Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

I think its about time for a GIVEAWAY, what do you say?

How many of you are familiar with Carol Zentgraf? She is one of our wonderful contributors at CME, as well as an established author. Her books range from Serger Sewing Basics to Embellishments for Adventurous Sewing: Master Appliqué, Decorative Stitching, and Machine Embroidery Through Easy Step-By-Step Instruction. She is well rounded in many degrees. This is why I am excited for this giveaway. 1374223 Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

Machine Embroidery Room by Room: 30+ Home Decor Projects

by Carol Zentgraf

Machine embroidery is everywhere – and now it can be in every room in your home. With Machine Embroidery Room by Room, you will learn how to feature embroidered designs on a purchased home decor items as well as on new, made-from-scratch home accents. Carol Zentgraf, an expert in the sewing and home decor field, will guide you through each step, from setting up your hoop to design placement tips. Use the embroidery designs included to add style to your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, sunroom and patio.


CD-ROM with 50 embroidery designs and a bonus monogram in two-sizes.

Room-by-room projects make coordinating each room in your home easy.

Illustrations guide you through the instructions.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

I am going to make it nice and simple, just comment below on what you would love to add machine embroidery to in your home decor. I will pick a winner at random. Please respond within the next week. I will choose a winner on Nov. 6th and notify you by email.

Happy Stitching!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

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40 Responses to Room by Room GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Treasa Brookman says:

    I would to love to make some new pillows ore trim some curtains in my bathroom.

  2. Darlene Gerber says:

    I need to add some embroidery to my pillowcases for my bedroom!!

  3. Colleen Bell says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! With the holidays coming, I would love to spruce things up with a table topper and matching pillows for the dining room chairs that will not be used. Someone is going to be really happy!

  4. Christi Davenport says:

    Would love to make me some embroidered curtains.

  5. Elizabeth kuntz says:

    I’ve made table runners and pillows. Now I want to embroider my curtains and some lap sized blankets

  6. Kay Skramstad says:

    I would love to make some new pillows for my living room for the upcoming holiday season.

  7. Carol Scott says:

    I want to add some color to my curtains. to make them go better with the bedrooms. :)

  8. Constance Leverette says:

    Our bedroom is done in peacocks, peacock feathers on curtains, pillow cases & sheets! Many more ideas for peacocks & feathers

  9. Ginny Perkins says:

    When a girlfriend of mine spends most of the winter here she loves to do embroidery projects. Since she has just repainted her bedroom we could make new pillows, etc to beautify her space. And she is a great cook and spends a lot of time there, so items for the kitchen would perk it up. Great giveaway. Thanks. Eagerly awaiting my first issue.

  10. Judith Marsh says:

    I loveto make everything! Some new pillows and some matching cloth napkins &/or placements &/or table runners &/or tablecloths. The possibilities are endless!

  11. Sandy Gourley says:

    So many things but would love to decorate pillowcases!

  12. Cheryl Ruhnke says:

    I am sprucing up my home and would love to update my kitchen and bath towels.

  13. Megann Sheckler says:

    As my husband say anything not nailed down gets embroidery…but I would love cushions fo kitchen, & new shams for bedroom,

  14. Trish Parrott says:

    I’d love to see some “manly” design touches… Man Cave bar towels or pillows.

  15. Tina Tetrault says:

    I would love to jazz up some pillow cases and I need some new designs for my bathroom towels! The book and designs look lovely!

  16. Lisa Dangler says:

    My daughter just bought a condo and I see all kinds of decorating projects ahead. For my own home, I would like a set of formal placemats and napkins for the holidays.

  17. Debbie says:

    I am planning to make some roman shades in a nice decorative fabric. I think some valances with a nice embroidery would make them special. I may recover the dining room chair seats with fabric in the same pattern family.

  18. Ashlie Jenkins says:

    There are so many things to embroider- pillows for my bedroom, pillow cases and sheets, pillows for my living room, towels for the guest bath, I don’t know where to start!

  19. Terry Baker says:

    I would love to add monograms to my livingroom and bedroom pillows and throws. Also my towels

  20. Debbie Howie says:

    I am a little behind but I would love to make a new tree skirt for my xmas tree.

  21. Anne Rita Bakken says:

    I ‘d love to add some embroidery to my bed linnen.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Beth R says:

    I’d love to put machine embroidery on pillow to go in my living room. Or on a bed runner, or on some kitchen placemats!

  23. Ann Gibbons says:

    My 37 year old single son has been diagnosis with cancer. He will be receiving chemo thru the end of the year and maybe longer. He is in the hospital and chemo clinic more than home. I want to make him some special linens and pillows to surround him with visual signs that show he is very special to God and me. He lives in New Orleans I would also like to ask people to go to web site to learn about becoming a bone marrow donor and to sign up for bone marrow testing and possible match for those patients in need of a transplant. Thank you

  24. Linda Barnes says:

    I think the first thing is new pillows, then I need to re-do my sewing chair. It was second hand and need of an over haul. LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win and sure lots of ideas to come

  25. Nancy Lee says:

    I would love to make some embroidered fabric bowls to take to my school (I’m a librarian) to have little treats for the kids!

  26. Sue Tapp says:

    I’ve done embroidery items for everyone else, now I would love to have ideas for my own home. Being recently retired I now have the time to do pretty curtains, throw pillows and beautiful table toppers!

  27. Crystal says:

    I plan to make some embroidered placemats with matching napkins. I also want to embellish (embroider) some suede curtains for our rustic western de or room. :)

  28. I would embroider a table cloth first for dinning room, living room would be end table runners, kitchen curtains, two bathrooms mono gram towels and toilet paper holder, Bedroom wall picture and the last room the sewing room cover for sewing and embroidery machine also so pictures of designs and tissue box cover. I could add more but I will stop now because my daughters already have their list waiting for me.

  29. Gladys Stanley says:

    I would like to make pillows for my living room and pillow cases

  30. Cathy Bewley says:

    I would love to make towel toppers for my kitchen to make it more cheerful

  31. JudiC says:

    A transom opening above a door that my husband just installed. It is at the top of a set of stairs so I think it would be really cool to let the light shine through a pretty embroidered window instead of a plain piece of glass.

  32. Tina says:

    Would like to embroider a boarder on some curtains and pillows to match in my master bedroom.

  33. Janet says:

    I would like a wall quilt to hang above our bed. And maybe some matching emb designs on the top edge of our sheets.

  34. Myrna Goddard says:

    I purchased some sheer with butterflies on it for my office to make curtains. I would love tie backs with butterflies on them. Fabric no longer available so it would be great to embroidery some.

  35. Emma Limber says:

    My living room is in need of and update and color. Adding some colorful, embroidered elements would be my first choice for a fast update.

  36. ziebarthj says:

    Wow! Thank you all for your amazing responses! We have chosen a winner at random, congratulations to Christi D!! You have won the Room by Room GIVEAWAY! I will be contacting you shortly by email, please be on the lookout.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated. Look for more giveaways on the blog coming soon!


  37. Sheila Lowe says:

    I have just moved in with my daughter and son-in-law. They have very been very generous to me after another daughter stole my identity and I was left money-less. Having to sell my “forever home” to regain some funds back.
    There are so many things I could do for them to show my appreciation for all they have done for me. I am retired and on ss/medicare and with my retirement money gone this book would help me help them.
    Thank you.

  38. Elizabeth Kuntz says:

    I want to add embroidery to a bedspread. I’ve only done pillows and wall hangings. I’ve seen such beautiful quilts embroidered and I want to do that too!

  39. Gladys Dresner says:

    I would love to embroider sheets and pillowcases for our bedroom and also our trailer bed.

  40. Linda Evans says:

    Would love to add all kinds of embroidery to towels in kitchen and bathroom to beautiful linen to bedroom.

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