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What to Know Before Submitting Story Proposals
Creative Machine Embroidery welcomes article and project ideas from you. Before you send a query, please read these guidelines to help ensure your success.

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Who We Are

Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is a bi-monthly publication devoted to the enthusiastic and creative people who love machine embroidery. We provide them with accurate, helpful, step-by-step information for personalizing ready-to-wear and creating original fashions, accessories, gifts and home décor.

What We Want

Articles should teach a specific technique, inspire the reader to try a project, introduce the reader to a new product or company related to sewing, or inform the reader about current fashion and sewing trends. Creative Machine Embroidery’s  primary focus is machine embroidery and sewing for women, but we also include stories and projects for men, children and specialty groups. We also cover home décor, soft crafts, and various fabric embellishment methods, such as stamping, painting, beading and stenciling. Emphasis should always involve machine embroidery, fabrics or notions in some way. Creative Machine Embroidery magazine does not normally cover areas like hand weaving, hand needlecrafts, crochet, knitting or macramé. It’s helpful to look through past issues to get an idea of the types of projects we feature. But, we are also open to new ideas!


We will contact you and let you know if we are interested (or not) in your query. Please let us know if you would like your query returned to you. When an article is accepted, you’ll be sent an assignment sheet detailing what is expected of you for the assignment and the intended payment, samples, photography, illustrations or sources to be supplied). After you receive the assignment, please sign and return it within 10 days. If you’re unable to meet a deadline for any reason, please inform Creative Machine Embroidery  immediately. Failure to do so will void assignment.

All articles, including those specifically assigned, are written “on speculation”. All payments will be made upon publication. To receive the full payment suggested in the assignment sheet, the article must be submitted by the specified deadline, include all elements detailed in the assignment sheet, and be of acceptable quality (to be determined by the Creative Machine Embroidery editorial staff).

Payment may be decreased for late arrival, missing elements or poor quality. Creative Machine Embroidery reserves the right to return articles for rewriting or clarification of information, return samples for redo/corrections and, in extreme cases, to return them without payment.

In all cases, Creative Machine Embroidery reserves the right to edit, rewrite and cut articles where necessary.


Deadlines are established when a story is assigned. If you’re unable to meet the deadline for any reason, please inform Creative Machine Embroidery immediately to request an extension. Extensions may result in a reduced payment. Repeated extensions will not be given. Writers who repeatedly request extensions will no longer receive assignments.


Creative Machine Embroidery requires original unpublished content and gives first consideration to those authors. Creative Machine Embroidery, as part of F+W Media, requires an “All Rights” contract to be signed before publication of any article. “All Rights” means Creative Machine Embroidery purchases complete rights to the manuscript, art and specific project covered in the contract and that the submitted items may not be used in conjunction with any other article in another publication.

These rights apply to specific projects, but not to individual techniques. For example, when a writer signs a Creative Machine Embroidery  “All Rights” contract for an article on a machine-embroidered jacket, he/she may not allow the particulars of that project to be published anywhere else. However, he/she may publish another article on machine embroidery, including an article on a machine-embroidered jacket, as long as it’s neither the same jacket nor the same embroidery designs.

How to Submit Story Queries

We have a small staff. Therefore, we request you query by letter or e-mail; do not send finished manuscripts. Your query should consist of a brief outline of the article, a sketch or photo of the intended project, a list of the illustrations or photographs you envision with it, an explanation of why your proposed article would be of interest to the Creative Machine Embroidery reader, and why you are qualified to write it. Keep in mind the season and timeliness of your suggestions, remembering that Creative Machine Embroidery works on a six-month lead time. Currently, we are looking for submissions for fall/winter 2016. Send your queries to sewingeditorial@gmail.com or Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine Editor, 741 Corporate Circle, Ste. A., Golden, CO 80401.

The Creative Machine Embroidery staff considers queries and makes story assignments continuously. All queries are considered and, within a reasonable amount of time, you’ll either receive an assignment, a request to hold the query for further consideration, or a rejection. If more than three months have passed without a reply to your query, feel free to e-mail requesting its status. Direct e-mail questions regarding assignments to  sewingeditorial@gmail.com

Thank you! We hope to hear from you soon!

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