages 20-24 for the satin quilt. I have tried ordering that issue but cannot find it anywhere, only in a compilation of the full year for 2011. I look forward to making this for my new great nephew.

    Thank you

  4. Jill says:

    I replied to you privately. Check your email for instructions.

  5. Michelle B says:

    I make christmas card on my embriodery machine. I cut the cards and emboider items with my machine. last year was stars and this year candy canes. I recolored so things with my software. I have a Husk Varna Desinger Ruby. I needed it because it takes a 200 mm 0or 8 in wide hoop. I have a book french beeded things and in it a tree. I have the required box and ordering green wire and 500g dk green beads. I might hang my emboideris on the tree. HV owns most so no sell. Have many stars left

  6. Sue Atkins says:

    1 I embroider coordinated sets for the guest room with mug rugs, circle table toppers, bed scarf, tissue box cover, and towel toppers for the adjoining bath.

    2. I embroider coordinated sets for the kitchen/dining room/ sun porch which include table topper or runner, mug rugs, place mats, towel toppers for handwipers/

    3. I set up my large hoop with wash away stabilizer and fill it with small angels. These are sent to people in church with an angel message for those undergoing cancer therapy, or for those grieving a loved one’s death.

    4. I embroider several praying hands in one hooping, setting up with soft and strong stabilizer and a happy background. These are cut apart and sewn onto fringed pieces of burlap. We attach them to a printed card that explains the symbolism of the Pocket Prayer Shawl. I set up the stops on the design so that all of the hands sew, then after a stop, I change the thread for the “sleeves”.

    5. All of the above are fun, and well received when given as a gift, a hug from God, or sold at shows. But my favorite to do for my creative soul is to choose a simple vintage design (like umbrella girl), sew it out, cutting it out on point. I then make a 10 minute block with 4 large coordinating squares. The On POint embroidery goes in the diamond in the middle, and I usually machine sew the “cathedral window” frame down over the edges of the embroidery. These blocks can then be used for many things including table toppers, towel decorations, mug rugs, larger quilts, etc. When I put out a block done with batik squares set as a mug rug, it always sells first.

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