What Are Your Plans for 2016 + What’s Your #1 Sewing Resolution

Looking Ahead to 2016

 Recently I was gifted a very nice embroidery machine by a friend. It shocked me so much that I cried! I don’t have a lot of experience with machine embroidery (odd as that sounds) but the desire has always been there.cmemagazine new year 1 What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing Resolution

Since I am a garment seamstress tried and true, my desire is to embroider garments and accessories. Right now I am experimenting around with the machine. I am learning quite a bit by testing different stabilizers, fabrics, threads and designs. It’s so much fun!

I keep all my data, tests and notes in a handy little notebook. I put the fabric, stabilizer and anything else all together. I write notes on any observations that I might have. I’ve tested on linen, cotton and rayon. I haven’t tired a silky or a silk. Silk and silkies are my favorite fabrics to work with. However, I think I’ll need a lot more practice with the embroidery machine before I make something wearable. Thankfully, I work in a great place to support that!

My goal for 2016 is to go further with my embroidery machine. My first project will be embroidering cuffs and collars, maybe a hem. But, then what’s next? The sky’s the limit! If you’re new to machine embroidery we have fun and easy online videos and classes to support your new hobby. I’m watching these when I can and find them to be extremely helpful. If I can do this anyone can!

If you haven’t committed to learning machine embroidery, now’s the time to learn. There are so many easy ways for you to learn. We have a number of free machine embroidery projects available for you to watch on your computer. All projects are in-the-hoop, all are easy and you can watch Lisa give her expert instruction. Most don’t even take 15 minutes. Click on the little piggy below and watch how easy it is.

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For 2016 we have our exciting CME 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes happening. You can learn all about it here on our latest blog post. We have a fun sew along and you can make a machine embroidery project throughout 2016. There will be plenty of freebies offered through out the secret sew along.

Read the post here for all the details.

I’m looking forward to all the new embroidery designs coming for 2016. I’ve seen a a few samples and they’re going to be amazing. Our latest collection is the Boho Rose collection. So far it’s turning out to be one of our most popular sellers. For 2016 we have beautiful spring designs, spicy summer ones and more throughout the year. Stay tuned! What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing ResolutionWhat are your resolutions for 2016? What did you accomplish for 2015, I’d love to know. Leave me a note on the blog. I’d love to know what you would like to see more of in 2016. What Are Your Plans for 2016 + Whats Your #1 Sewing Resolution

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7 Responses to What Are Your Plans for 2016 + What’s Your #1 Sewing Resolution

  1. Karen Sturdivant says:

    I have sent 2 emails to the website with no reply. Maybe you can help. Page 46 of the current issue of Creative Machine Embroidery offers a free Shellie Clutch pattern until February 29. I can find this nowhere on the website.

  2. Jill says:

    Hmm. Not sure why there has been no reply, but I can help out. Just give me a sec and I’ll give you the pattern and update the website. Hold on!

  3. Karen Sturdivant says:

    Thank you so much for your response and your help.

  4. rae monsere says:

    Here it is Jan. 11 and I’ve just sat down and read my Jan/Feb
    magazine. I’m thinking about doing the mystery-sew- along but it’s in conflict with my new year resolution. FINISH ALREADY STARTED PROJECTS! But I say that every year.

  5. Pat says:

    Rae, I know your pain. I made the same resolution!!
    But it does fit in with what I had planned to make with my trial stitch-outs. So not too fare off course… (Sheepish grin)

  6. Garver Brown says:

    You offer a free pattern for Rose collection, I cannot open it no how? I ve tried everything, my wife was a subscriber we got the last issue today,she said not renewing, says she can never down load and of the free projects, I said let me try. Nope cant open them and print, I guess we dont need your magazine.

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